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Dunkin' without the 'Donuts': New store tests shorter name

Dunkin' without the 'Donuts': New store tests shorter name


Officials say the "next generation" store being unveiled Tuesday in a Boston suburb will be the first in the nation to be billed simply as "Dunkin."

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KC offers so many unique options for spending time with the one you love. KMBC 9's 5 unique date night ideas might require a little bit of creativity, but all certainly guarantee a fun time. What are your favorite spots to hit the town? Let us know below in the comments. Blade and Timber KC, Char Bar, Breakout Kansas City, Escape Room Kansas City, Tick Tock Escape Games, Kansas City, MO Parks and Recreation, The Upper Crust ...

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LIVE: We’re about halfway through Jesmyn Ward’s “Sing, Unburied, Sing,” and we’re taking your questions! Send your questions to The New York Times Books Review Editor Pamela Paul and PBS NewsHour's Jeffrey Brown and Elizabeth Flock by leaving them in the comments. ...


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Just finished reading it.

Hi from Arlington TX

Artesia Ca

Still reading it.

Her. Almost halfway through book

I’m here. Colorado Springs.

Lyrical evocative writing.

Hi there from Oceanside CA🤗

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Shreveport, La.

Hello from Fort Worth!

Nice 😎

I’m here, but I haven’t read the book...yet!

Let the author talk!

Welcome to the only thing online that is more boring than reading a book.

I am single 🤕🤒😷





Always depending on the truth from PBS!


Leonie is an addict. There is selfishness in this that can not leave until she stops the drugs. Then she must learn to understand a bigger world. Her parents are not able to move her beyond being an addict until she is ready.



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1 hour ago


🌴 A couple was walking along a beach in Costa Rica when they became heroes to a baby animal in need. ...


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Emily Parsons I want a pet sloth so bad😍

Kathleen Eatonn

Alyson pet sloth? Lol

I always thought that this Star Trek creature with fake I didn’t know it was real

And it's now starring in GEICO commercials...

Nessa Miller Sarah Garrett Cristina Hidalgo ...omg think of all the adventures me and little slothy-poo would have after I kidnapped him and brought hm Back home with me. 😍😍

Lakia Jones here is your favorite animal

Thank you !

Cute 😘😘😍😍

Brent Hannan I want one

Trisha Gallagher 😍😍😍😍 they rinsed the little sloths face


Layla Wilson and I totally I redeem myself

Josh Cleveland stop it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Andrew 😭😭😭


Coree Fritts-Harris Misty Servais Polley Rachel Runnells Mersman Stephanie Blackman Erica Kriesel

Brooke Stewart

Kyra Hernandez

Chloe Vollenweider

Kristina Rachelle Bliley

Stacey Davis!

Dystiny Santos-Hunter

Rachel Hadel

Angela Rotert

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Unsurprisingly, President Donald J. Trump used MLK Day as an opportunity to play golf. But other presidents used the holiday to give back to the community to honor of the late civil rights leader. ...


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He has done plenty!!!!!!!!!! Obama played more golf than Trump!!!!!

Yes we all remember obama when the American was beheaded by ISIS and obama was golfing. When confronted by media at the golf course, he said a couple of condolences and immediately was videod back at his golf cart laughing it up with his celeb. pals. Yes...we remember obama. So don't try to make him out to be somone he's not.

When will you ever understand that Trump doesn’t do what other Presidents do. Thats why we voted for him Durrrr.

Like Bush and Clinton did anything but try and look good on MLK day, at least Trump is honest in his actions and not pretending to give a crap as Bush and Clinton did

This has nothing to do w being a president this is about having morals and being a real human being. He is not a good man, why would we expect him as president to be any different.

He wouldn’t walk across the street to help someone unless he was going to make some money. And then he would probably take someone with him to do the actual helping while he did nothing, as usual.

Which presidents did what? I already asked this question - no one answers!!! Does this mean you don’t know , yet you profess you know??

Sharon Schafer lame lame that excuse isn't flying any more the obama card is getting and gotten really old.

I don't understand why it's necessary to paint school to honor the memory of Dr. King . Anyway he was a great man, God bless MLK !!

Don't really care what he does or doesn't do, but he did read a speech on Friday that said the day is not meant for recreation, but for a day of service. I don't think he was paying attention to the words coming out of his mouth.

Trump wouldn't recognize justice, equality, and freedom if they bit him on his fat rump. This man is about his personal wealth and convenience, nothing else.

Other Presidents have visited troops on Thanksgiving or volunteered on Christmas. Better Presidents. Better people.

Day by day, Donnie shows us what a coward and utterly useless, self serving piece of spoiled trash he truly is. Disgusting and disrespectful don’t begin to describe him.

By playing golf #Twitler did give to the community. While on the links, he did not ravage the National Parks, despoil the environment, infringe on our civil rights, insult foreign countries, attack the First Amendment, or threaten nuclear war. If he can keep this up for the next 1,020 days, we may be okay.

Unlike previous presidents, Trump is incapable of experiencing the empathy or compassion needed to do good works. As a malignant narcissist, it always has been and always will be all about what's good for him.

Can't wait to see how the deplorable's spin this ? The White House has put out a best-seller called . LIES AND DISTRACTIONS ! A hand book for the deplorables .

I cannot listen to one more word out of this lying hypocrites mouth. I cannot watch any more footage of his red Orange face. Words cannot express my distaste for him.

But it was okay for 44 to play golf instead of being in DC making sure relief efforts were on target after a hurricane hit US?

I'm seriously asking myself if D.T. suffers from something like Tourette Syndrome - does such a thing like social Tourette exist?

Do many great deeds, while others demand more. Do one thing for yourself, and those very people accuse you of never doing anything at all. Not only that, they paint a bad picture of you, saying you've only done bad.

Good. If he left home the costs of security would have been very high for the federal government and fir the local jurisdiction where he traveled. We have complained about that in the past. He did accomplish tasks that day.

No day of service for the donald no concern for All Americans, doesn't know how to lead by example. Prayers

Obama was absolutely a racist. I believe Trump is absolutely colorblind and once only the best for America. The Huffington Post is fake news and disgraceful. People who say Trump is your moral, a racist or whatever are only listening to The Establishment phony media and the hypocrite establishment in both parties. Clean the swap president Trump!

If I were president and people were asking if I were racist. I would have made damn sure I participated in this.

He may have felt that since he has done more in one year for Black Americans than Obama, our first Black Pres. did in 8 that it would be ok to relax for a day or two! 😂

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