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Facebook just became the ultimate dystopia

Facebook just became the ultimate dystopia


Congratulations, Mark!

Zuckerberg's vision of Facebook is 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' meets 'Brave New World.'

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5 minutes ago

WCBD News 2

BREAKING NEWS: 4 officers shot in York County, South Carolina. Wounded suspect in custody. ...

9 minutes ago

WCBD News 2

Question of the Day ...

25 minutes ago

ABC 7 News - WJLA

Good morning DC! Here is a serene sunrise to help you start your day! (Photo, Vincent Chow) ...

Good morning DC! Here is a serene sunrise to help you start your day! (Photo, Vincent Chow)

33 minutes ago

WPBF 25 News

☀️ Tuesday Morning headlines...

Breaking: Townhome #fire in #WPB. We talk with the owner who escaped.

Police find 13 children in #CA bound and chained inside their own home & parents are the suspects this morning.

And cooler weather on the way!!!!


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Good morning guys! Just arrived on Singer Island from NH yesterday. I think some of the cold air is following me!

Good morning Farron, Mark, Stephanie, Sandra, viewers, visitors, and all of South Florida have a awesome and blessed Tuesday !! 🌞☺

I believe screens are manufactured to bust out and building codes require this.

The fake gators means you are on the Minni course lol

Good morning Mark,Farron,Sandra,Steph and everyone else

Good morning dont tell me anything bad's too early

Love this update to date news! Much better then giraffe updates!

Yes I just saw the Lily ties in Palm Beach Gardens mall..

Good Morning Crew, yes it is cold here in Texas

It's really cold here in Kissimmee FL

I know where that is, 25 minutes away from my house

There are some sick people out there.

Good morning!! This is the only news i watch!

It is sleeting here in Carroll County, Maryland

go to news 12 real local news not all hate on our president

Good morning to all!!! ☕️ Ocean Breeze,Fl

DID I SEE Mark drink out of a bottle & NOT his PAPER CUP,LOL..

Good morning Mark and Farron from PSL

Good morning my favorite news team!

OOOOO Looooook who came to work,lol..

Makes me hungry for some fried gator tale

So glad you where able to get back here

I don't think they can comment.

Howdy Y'all ☕ cup salute


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1 hour ago

WCBD News 2

Don't believe the hype! Josh explains what is, and isn't, going to happen as a new weather system approaches the Lowcountry. ...


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You said no snow. Yet we will albeit very little.

If Josh has his suit jacket on. His sleeves aren't rolled up.. nothing will happen terrible weather wise. Congratulations, Josh. You are the best.

The rumor of a large snowstom started by people reading the farmers almanac.

Wonder if school closures will happen?

5 hours ago

WPBF 25 News

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Watch a car go airborne after hitting the center divider and land on the second floor of a Southern California building ...

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