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Death toll rises to 19 in Montecito mudslides

Death toll rises to 19 in Montecito mudslides


Two people on the missing list were found alive, reducing the number of those missing from seven to five.

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Many locals were saddened to hear that Glazier's Food Marketplace will soon be closing their doors – maybe their storewide closing sale can help brighten spirits.

Click to find out more about the sale >>

Many locals were saddened to hear that Glaziers Food Marketplace will soon be closing their doors – maybe their storewide closing sale can help brighten spirits. 

Click to find out more about the sale >>


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Never heard of it??

32 minutes ago

Fox 13 News

Watch Live: 17th President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Russell M. Nelson is delivering his message live on Fox 13. Details: ...


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Watch Live: 17th President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Russell M. Nelson is delivering his message live on Fox 13. Details:

Who really cares about the crooked lds religion


This is a truly wonderful man... so happy to see him become our next prophet! ♡♡♡


We love our new prophet and his councilor

Apparently you Jeremy since you're watching.

Jeremy Williams you don’t need to watch then !!!!!

I love this church

Who really cares what Jeremy thinks.

Jeremy if you cannot be respectful of others beliefs then kindly be silent.

I personally converted to th Lutheran church but have great respect for the LDS church still

Is there a reason why they are not calling him Prophet? Sorry, not a member, just wondering.

We have another great man to lead us!

False religion


Stop judging please

Guess we will find out won't we Jared.

This is indeed a true prophet in this the latter day.

It's pretty easy to find out. Just research the history

No one is making you watch. If you don’t care why comment?

Chadwin, we consider him a Prophet, but address him formally as President.

Negative comments are welcome my opinion. Just strengthens my resolve.

Oaks 1st

They all have their own agency. I personally believe in the church of Christ of later day saint, and believe everything our prophet and apostles. Bless you all

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T-REX SNOWBOARDING: Nothing to see here, only a T-Rex snowboarding in Springfield, Tennessee....🦖☃️

📽️: Michelle Rippon


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Only in Nashville! Sorry Mr. T-Rex but you didn't make the Olympic team this year!!

Sarah Jackson Amanda Randolph where i live 😆

Jessica Austin Mason better get busy

Nissan smyrna plant

Ya gotta love it.😁

Melanie Adams Casper show Jared lol

I like that

Jonathan Wheat I really want a T-Rex costume!!!

SE Merrimon is that Gainey?

Mary I found Terry

Megan Dixon

Liv Kiser

Emily Blanford😂❤️

Cheyenne West Hailey Rheam

Serena Pearson

Bonnie Leech

Kara White

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50 minutes ago

KTNV Channel 13 Action News

A LVMPD Northwest Area Command traffic stop led to the confiscation of several guns and a large amount of ammunition.

Read more about the incident >>

A LVMPD Northwest Area Command traffic stop led to the confiscation of several guns and a large amount of ammunition.

Read more about the incident >> attachment


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Great job LVMPD!!! You probably saved some lives getting these off the streets!

Transporting stolen weapons?

That’s not a large amount of ammunition

That's really pretty basic tbh....

Probably would have ended in STUPID slime gang members hands.

Maybe they were going out to the desert for some fun... Since when are we not allowed to transport our guns?

Definately need more info. Were they stolen weapons?

Ill buy the ak

I'd like to buy that FDE CANIK

Are they stolen ???? Was the guy a felon ???? Why are these fire arms being confiscated?

1 hour ago

WZTV FOX 17 News, Nashville

SNOW LATEST: Tracking snow totals and timing followed by dangerously low wind chills with Justin Chambers Fox 17 Nashville ...


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Tell the Governor to CLOSE ALL OFFICES!!!!

With the temperature tonight I don't think the salt will work on the roads?!? So do u think ppl at 500 am can go to work

How does the weather crew drive in snow like its easy


I guess another snow day for MNPS and Rutherford Counties.

Lebanon TN❄️☃️❄️ still coming down!!!

The best way to get rid of the snow is to tell construction workers it's coke, they will have it snorted up in an hour.

