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Creator of "Media Men" list comes forward as Moira Donegan

Creator of "Media Men" list comes forward as Moira Donegan


The spreadsheet listed men by name and accused them of everything from unwanted flirting to rape and violence, and quickly went viral, with cells populating at breakneck speed in a matter of hours.

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14 minutes ago


WATCH: A wave-watcher gets wiped out by a huge wave in Westport, Wash. 🌊 (He's ok though!)


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incoming! mom is mad at baby drumpf.

Taylor Nash let’s go now!!!

Greg Dunn

Alberto Cruz

CONTRADICTING KELLY? President Donald J. Trump tweeted a forceful defense of his immigration policy after his chief of staff said in an interview Trump’s views were “evolving” – and Trump adviser Hope Hicks’ Russia testimony is delayed. Cecilia Vega reports. ...


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Trump could never evolve he doesn't have a brain

Go Trump

Contradicting is a word that fits Trump to a T. No surprise there.

Trump contradicts everything. He had no clue what he really wants. As long as he gets his ego stroked he’s happy.

Should there be any opinion regarding Kelly after those lies he made up a few month ago?

Hicks needs more time to get her lies in order. Just guessing.


If someone thinks about a wall day and night for over a year that person needs mental help for sure !!!!

If it's anything but praise, its an affront to him and his ego

Funnu how you don't show Trump's interview this afternoon where he spoke very highly of Chief of Staff Kelly. Fake news

Hope, the new model?

I wanna see my president launch some more tomahawk missiles..geez

Release the documents

fake news

The Girther is a idiot.

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1 hour ago

12 News

With only four months left to live, Mitch gets to watch his favorite football team in the championships. via HeartThreads ...


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I am a Steelers fan big time and my hat goes off to the Jaguars for making this man SMILE AND BE HAPPY ..... God Bless you on your journey my friend..... Love Donna from New Jersey USA

May God welcome you to the highest heaven in paradise.enjoy the days left,great man.much love

1 hour ago

12 News

Thanks to this U.S. Border Agent, a 2-year-old's life was saved ❤️Here's to heroism off-the-clock. U.S. Border Agent Jed Eckler was driving home yesterday in remote town of Hereford, AZ. A couple flagged him down. Eckler performed CPR on their 2 yr-old son who was unconscious, not breathing. After several attempts, he revived the child. Tucson's Sector chief credits Eckler's first-responder training for saving the boy's life. 12 News U.S. Customs and Border Protection ...

Thanks to this U.S. Border Agent, a 2-year-olds life was saved ❤️


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The agent had probably just finished trashing a water station in the desert and emptying all the jugs on the ground.

Gud thing he wuznt on duty. Wen they're on duty they don't save lives, might even kick over ur water.

Well done !!!!!

And yet he likes to kill Mexicans and there young ones...guess its all about the skin color

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