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Donald Glover/Childish Gambino to pull double duty on 'SNL'

Donald Glover/Childish Gambino to pull double duty on 'SNL'


There's bound to be a Lando Calrissian sketch, right?

How will he introduce the musical guest?

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Connecticut university shuts down for the day after unidentified viral-like illness sickens about 100 students

1 hour ago

KETV NewsWatch 7

AWESOME! To make the experience less scary, this Oklahoma hospital uses remote control cars to take children to surgery and other procedures! ...


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What a great idea and a wonderful gift!!!!

Awesome ❤️🙏

2 hours ago

KETV NewsWatch 7

It's feeding time for the eaglets in Decorah!

A search is underway for the father eagle:


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Best information on Dad and the nest is at Raptor resource project.

They re worried because an unidentified male is flying around the area. So maybe dad is off in the distance watching.

Mother is capable of getting food. Eaglets can regulate their temps and are in the sun right now and are well fed and healthy.

Here’s the thing...they mate for life...however if one goes missing ...then they move on....for survival procreate and to ensure survival of the species.

I know females are generally larger than males, I didn't know there was any difference in the way they were built

Raptor resource center.. Ask for no speculation

the parents usually take turns on the nest protecting and feeding from what I understand

Gender is completely DNA HAS BEEN DONE ON THESE EAGLETS !!!

That one was after that twig and she took it away and buried it - so cute!

that one is so much bigger than the other 2

He was close to nest last night

My what Big Crops You have!!! The better to Not Go Hungry My Dear!!! 😍🦅

Never mind. I figured it out. UNIDENTIFIED MAKE EAGLE!! Derp!!! 😂

They are looking pretty healthy with full crops!

Has the Dad shown back up?

She'll do what's necessary, like any female

The Male is MIA since Thrs

Shes telling the UME...he left man...dont pressure me

They're growing so quickly

would the UME harm the babies?

These are the most amazing animals that exsist

Prayers for the males safe return with a bunch of fresh fish

If they are mates for life then why would she want this ume

Barb, I was just commenting to someone that said they look cold

A few days ago they were snow-covered

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