Use to live in Gallatin, now in southern maryland and see you guys are sending it to us. Lol. Everyone down there be careful

Alexandria did not get snow over the weekend so snow today has been awesome. And a total of 4 inches as of right now just from today ☃️🌨❄️

Justin I know Craig Edwards is snug in his bed glad he not out in this snow an having fun watching you you are great you an Craig are so much alike keep up the good work

Hi Justin!!!!!! We love you!!! 😃😃😃 Thank You for keeping us posted on the weather!!!!!! Very appreciated! Stay warm! Say hello to the others!

Millersville has 3 inches and still coming down

I know it's snowing like crazy here in Ashland City

After the snow stops will it be clear or cloudy?

Due to this weather, I'm working from home today, but I'd rather be in the office! 😍

It’s still coming down in Smyrna. I’d say 2 inches, at this point. ☃️☃️☃️❄️❄️❄️

Thank you Justin Chambers! You are doing a great job.

Supposed to be heading to Georgia today got a job interview Thursday how’s the roads look down I 24 south

My work building closed, but rest assure, were working from home today! Lol. 😂😂😂😂😂

2.5 measured on flat clear surface where I’m at in Smyrna.

My job is open.. yet let us leave early friday but its worse today wth

Any sun predicted to help melt the snow?

Nashville is catching it to

Seems to have stopped in Springfield

It's snowing crazy here in Lebanon

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The Bellagio Las Vegas is celebrating Chinese New Year and the #YearoftheDog inside its conservatory and botanical garden. Watch the video below for a sneak peek and click here for even more photos >> #CNY2018 ...


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Edith Zun-mar grace is going to like this one

Robyn Taube Roth

Would love to go but to pay to park? No thanks.


Robyn Taube Roth we should all go! Emily Warren Elizabeth Warren

John Kuo

Michael Rene Romero

1 hour ago

Action News Jax

HOUSE OF HORRORS: Police say an escaped 17-year-old led them to her 12 brothers and sisters, shackled and malnourished in a California home.



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Put them both in prison for the rest of their lives

I wonder if the government allowed them to get welfare for all those kids? If so, that's where the system is messed up. People should not be allowed to keep having kids if they can't take care of them! This is what happens...the kids suffer!! So terrible!

This makes me so mad 😡 those poor kids looking for love and a stable home and this is what they got, there are so many loving people that want to have children. They are children not animals. 😡 lock them up throw away the key and don’t feed them so they can feel what those poor babies went thru.

Some parents are sick in the f*cking had 13 kids for what????? The welfare NOT because you wanted to love them and give them the very best life possible smfh

How can you do that to your own children smh people are sooo damn sick

They should be starved and tortured while chained to the jail

What is wrong with people?? Pure evil!! 😑

How do people do that kind of things to others... let alone their own kids.

Getting that tax benefit no doubt.

The face (and hair) of a monster.

California liberals

29 yrs omg!! I can't even imagine.


Why why why!!!???!!!!

Sick people!! Starve them , no. Just beat them!

Not in a Liberal state. I thought the rest of the country needed to be more like those states? Haha. Should shoot people like them.

Chris White

Christie Newman

Angela McConnell

Lydia Higgins

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2 hours ago

Fox 13 News

Watch Live: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced Russell M. Nelson as the 17th President of the LDS church.


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Watch Live: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is announcing its new leadership. Details:

Why are people being jerks on here?! If you don’t care don’t watch! People are watching and listening so be respectful and STOP TROLLING. Get over yourselves these are wonderful men

Haha it's funny that all these people have bad to say about our church but they are the ones watching it??

If you are here to be mean! Then you need to leave! The lords love you all haters because we are created by our father in heaven

Guys if you swipe right the comments won’t show anymore

We are all imperfect being and we do our best to become better! I love this gospel with all my heart

Could not care less about this glad I have cable. Mormonism is a strange cult. Do some research!

Fox 13 should not give some type of validity to this Cult.

They can bully all they want and it will come back to them in full force. So we all need to remember the lord is in charge of us all

It's funny the Holy Bible never mentioned John Smith hmm . Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.

Responding to trolls is alot like bullying, if you don't respond they don't feed into it. Turn the other cheek guys and listen to the message. (Coming from someone who is not lds)

Someone compared negative comments on here to negativity toward the Pope. The Pope is South American. Let me know when you get someone of color on this Council, otherwise continue to be constitutionally “white and delightsome”.

The Lord already returned and, as it happened last time, the Church didn’t recognize him. He plays guitar and sings in the Foo Fighters.

