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Disney shows you how to make a Porg bento box from 'The Last Jedi'

Disney shows you how to make a Porg bento box from 'The Last Jedi'


Something still feels wrong about eating a Porg...

It's fun and easy, as long as the Jawas don't keep interrupting.

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33 minutes ago

NBC News

David and Louisa Anna Turpin, the California parents accused of torturing their 13 children, have been arraigned in court. Their bail has been set at $12 million each.

David Turpin’s attorney, David Macher, addressed reporters following the arraignment.


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If i was their public defender, i would sit on the couch and eat macaroni all night amd watch stranger things and tell them "I'm doing the best i can" and let them burn in hell.

I would never trust anyone with that haircut.

Take a look at what home schooling and religious belief carried out without constraint looks like. This is why we have secular laws to provide basic Human Rights. #ReligionisaCancer

Rule of thumb, in 2018 if a man has a haircut like Captain Kangaroo..... he might have some issues that need to be looked into. On a more serious note, neither of them should ever see the light of day again.

Nothing less than a 13 life sentence spending every second of it shackled until death and left to spend eternity shackled.......for the both of them.

Any lawyer who would DEFEND these sadistic predators is just as bad! They were found still chained in THEIR HOME with the adults there. (aside from the 2 that escaped). What more proof do you need?! Presumed innocent???!! I refuse to call them parents.

Why do they even get a bail? These two need to be locked up forever !!!! Period!

Now they go to jail and live courtesy of the taxpayers with food, free healthcare, and free college tuition. What a waste of resources.

Lock them up with nothing to eat but bread and water and no windows 🤬

Innocent until proven guilty. It’s the law. Pretty sure they will be found guilty but they have the same rights until that time.

I do not envy the defense team at all. As someone who home schools 2 kids and a 3rd when old enough (infant) various from state to state how things are an attempt to just alert you up on how it's done before assuming it's all's not as bad as these two morons did things. Educate before you judge

These two pieces of 💩 deserve to be let out into the general prison population and they won’t last 24 hours.

Good luck with your defense. I'm sure you'll try to pull that mentally incompetent card. I hope your a court appointed lawyer.

Being these people's defense attorney has to be among the worst jobs in the world.

That poor lawyer. He's not even wanting to do this case.

The attorneys were court appointed... don’t make him the bad guy and he doesn’t deserve the insults on his looks. He is just doing his job and it is a for sure a terrible case that will bother him for years to come.

I could care less about these people. My thoughts are with the kids. They need to stay together. They already have been in hell. Splitting them up would further traumatize them. My father stabbed my mother to death. My brothers and I were split up among family members in different states. You lose all your support

Those poor poor kids. Uh. I can't get my head around things like this and all I know is we all want these kids to be offered a happy healthy safe and loving life. As for these "people" these sick sick evil people... let the law have them. I hope beyond all hope these children can somehow heal and not only heal, but somehow flourish and live loved like they should've been from the very beginning.

I can't believe it The judge gives a bail to this people sorry but I think if one of Latino or other race do this will give jail for ever or kills us I think is not right his decision this kind of person they don't need to live the is my comment I love my kids they are my life 😱👎🏻

12 million each damn. They shouldn't even get bail. Rot in prison in general population the other prisoners will take care of them. And they will meet up with Jesus again that's where criminal seem to find him.

These parents and I use the term parents loosely, should never see the light of day. There is absolutely no explanation, no rationale, no anything that could, would explain what these 2 monsters have done I pray for these children & hope in time they will be able to experience life & love & joy the way they should have in their young lives. #Strength&Love

Presumed innocent?! 🤣 that's funny!!! Hopefully those siblings can learn how to live a somewhat normal life free of the evil and torture they endured.

He is correct in that until a jury of their peers or plea of guilty is entered, they are presumed not guilty but I wouldn't want to be that lawyer. It is a tragic situation for all involved. Praying those kids can get real help!

Oh my goodness, this cracker jackbox lawyer is grasping for straws...they are presumed guilty as far as being tried in the media, you bet. These dispicable persons brought it all on, so they quit with the victim flag looks...and someone give that man a proper haircut... 12 million each, should be not eligible for bail and stuck in gen pop.

Seriously, if I were a lawyer, I wouldn’t take this case, doesn’t matter how much I get paid. They obviously are guilty of charges. They have the nerves to plead not guilty as now.

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48 minutes ago

NBC News

More than 230 cities had applied to become the future location of Amazon's second headquarters, dangling tax incentives and other goodies, hoping to turn their hometowns into boom towns.

The race narrowed considerably as the internet giant released its short list of 20 possible contenders:

More than 230 cities had applied to become the future location of Amazons second headquarters, dangling tax incentives and other goodies, hoping to turn their hometowns into boom towns.

The race narrowed considerably as the internet giant released its short list of 20 possible contenders:


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Amazon destroyed American retail. Create 20 thousand jobs, how many were lost because of a monopoly? Modern day Standard Oil.

Major cities, as expected! Why not the smaller sized rural towns? Infrastructure would likely follow for other companies looking to do business with Amazon!

So which state can give the most tax breaks/subsidies to a very profitable corp, how is this capitalism?

Any city that wants that is really going to need to reconsider if they really want it! Is there enough housing, jobs, road space for increased traffic from employees and trucks, and so on!

Why should anyone dangle tax incentives, etc in front of the guy who is already the richest man in the world. He should be paying someone to take them on.

no love for detroit :(

I'm begging you NOT to keep NYC on the list. Housing is already at a premium, traffic sucks, the MTA sucks, the cost of living is through the roof. Bringing another 50,000 people here with their bratty kids and cars will not help things with the infrastructure we currently have

Come to Houston. We should offer them incentives. No tax would be a great strategy.

