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Cooper: 'The sentiment the President expressed today is a racist sentiment'

Cooper: 'The sentiment the President expressed today is a racist sentiment'


"Not racial. Not racially charged. Racist."

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49 minutes ago

Cleveland 19 News

Have you tried cross-country skiing? ...

1 hour ago

WPBF 25 News

Mike Lyons Live on another cold night!


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Please no rain Feb 10. Daughter getting married outside ❤️❤️

After waiting 25 mins for a bus at about 7:30pm, my nose and fingertips were literally numb. The wind is killer! Not bad in the sun but when that breeze kicks.... NOT a happy camper.

Hi Mike, I am watching you from Graciosa Island, Azores, Portugal! Also chilly here tonight, but no frost! Most of my life lived in Jacksonville, now here, I enjoy watching your news!

Thomas Im in Toledo Ohio 3 weeks of brutal artic cold

We were freezing at the fair. But loved it. was amazing to be at the fair and it be chilly and not so hot.. had lots of fun

I’d love the 87° record right now!!

I definitely didn't teach water aerobics today. I doubt I'm teaching tomorrow...

Brayden good news the breeze is off the Lake now and it’s warming up finally!

Me too Brayden my job will be done next weekend so Mike I need warmer air please?? Lol!

Too cold for the fair but hope to go Sunday

How cold will it be in Vero Beach tonight? Burrr!

I came from Spain to live here for a reason!! Bring back our weather pls!

Thanks for all the info Mike!Keep it up💪🏻👍🏼

That’s good St Lucie County Fair is last of Jan and early Feb!! People will love it!

I had to use hand warmers for the second time this winter.

Brayden that’s awesome we live in Ft Pierce!!

What will it be tomorrow at around 8 am in Boca??

I have family visiting from Oswego N.Y. and they’re freezing 😂

How long will this weathet last. I am ready for some heat 😂😂

Brayden I’ll take it 45 here but rain Sunday, but better than all the snow! Lol!

Thomas yea 50° here this coming Sunday as a high very happy!

Mike chase the cold weather aeay 😄

Yay, I will leave the weather in your capable hands

Thanks for keeping us educated and informed... you are awesome 😘

Is it supposed to be colder tonight?

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2 hours ago

Cleveland 19 News

There's a new bakery in Playhouse Square! ...


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Again in downtown, where u gotta pay $10 to park for a donut

Nice excellent bakery from the hill 😀

Courtney Mayle I just saw this and thought of you. They have the best cannoli in Cleveland. So jealous that you're walking distance.

Diane Chambers. This place is awesome- let’s go when it gets warm😊

Not a fan

They have awesome cannolis!

Yum. I'm in. Looks yummy.

Laura Wright Baker time for a walk!

Marcia Crabtree Judy Esper. Before or after our plays?

Terri Schubert ohhhhhhhh noooooo!!!

Courtney Mickler check it out tomorrow!

2 hours ago

WPBF 25 News

Here is this year’s choice for the ArtiGras commemorative poster. The artist is Jen Callahan who says she chose the macaw because she loved the color and vibrancy.

The painting was unveiled tonight at the ArtiGras kickoff party.


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Wow so very talented - love it

2 hours ago

WPBF 25 News


ABC News
WHAT GOES UP: Adorable pup loves this high-flying game with his owner!

2 hours ago

WPBF 25 News

What an amazing picture Cris Martinez, Meteorologist WPBF took tonight. Wow!Love my city ❤️ ...

What an amazing picture Cris Martinez, Meteorologist WPBF took tonight. Wow!


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Cris Martinez, I love West Palm Beach too. Are you from this area?

Fountain in downtown West Palm Beach. In the summer, children run and play in the fountain.

Good job Cris , Pretty picture !!!!! Now crank up the heat !!!!!!!!

Absolutely gorgeous pic!

Dyllan Darryll.

Thomas Tran

3 hours ago


This is what true love looks like. 🇺🇸❤️ ...


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Jon has some problems - some of them "big" but he has something many folks would love to have and not only is she beautiful but she appears to love him with all her heart. Jon will get better each day - I will pray for this. Their love is so special.

In sickness and in health til death do us part. Beautiful love!!

They are so sweet together,,,,love does fill all empty places!!!

Awesome! That is beautiful! She stuck by him thru thick and thin! Hope to find someone like that someday ! God bless!!!

She still love him so much and she never give up to take care him no matter how hard the situation..I salute you girl....True love never dies.😍😍😍

That’s what unconditional love is! She must have some awesome parents... I️ salute you precious one, may God continue to bless you. 👏🏼🙏🏼💕

Salute to a SEAL! They are America's best and it shows in this vets determination (and a loving wife who shows her love).


I pray for a complete recovery keep going strong . You and your beautiful wife will be forever in love. Good bless you both . 😚

That is great you know some wife's wouldn't do that God bless her and her husband. They are great together you know she loves him very very much.keep going you will walk some day I just know it .keep going every day and you will do it I'm praying for you both. God Bless you Both.

Wonderful to see marriage vows at work "thru sickness and health". Until you have cared for your spouse thru a critical health issue, that tests True Love. You look beyond the person, and see their heart and treat them with love and respect. It's amazing the compassion and fulfillment you feel. Sure it is exhausting and overwhelming.....but what in life isn't ?

True Love endures anything!! The vows you take and the promise you make to each other in the presence of God will always prevail. Such a special commitment! God Bless.


This is what true love looks like!

I love it, that's what it is all about. God bless them both . Very strong couple that was meant to be!!!

OMG! Yes, yes, yes! Now this really is love!

I worked with SEALs for 25 years as a government contractor and they never ceased to amaze me. I'd say 98% of the ones I knew were really great this one.

Thank you for your service,you 2 are blessed.💕💕💕

Love is a vibration between two people that nothing can destroy‼️💪

What a wonderful love. God bless you two!!

This breaks your heart, but it shows what a amazing wife and women this is. May God Bless this couple and touch this Navy Seal for a healing.

I just love this video these 2 were ment to be together and they are so blessed to have each other

They both are amazing people that is what you call true love .

Woooow True love still exists )) i believe its not like films where they just show happy moments to prove love is beautiful and not the darker side

What a beautiful loving story When you have Unconditional love you have it all and this beautiful young lady has so much of GODS special love in her heart it will.just get deeper and deepery eyes filled with tears watching this video but the tears came with Happiness for this amazingly great couple GOD bless you both always and Congratulations to JON

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