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Commentary: A "sh*thole" swallows the GOP

Commentary: A "sh*thole" swallows the GOP


The question for conservatives and Republicans: How to respond? It can be a tough call, because the "standard deviation," if you will, on Donald Trump is so wide.

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19 minutes ago

Yahoo News

These kids fighting cancer received an unexpected, adorable friend. (via In The Know) ...


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O goodness my beautiful granddaughter needs one she's fighting acute myeloid leukemia and she's 14 months old

No child should ever suffer from cancer...donate to St Judes children's hospital...100% of your donation goes to treatment for children. Nice job Aflac

Good job Aflac these children deserve all the love they can get

May God bless you

Ricardo Renderos

20 minutes ago

KRON 4 News

TRAGIC: A grief-stricken father breaks his silence after losing his young daughter in a deadly crash.

TONIGHT at 8 on KRON 4 News, his other daughter is clinging to life.



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Goddamn you reporters have no shame, just to get views going up in his face asking him questions. Let the man grieve in peace.

My deepest and most sincere condolences, may your precious and beautiful daughter Rest In Peace in The Lords loving care, this is so heartbreaking, I will keep you all in my prayers, ❤️🙏❤️

No words can take this family's pain away. Such a sad and tragic thing to happen. My condolences and prayers are with you.

I can't even imagine what this father is going through being a mom of young girls, this is just unfathomable, my prayers for this family no one should ever go through this 😔🙏🏻

My heart goes out to him and his family how tragic

So sorry your family has lost this Angel.

as you can see bad people who are able to go to this extreme pray for the family 😭

Praying for the family in this difficult time. Just devastating!

He broke his silence because you nag nag nag!

Heart breaking. 😭

I am so sorry for your loss

Praying for this family


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48 minutes ago

Yahoo News

A young couple's unconventional marriage has weirded out Yahoo Newsroom commenters:


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Oh I am sure there are LOTS of sexless marriages out there. Whatever floats their boat. As long as all involved are consenting adults, who cares?

And here conservatives/Trumpeters think same sex marriage is "destroying the institution of marriage."

It's about benefits, people.

I am curious as to why... I do think the comment about it being a business relationship and legal status thing is probably accurate. Is it fraud? Not sure but hey if it works for them.... 😂 Good for them!

This is a mockery of marriage. I'm cool with the sexless part but that's not what this is. It's just not sex with you betrothed. Go away.

Doesn't take much to weird out Yoohoo.

I'm sure one of them probably needs health insurance

Guess “Forsaking all others” isn’t part of the vows?

Maybe that the kind of relationship President Trump and Melania have

Since when has marriage been about sex or love? People for the last few decades have been marrying purely to get "citizen" status, healthcare benefits, tax relief, and other bonuses forever. Now that someone VERY distantly connected to the Trumps is dodging the laws about marriage, the Left suddenly has a problem with taking advantage of the loopholes? #Hypocrites

Friends with benefits. They married each other because of the companionship and benefits. Sexless marriage... Yup many couples are in sexless marriage at one point of their lives. So I'm not suprised by this concept. Lol

Since when is YAHOO weirded out about anything?

Nothing new for anyone who's served in the military. It happens all the time.

What happens when they have a kid with some other person. What's that going to teach that child....abnormal, weird, unfaithful behavior. Wonder why youth are messed up? People like this.

Y'all taking friendzoning to a whole new level now. Better not see any anti same sex marriage advocates piping up to defend this one.

It's not really a marriage now is it, marriage is a union of two people, they are not united, stupidity is what it is though. Congratulations.

That is NOT a it what you is NOT a marriage.

So basically they wanted attention and did this to get their 15 minutes. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Well marriage is pointless and only used as a tax break for atheists with a brain anyways. Granted it might be to show your love for someone but in all seriousness that peace of paper means nothing other then a legal status so to say. Marriage can consist of multiple spouses even.

Not hurting me or anybody else so if it works for them then more power to them

Well the wedding ring goes on first, followed by the engagement ring. But that's academic here.

Well they are not bothering me. So what they do is none of my business. I worry about my life and getting myself into Heaven not worry about everyone else and what they are doing with their life. People should do the same.

People need to stop judging others who don’t live the traditional cookie cutter lifestyle. Who are they hurting? Leave them alone

I'm super curious! I understand an open marriage. And I understand a sexless marriage. But a sexless open marriage seems unusual.

The worst friend zone of all

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1 hour ago

WPBF 25 News

Mike Lyons Live on another cold night!


