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Congress reacts to President Trump's "sh*thole countries" comment

Congress reacts to President Trump's "sh*thole countries" comment


Members of Congress -- Republican and Democrat alike -- are mostly distancing themselves from the president.

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12 minutes ago

Yahoo News

These kids fighting cancer received an unexpected, adorable friend. (via In The Know) ...


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No child should ever suffer from cancer...donate to St Judes children's hospital...100% of your donation goes to treatment for children. Nice job Aflac

O goodness my beautiful granddaughter needs one she's fighting acute myeloid leukemia and she's 14 months old

Good job Aflac these children deserve all the love they can get

May God bless you

41 minutes ago

Yahoo News

A young couple's unconventional marriage has weirded out Yahoo Newsroom commenters:


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Oh I am sure there are LOTS of sexless marriages out there. Whatever floats their boat. As long as all involved are consenting adults, who cares?

And here conservatives/Trumpeters think same sex marriage is "destroying the institution of marriage."

It's about benefits, people.

This is a mockery of marriage. I'm cool with the sexless part but that's not what this is. It's just not sex with you betrothed. Go away.

I am curious as to why... I do think the comment about it being a business relationship and legal status thing is probably accurate. Is it fraud? Not sure but hey if it works for them.... 😂 Good for them!

Doesn't take much to weird out Yoohoo.

Guess “Forsaking all others” isn’t part of the vows?

I'm sure one of them probably needs health insurance

Maybe that the kind of relationship President Trump and Melania have

What happens when they have a kid with some other person. What's that going to teach that child....abnormal, weird, unfaithful behavior. Wonder why youth are messed up? People like this.

Since when is YAHOO weirded out about anything?

That's not marriage, it's a business arrangement... and any guy who'd "marry" a girl like that and not want to have sex with her has SERIOUS problems.

People need to stop judging others who don’t live the traditional cookie cutter lifestyle. Who are they hurting? Leave them alone

Well marriage is pointless and only used as a tax break for atheists with a brain anyways. Granted it might be to show your love for someone but in all seriousness that peace of paper means nothing other then a legal status so to say. Marriage can consist of multiple spouses even.

It's not really a marriage now is it, marriage is a union of two people, they are not united, stupidity is what it is though. Congratulations.

Nothing new for anyone who's served in the military. It happens all the time.

It's THEIR marriage. IT's THEIR buiness. WHY IS THIS NEWS?

That is NOT a it what you is NOT a marriage.

Not hurting me or anybody else so if it works for them then more power to them

Well the wedding ring goes on first, followed by the engagement ring. But that's academic here.

Well they are not bothering me. So what they do is none of my business. I worry about my life and getting myself into Heaven not worry about everyone else and what they are doing with their life. People should do the same.

So much for the "sanctity of marriahe", eh?

The worst friend zone of all

I'm super curious! I understand an open marriage. And I understand a sexless marriage. But a sexless open marriage seems unusual.

Hey, to each their own. It doesn't affect you.

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2 hours ago

KOCO 5 News

Meteorologist Damon Lane
Spring is now 60 days away!!! Let's bring it in early.


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Everyone turn on your heaters and leave your front door open to make it warm outside

i want it to snow.

No, let’s not bring it in early. ☹️


2 hours ago


Things you should know about singer (& rumored Millie Bobby Brown boyfriend) Jacob Sartorius. #BillboardNews ...


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Both of them should play with micky mouse at this age ....

Nothing. "You" should know nothing. The girl is 13 where the hell is the line? Paraphrasing Tom Hanks in The Post - it's not news, it's just a 13 year old girl.

Schatzmann Bueno pq eu não consigo entender oq ela fala com esse sotaque do caralho? É um excesso de R que não dá pra aguentar.

She can do way way better

I thought only people who could sing were called singers

Hell no.

She is 100 times and more beautiful than him

Singer ? 🤣

They almost look alike



Laila Adarkar no just no

Bobby potek!

Yuura Yu

Parish Boggs

Mariana Marquez

Bernadette Flannery

Mitchell Siu Anson Jung

Tere Flores

Its a tough call but honestly I would have to say she is to young for him even though in ten years it wouldnt make a difference. Though its legal now in about 2 years he could be locked up for statutory rape so yeah I hope this kids parents told him to stay friends and keep it in his pants. Neither one them should be having sex especially her but I guess I should stop here because I was only 14 when I lost my virginity.

ugly degenerates, the human era is over, someone needs to replace us.

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2 hours ago

KOCO 5 News

This is terrifying. ...


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Omg god was in control!

Crazy, why is he or she driving so fast??

look how FAST everyone is driving what the heck

People in Michigan drive that fast all the time.

Driver: "hey you towin' that car? take mine too!"

Driving on ice YOU HAVE NO CONTROL!! Why???

All these people driving by waaaayyyy tooo fast!

SLOW AND STEADY wins the race so to speak In this case Better SAFE THEN SORRY

Wow. You can breath now.


Wow. Terrifying

no video

😮 Markus Anderson

Jack Tran

Brandon Montgomery

Le Williams

Tori Nichol Quinby

Jacob Christensen

Daniel Osagie

Aaron Pierce

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3 hours ago


Experts have noted that Suffolk County has had greater “out-migration” of its population to other parts of the nation than Nassau, which may benefit from its proximity to NYC as some city residents move to the suburbs. For more: ...


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taxes in mastic are way to high that's why I'm out of here

Lindenhurst has lost 141 people cause there is nothing here a lot of store have gone out and Texas are high so they move out of state or out of the village

So with the exception of one town in Suffolk they were all areas down by the water. How many houses are still vacant from Sandy down by the water?

Serge Premo

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