I’m so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ ❤️❤️

I am not Mormon but was curious . May God bless All people...

Let people live and believe what they want! If we want an acceptable society practice what you preach!

I love them so much, I am so grateful for the love we share for Christ and God our Heavenly Father❤️❤️❤️

They just look so happy and content. I wish that all the hate comments would stop. However we live on a time that it will not stop.

So, will you stop going door to door to sell your propaganda?

John Media then why are you commenting here?

Candi than you don't have to come in here and be apart of this. Step out and move on. Choose your own way.

This gospel has helped me and my kids always financially and food on my table and I am so grateful for it

Christy yes I do and I love my church thank you and I will believe in what my church is and I know its true. I'm sorry you feel otherwise so please stop watching and get off your just to negative.

I’ll never forget the day I was sitting in P-hood session and realized that Nelson is an imperfect well meaning regular man just like me. Everything was different after that. Better.

Pres Nelson has a very big set of problems to face in leading the church. I think we all want him to do well. Let us hope.

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ONLY IN TENNESSEE: "You know it's cold when our bull wants indoors!"

Thanks to viewer Brooke Smith in Unionville for the photo and the laugh 🐮😂❄️

ONLY IN TENNESSEE: You know its cold when our bull wants indoors!

Thanks to viewer Brooke Smith in Unionville for the photo and the laugh 🐮😂❄️


Comment on Facebook

Omg you " city folks" have no clue once so ever God provided that Bull and his herd of cows a nice thick hide to keep them warm.... I know exactly where this bull's pasture is and his owner provides and cares for his herd properly that old abandoned trailer just happens to be in his pasture ... to build barns for animals such as these would be stupid because that big ole bull would kick in the walls to escape and he would free his cows too then be might pissed off about having to go thur the trouble to do it people need to learn the facts before commenting on farm life that they have no understanding of

Where did you get a pic of my ex wife?

Go up to Montana and see cows out. They take hay out to them daily. They don't take them in 100 degree heat either. The Cowboys are out there with horses in the snow a lot too. How do you think Cows and Bulls were taken hundreds of miles in the old west? Unless they are show bulls or cows or milking cows, they usually stay out.

Some of you people have me really cracking up. I am the one that sent this picture to my friends that. That being said I can and will promise you this!! If you are that ignorant when it comes to farms and farm animals then you need to not even post a comment and show your ignorance. I not only live right beside this and have a farm but I’ve know this owner literally since we were kids. The owners of the cows take very very good care of his herd. I can afford my herd along with my herd of sheep and I have them a very nice big barn to get in. Guess where they are? They are out in it. Why? Because they are some of the thickest skinned farm animals there are. They rather it be cold than hot. Learn about your animals before posting saying someone is an animal abuser Tiger K Otis!

You ppl have lost your mind its food ppl and you obliviously havent lived owned or been on a farm

Poor thing wants some heat!!!

You guys should build them a barn like I did and watch them stand outside and look at it🏦😂 they don’t go in it but they like to look at a 40000.00 barn

Goodness, folks are getting their underwear in a twist over a photo that's intended to just be funny! Trust me, the bull is OK!

Actually, the bull was watching the tv through the window. Rosie O'Donnell was on The View

This is In Unionville, TN

People I am the owner of this bull. There is no small calves in that lot at all unless one was just born 30 min ago. The cows and bull are just fine they do have shelter to get under if they want to. So please u city folks stop all this. I have raised cows my entire life and I know what to do if it gets really bad.

I have a nice warm oven for that bull.

Pure ignorance from people that have never seen a working farm. It's a funny picture - relax, laugh....

Its a bull ppl we eat them good greif shh some ppl

Give it up to the white house, tn mailman with respect in being out in this.

As long as it's not a china shop, it should be fine.

Get a shelter for them ☹ ... and feed them and make sure their water is fresh. Bull is trying to tell you something. 😉

Thank you Moo! I’m wondering if these same people hollering animal abuse eat hamburgers, steaks and such? If so OOOOMG that’s abuse!

I see your post has a laughing face but has anyone made sure they have shelter? #notfunny

They are huge but they can feel its changes, protection is # 1 if u are going to have any kind of animal.

Somebody’s knocking!! Should I let him in..!!!

Nothing to get bent out of shape about guys. Prayerfully the owner will get them in a warm area. I think the purpose of the post is to give alittle humor today.

