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Cruz: My dad came to America the "right way," amnesty for kids not a solution

Cruz: My dad came to America the "right way," amnesty for kids not a solution


"There's a right way and a wrong way to come to America" Sen. Ted Cruz speaks to the media after touring a border facility housing migrant children separated from their families, and discussed why granting amnesty to children is not a solution.

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With housing costs in California showing no sign of easing, a measure that would give cities greater leeway to impose rent control will be one of the hardest-fought initiatives on the November ballot:

Want to experience a @NASA_ICE mission, space lasers, penguins and a workhorse rocket’s last liftoff? If so, apply for behind-the-scenes access during a @NASASocial at Vandenberg Air Force Base near Lompoc, California. Details:

Something a Harvard humanitarian should never ask her neighbor: "Are you in one of the affordable units?" via @latimesopinion

A Honduran father is back with his son — but the 3-year-old is not the same.

Column: Getting Manny Machado would let the Dodgers steal the spotlight

Scientists have discovered 12 new moons orbiting Jupiter — and one of them is an oddity. - @NBCNewsMACH

Bay Area internet service provider @Sonic is expanding into southern San Francisco neighborhoods and Daly City.

via @beckyaydin:

Trump sheds light on his crucial error at Putin summit

A former Lyft driver accused of a series of violent rapes he allegedly committed in San Francisco while living in the country illegally was ordered to be held without bail Tuesday.

@EvanSernoffsky has the latest on the alleged #RideshareRapist:

Book by rising Democratic star Kamala Harris coming in 2019

After denying over 300,000 applications from Puerto Ricans seeking FEMA disaster assistance, FEMA has either denied or not answered eight out of ten appeals.

Who’s the second-biggest star on the #49ers after Jimmy Garoppolo? It just could be assistant coach @KatieSowers.

via @AnnKillion:

NAACP recalls its travel advisory against American Airlines, citing bias training

This growing city is now home to an unlikely tourist attraction: the last Blockbuster video store in America.

Lin-Manuel Miranda tweets to be published in book, “Gmorning, Gnight!”

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Harry Styles stopped mid-concert to help a fan come out to her mom 🌈❤️😭


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Aaaand nobody cares.

Not really his place to do what he did though.

I stan now Austin Fontenot

Mimi Hayes the only way to come out

Erika Dinges he is just perfection honestly

Ana Ford cute

Andrea Javiera lo amo

Jasmine Lavin-Cattin

Sarah Groff

Addison Paterson Tina I’m gay

50 minutes ago


Do you have a tattoo? Post a photo below! ...

Do you have a tattoo? Post a photo below!


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Got 3 love them need more one is thyroid disease bg nation and cross

The hubby's upper arm tat.

I love you in sign language and my sons first initial. Since 6 months old has worn hearing aids in both ears.

i have one on my left upper arm. what it is doesn't make it special to me. but where i got it. you see, when i was in the Navy, we had a very special liberty port. , Hong Kong.this was when it was still a British Colony. it was a liberty port for us Sailors who needed a break from the grind.we spent about a week there.letting the crew get some much needed R&R. the one thing we were told not to do was get a tattoo in Hong Kong. but i don't think the skipper was really pushing that order. because everybody knew you had to go to Pinky's Tattoo Parlor and get one of his tattoos. any sailor from the west coast had to get one. it rated right up there with a shellback membership. so, one night, myself and about five of my shipmates boarded a liberty launch, and went into town.we found a little fellow who we gave five bucks to so he would take us to pinky's tattoo parlor. he took us straight to it but told us to wait in the alley, and a guy would signal us to come in. when he signaled, we ran like crazy into the back door. just as two shore patrol came around the corner. (and just missed us, thankfully, because the shore patrol had put the tattoo parlors off limits.) we hid in a small room for a few minutes, after they had gone, we were taken into the main parlor. where five guys were working. we were told to look up on the walls for the tattoo we wanted , if we hadn't already drawn out what we wanted. i looked around and spotted an eagle in flight. THAT'S WHAT I WANTED. it was beautiful. so, since i was the first one to pick out my tat. Pinky, the world famous artist, had his son do mine. which i didn't mind because Pinky guaranteed he would not let his son do it if he didn't know he could. he had trained him since he was about ten. he was now 23. so i didn't mind a bit. i was getting a tattoo from the son of one of the best tattoo artists in the far east.(and Pinky only charged me $5.00 to do the tattoo. works for me.) he was done in about thirty minutes. and it was covered with a large bandage and tucked up under my shirt sleeve. and i had a real challenge hiding that from everybody until we got underway. but i managed to.(or they weren't really looking that hard.) and came home with a tattoo i was so proud of.because it told all the other sailors when they saw it that i had passed the right of passage. i got out of the Navy a shellback,a Naval aircrewman, and with a tattoo from pinky's. i look at that old faded tat now and then, and reminisce about my time in the Navy . it's been so long that i wonder if it was a dream. but all i have to do is look down at my shoulder, see that old faded tat. and remember that it did happen, i was there. and i did what i had to do and made it home. and set back and enjoy some of the most wonderful memories of that part of my past.