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Please no rain Feb 10. Daughter getting married outside ❤️❤️

After waiting 25 mins for a bus at about 7:30pm, my nose and fingertips were literally numb. The wind is killer! Not bad in the sun but when that breeze kicks.... NOT a happy camper.

Hi Mike, I am watching you from Graciosa Island, Azores, Portugal! Also chilly here tonight, but no frost! Most of my life lived in Jacksonville, now here, I enjoy watching your news!

Thomas Im in Toledo Ohio 3 weeks of brutal artic cold

We were freezing at the fair. But loved it. was amazing to be at the fair and it be chilly and not so hot.. had lots of fun

I’d love the 87° record right now!!

I definitely didn't teach water aerobics today. I doubt I'm teaching tomorrow...

Brayden good news the breeze is off the Lake now and it’s warming up finally!

Me too Brayden my job will be done next weekend so Mike I need warmer air please?? Lol!

Too cold for the fair but hope to go Sunday

How cold will it be in Vero Beach tonight? Burrr!

I came from Spain to live here for a reason!! Bring back our weather pls!

Thanks for all the info Mike!Keep it up💪🏻👍🏼

That’s good St Lucie County Fair is last of Jan and early Feb!! People will love it!

I had to use hand warmers for the second time this winter.

Brayden that’s awesome we live in Ft Pierce!!

What will it be tomorrow at around 8 am in Boca??

I have family visiting from Oswego N.Y. and they’re freezing 😂

How long will this weathet last. I am ready for some heat 😂😂

Brayden I’ll take it 45 here but rain Sunday, but better than all the snow! Lol!

Thomas yea 50° here this coming Sunday as a high very happy!

Mike chase the cold weather aeay 😄

Yay, I will leave the weather in your capable hands

Thanks for keeping us educated and informed... you are awesome 😘

Is it supposed to be colder tonight?

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2 hours ago

KRON 4 News

DREAMER DEBATE: Happening now, Congress is debating the DREAM Act and the government spending bill.

Earlier today, the House passed a temporary government-wide funding bill that would avert a government shutdown this weekend.



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Kids grow up here, they don’t know other country, this is there county

Americans first !! When we've solved our problems and our kids have good schools and our elderly are taken care of then we can help "dreamers" until then NO !!!

Everyone hating on DACA, you’re last names are extremely NOT American.

Quit spreading hate and go read the bible you will need it when judgement day comes

This is country of emigrants

All you people who oppose DACA are pure evil and have no compassion at all. Families are being torn apart! People that have been here for 30 plus year are being deported for WHAT?? Because their only crime is coming over here illegally!

they call them dreamers why don't they call them what they truly are ELEAGELS !!

Give the people who have been here for years, pay taxes, opened businesses, work, have gone through our school system, served, A PATH

You can not call yourself a law abiding citizens if you break the law no excuses. And if your heartless for that then when someone robs you don't complain.

Why havent americans been able to reach there dreams because we are busy getting dreams for people we dont even know, if countrys are so good why dont they stay there,, we do need some new american goverrnment that will defends us americans AMEN

just build the wall and send the illegal dreamers back and us stop funding them, American citizen first

I see nothing wrong with taking care of the people who have been here working hard to make America what it is I don't care what their race is

how bout people that were born here 1st .We are the dreamers .dreaming of everything illegals get for free with our tax dollars

What they need to kick out and send to another country is people who don't know how to work with each other and resolve issues peacefully

Kids grow up here should be stay here

"Come on people - GET IT TOGETHER! You can do it." 😐

What does Melania have to do with this? Lol.

Just because I'm all for being documented does not mean I have a problem with other nationalities Coming to America

Where do they come up with 80% of the people are for this ? No one polled me or anyone I know. I believe they are pulling these numbers out of their a**es... 💩

I really appreciate the the coming over a taking on opportunity that we take for granted but the give set the bar high for everyone so God bless all of the dreamers

Dreaming is a dream, are people belong we're Ancestors have been placed, we had no dreaming. The past 500 years have been a nightmares and someone else from another country decided to displace The indigenous people Throughout the Americans.

I have no problem with people of other nationalities being here but if I have to be documented by the government so do they

You are right Gaby Rodriguez Your president doesn’t pay so why should all middle class pay if the rich get away with not paying s.. t

Wait now you want the Americans the leaders of the Free World which one is it is he the leader of the Free World or are the Americans I'm confused

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