Where is their barn? If your going to have livestock , give them something to go into during the colder weather.

No bull! It's cold out here, open up and let me in!

aww..he's cold...hope he has somewhere to go inside..not the trailer though!ha!ha! looks like he really wants in,already broke some of the porch down...

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2 hours ago

WZTV FOX 17 News, Nashville

LIVE DRIVE: Here's a live look at traffic conditions around Nashville and I-24 as snow continues to fall: ...


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You guys need to invest in salt and snow plows now...happening every year for you ....with the mountains you sure need it

Coming to Murfreesboro would be a waste a gas for y’all. U only want reports of roads in and around Nashville

I love that they tell you to keep 4 cars lengths distance and no one listens! Precisely why I stay home!!

Murfreesboro is pretty covered now all the back roads are completely covered they plowed old Nashville Highway

Where is this? Looks better than the I-24 I've been on today, east of Nashville.

Melissa it seems your getting as much snow as we are lol😁

That's Michigan roads most of the time in the winter.

As the temp drops the roads will be come ice again 😭😭

Be careful, Tn people can’t drive in this stuff!

That's nothing compared to the north just left Clarksville

I’m gonna need a ride ..can you swing by this way?

Mrs. Lisa, I'm surprised They cleared Old Nashville Hwy

You going to come down here to Murfreesboro?

Vonzel I'm snitching you can drive in this

Y'all We're riding with Channel 17. 😅 No Noise. Y'all Be Quite.

Paducah ky7inches. These roads look good!!!

Ed Forbes need to be an Uber Driver.

Glad we're not in Michigan! In more ways than one!

Well that road doesn't look bad.

Big flakes still coming down in Hartsville..

Get off the interstate and show the other roads

@carlos it looks like Hamilton church rd

Where is at I need to head to ga today

I-24 South heading towards Harding Road

Correct Desi, this is Murfreesboro Rd now

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Some people in a Henderson neighborhood think a new school near Paseo Verde and Stephanie will cause major problems. Read why they are so upset >>

Do you agree with their objections?


Comment on Facebook

Where's the money coming from to build the school

Well since over the last couple of years there has been about 10,000 (give or take)units of housing built in that area I guess there is no other option. Also near that area the Henderson spaghetti bowl is absolutely ridiculous with traffic and accidents.

Where are they going to find teachers to place their thought they had a shortage at the beginning of the school year?

Only in Vegas will people complain about a new school lol

Ever have your driveway blocked because some moron parked their vehicle to pick up their porky pride? I live between 2 schools and twice a day it gets dangerous with crazy soccer moms and dads.

Noelle Acosta right by our house


Jaqueline Marie Katz

How they going to open a school eith no teachers to work there?

I truly pray to God every single day that I wish my life could be as simple as school traffic being the worst thing that could ever happen to me in my life. I pray for problems that simple.

Erika Poellnitz

Well we wouldn’t want our children’s education to slightly inconvenience anyone.🙄

Incredible. Complain the school system doesn’t reach enough students and then complain when we build new schools 🤷🏻‍♀️

Geez people, be glad they want to build more schools! This people complaining must not have kids. If you want to complain about something, complain about overcrowding of schools! Our school is new and in the middle of a neighborhood and the traffic “mess” doesn’t even last more than 15 minutes twice a day.

They didn’t say that when it was about the stadium.

Don't builders need to be part of a master plan for adding schools, roads etc as they build and grow the population in certain areas? What happened to this all being thought of ahead of time?


I live in a neighborhood that has access to a park/school set up like this.....parents come into our subdivision to pick up their kids, choking up the street with traffic. It is really lousy....especially when they use your property as a "turn-around". I've had vehicles actually pull onto the landscaping! The school just says "there's nothing we can do". HOA says: "we don't own the street".

You people are so stupid. Just quit having babies. That would cure the problem. You people are over crowding this valley. I know for a fact I would not want a bunch of brats hanging in front of my home everyday. Parents have no idea what there child is up to when they are not holding there hands. What a shame.

I'm just sad to see the park reduced by 2/3. The school is going to take up so much space and make that park inaccessible. I agree we need a new elementary school in the area but I wish they'd build on vacant land rather than take over a nice big park.

Wow...what is he problem!?!

what about the land zone for an elementary school on valley verde an horizonish area.

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