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EPA will move to label chemical found in drinking water 'hazardous'

EPA will move to label chemical found in drinking water 'hazardous'


The type of chemical is commonly known as PFAS or PFOS and is used in nonstick pans, making furniture and carpets stain resistant, absorbing grease in products like pizza boxes as is contained as well in firefighting foam commonly used at airports.

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Rest In Peace and prayers for his family. 😢🙏🏽

Refugees in Texas just got a donation in Donald Trump's name... from Jimmy Fallon.

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The D.C. Red Hen isn't alone. An unaffiliated Red Hen in New Jersey is also caught up in the tumult.

With his start for the @Athletics this afternoon, right-hander Edwin Jackson will play for his 13th major-league team, tying former Oakland reliever Octavio Dotel’s record.

Olivia Byers-Straus, who has Down syndrome, started #dancing when she was 3. That was more than 20 years ago. She hasn’t stopped dancing since.

#TheRegulars via @GuyWathen:

With the 2018 @FIFAWorldCup airing on FOX 11, watch the FOX 11 News at Noon with @MarlaTellez and @bobbydtv here:

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GOAL! Iran 0-1 Portugal.

A moment of magic just before the break! Outside of the right foot from outside the penalty area from Ricardo Quaresma. Top class.
🖥 @BBCOne
#bbcworldcup #worldcup #IRN #POR #IRNPOR

Tourists banned from Malaysia mosque after provocative dance

Police have arrested a New York City man accused of cutting his pregnant wife’s arm off during a dispute at their home.

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Medical milestone: US OKs marijuana-based drug for seizures

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