For my Nellie girl who I lost in March. She was 13 and this is her actual paw print 💕

James one way and turn it and it's Annie the other! My husband and I will be married 21 years in November.

In memory of Louie, who passed two months ago today.

I have 2. This one is my husband's handwriting and how he has signed every card it notes he's left me for almost 30 years. 😍

Work in progress. 1 year post op cancer survivor, getting a Phoenix to symbolize this accomplishment. Miranda at The Salty Siren in Washington MO is working on this bad boy for me

A lady bug crawling up my foot, simple and sweet.

To raise awareness for Fragile X Syndrome!

This is my daughter's tattoo, in Memory of my Husband(her step dad).

Done by Jason at Salty Siren in Washington. Azathoth from the Cthulu mythos.

Won’t bore you with all 8, so, here’s my favorite. My family crest, on my left calf.

Reminds me everyday that I am the only one who can save myself.

In memory of my best friend and teammate who passed away last year.

Me and my sister got matching tattoos. Here's mine

“How we treat the humblest among us surely determines the fate of our souls”.

Flowers & music tattoos done by David Riley & Traditional Gypsy done by Jason Hendrix ❤❤ (these are just my favs, have quite a few more ☺)

My very first and still my favorite. As long as I can remember I have always had a fascination with Ancient Egypt.

I am one of 4 Sisters and this is the 4 Sisters Celtic knot.

That’s a couple of them “love is just a hoax”

Just one of 4. This is my favorite and is very meaningful

Just got it yesterday in honor of my grandma.

I've had this one for about 10 years.

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Christina Coleman KSDK is sitting down with black parents to talk about the discussions they have with their children about interacting with police.

What questions or advice do you have for these parents?


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Just do what the police tell you to do. It's pretty simple. It comes down to respect. Our kids need to take the police seriously. They need to be taught that at home. Nothing to do with color.

I am a retired police officer and I teach my son to respect everyone but in particular I am afraid for him as he gets older to be stopped by officers. I have been there and I know how some officers think sometimes.

They should be told to respect any law enforcement and don't disrespect. I'm white and that's what I taught our kids. What is the difference?

How about the police respect the kids. Those students were respectful

There was never talk about police interaction because I am white. It is sad that my black mothers even have to have this talk with their sons/daughters.

We shouldn’t be treated differently 🤔

This truly doesn't have anything to do with color - it's about how the government has taken control away from our parents.

Just don't break the law - that simple! Teach them right!

Our police are doing their job. Kids AND parents need to respect them. It's gotten out of control. Starts at home!!

Be respectful, do what you're asked to do, no sudden moves, come home alive. It's that simple.

Nice a receipt was provided, it should have been over.

If police say stop hands up do as ordered by police.Respect

We all got the "police" talk as kids back in the 70's-80's

Has nothing to do with color Respect it’s all about Respect

Everyone should be kind and respectful no matter the race!

respect each other and your comunity

How will this experience change their son, especially as they interact with law enforcement?

Wait a minute Clayton police don't have guide lines before they accuse anyone.

They can respect police, and we teach them to do so. However this does not mean they will be respected back.

Don't have a reason to interact. But if you have to be calm and respectful. If you have a grievance you can report after.

If she doesn't tow the antipolice line, she'll Likly be called several nice names...

We appreciate you too Christina!

The police aren't going to apologise for doing their job.

No one is looked differently!

Law Enforcement is here to PROTECT US!

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There's always room on your newsfeed for a story like this! The bride made a life-saving bone marrow donation to a little girl she didn’t know. Today their bond is so strong, she asked her to be a flower girl for her wedding! #InsideEdition ...

Theres always room on your newsfeed for a story like this!  The bride made a life-saving bone marrow donation to a little girl she didn’t know. Today their bond is so strong, she asked her to be a flower girl for her wedding! #InsideEdition


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We could use a whole lot more of these kind of stories

So nice

That is great

So beautiful ❤❤

way to do

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