Well they won't be going to California because California will text as s*** out of them. They won't be able to survive there if they do.

Access to rail and Intermodal Trucking will be the deciding factor

It has hands down driven the cost up big time in Seattle. Be careful about what you wish for! Don't get me wrong it for sure helps local economy but holy moses houses are getting crazy expensive.

Anyone else having a hard time reading that city in the middle of Texas? lol

Amazon I got you in Dallas on New construction rebates through Oncor! But if you choose anywhere else my company can help you 😊

Minnesota would be nice

Seriously, why announce it now when it is going to be 15 to 20 years from now?

Long Island is actually on the short list. I'm amazed it even made it this far.

Huge corporate tax cuts + billions in incentives....any wonder why it's called a race to the bottom

I suggest Boston or Philadelphia. Large educated work force.

If you count, this is more than 20, and Houston did not make list

Memphis wants it more that you guys and Top Golf too

There's more than 20 there?

Thank Gods the Bay Area was spared


Connecticut!!!! We need it so bad

Please, anywhere but Austin.

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54 minutes ago

NBC News

LIVE: Senate leaders discuss passage of short-term spending bill to avoid government shutdown ...


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Thanks for coming to CA during our Montecito Mud Slide catastrophe.... we are in a state of emergency and no President anywhere..... over 20 deaths and still missing people.... WORST PRESIDENT EVER.

Those saying Dems only want DACA for votes ...well if the republicans did things for the PEOPLE instead of corporations they would get the votes from them!!!!

A majority of you Republicans didn't call the president out with his racial remarks about brown people. The only party that has is DEMOCRATS.

What are the dreamers actually taking from you,nothing compared to this corrupt politicians!!! Blame them watch them while they rob you blind!!!

Republicans are not for the people

The Dems are treating him just like the Repubs treated Obama!!! Funny how what goes around comes around ain't so much fun when it's the flip side?!!

The Republicans haven't done a thing and have majority in all branches of government! What kind of people don't understand this!

This is not on DEMS this on the 3 parties who control the Gov't right now. They're making DACA an issue for a wall that a majority of people don't want.

Republican House, Senate and Presidency. Your game, your responsibility. If you want Democrat votes, include some of their priorities. US Government 101.

There was a DACA bill that passed the Senate during the Obama years. The Republican-led house never brought it to a floor vote because it would have passed and would be a victory for the Democrats.

Republican Congress has had years to address this problem & they have done NOTHING. They wait until the last minute and then try to blame Dems!

Moral outrage only works if one has morals to begin with...To say nobody is in jeopardy while people have already been deported is an outright lie!

You go Dems no matter what you will be blamed anyway because Republicans are trying to force your hand in this one to make it seem like the Dems are holding this back. #45 is holding this back. Face it

OMG this is crazy! What did people think would happen when they voted a narcissistic, completely self absorbed billionaire to be the POTUS?

Republicans hold Majorities in both Houses of Congress. They have the numbers to pass this without the Democrats. This shutdown is on them.

We want DACA, We want CHIPS, and we are NOT paying for a f**king Wall! Shut the government down.....

You knew this was coming when you passed temporary bill that the gov't wouldn't shut down, but you knew DACA was going to be on the table. This isn't on Democrats.

Huge tax cut? You gotta be kidding me! I’m getting 500.00 extra annually at the expense of seniors, veterans and children. Makes me sick!

Pass DACA and CHIP or no deal. Any senator that placates should be voted out next term regardless of party.

All I see is a bunch of millionaires in a room that are so out of touch with what the common American worker goes thru

Pass DACA!!!! Pass CHIP!!! Period. Stop playing around with people's lives!!! Shame on all of you standing in the way!!!!

Where is the Democratic input to the CR, stop blaming Democrats for republicans not knowing how to govern.

Yes, Pam Smith Cruz did. That is when my husband and I left the Republican Party and registered as Democrats. We will never vote for a Republican again.

Republicans have had how many YRS ? They hold all 3 houses but can't do their jobs! They can't blame a DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT ! VOTE BLUE

Isn’t Congress composed of majority Republicans? Why are they trying to blame Democrats?

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1 hour ago

KARK 4 News

Exclusive: Kidnapping Survivor Thrown Into Arkansas River Talks With Mitch McCoy.
Mitch is in the newsroom talking about the story, which has just been published online


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Read the full story here----

God be with her! I am sad that social media is delivering this message and that this is the best story that could be delivered to represent her.

Where are all these animals coming from ? What has happened to our state ? So thankful her prayer was answered.

Why did they take her. Did she know her and why did they throw her off that bridge and not 440. More to this I think.

Please don’t post her name for her protection

Nothing but a miracle from God!! Glad she survived.

the lord was looking after her she was thrown off the I430 bridge not far from murray lock and dam

Taylor the link doesn’t work

Did she know these people or was it random?

Did they find the people who kidnapped her?

We can’t click on the link in the comments

But she is physically ok?

I'm just tuning in where did this happened?

She is Alive , Keep her in your Prayers.

What's this world coming to

The Lord has plans for her!

I missed the beginning. When did this happen??

Is this the one from 430

What was the reason for the shooting?

She needs to be in protective custody!

Definitely had angels around her.

So Sad, hope they caught these guys but with the crooked Law Enforcement there good luck!

Want another story later about Arkansas call me!

Do not state her name , she still could be at risk!

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#GeneticTesting during woman's pregnancy leads to a life-saving discovery.



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Way ta go Dr. Bohman! You rock!!!

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2 hours ago

KARK 4 News

Warmer temperatures are in tonight's Thursday Evening #arwx Webcast:


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About time tired of this cold freezing temps and ice n snow

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