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Comey opens up about the shocking way he found out he was fired by Trump

Comey opens up about the shocking way he found out he was fired by Trump


“That’s crazy,” Comey said of finding out he was fired. “How could that be?”

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French President @EmmanuelMacron arrives at Joint Base Andrews for Washington visit

French President @EmmanuelMacron arrives at Andrews Air Force Base for his state visit with @POTUS.

A man suspected in the slayings of four people at a Waffle House restaurant remained on the run Monday, and authorities said he may be armed with one of the guns seized from him last year after he tried to enter the White House to see Donald Trump

Prince William and Kate Present New Baby after Leaving Hospital

Live mock draft: Our NFL beat writers make picks for the teams they cover

Nicaragua sliding into chaos, U.S. State Dept. warns: "Violent crime, such as sexual assault and armed robbery, is common."

Happy #WorldBookDay to all the strong women out there! 💪

Dr. Oz films dramatic video of students fleeing bus engulfed in flames (via @RyanGaydos)

Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, appear with their new baby boy outside St. Mary's Hospital in London. #RoyalBaby

Don Aaron: “The law enforcement presence is continuing significantly. We would urge citizens… to also be vigilant.”

Left behind? Cities hit hardest by extreme poverty.

Newsom highlights liberal bona fides in his first ad in the governor's race

The chief said, "it's a small town so you try to help out when you can," when an elderly man called the police for a ride to visit his wife.

Maybe switching from regular soda to diet doesn't help as much as we thought: Artificial sweeteners can still lead to obesity, study claims.

Penn State calls 'outing club' too risky, bans it from going outside

3 minutes ago

ABC7 News

ADORABLE! A new prince has just been introduced to the world, and he's a cutie! Congrats to the Royal Family! ...

5 minutes ago


Take me out to the ballgame...take me out with the crowd. But I'll skip the peanuts and crackerjacks because THESE meals at Kauffman Stadium are truly fit for a Royal.

PiKCs: Foodies - you gotta see this:

Aramark at Kauffman Stadium Rachel Santschi KMBC Kansas City Royals #RaisedRoyal #ForeverRoyal

12 minutes ago


JUST $20: That's the amount of money a thief got away with after he assaulted and robbed a great-grandfather on the street in Australia.

7 News Brisbane
Security pictures show 87-year-old Ray Browne being attacked and robbed while heading to the shops at Oxley: “They’re picking on people who can’t protect themselves.”



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I'm glad they caught the perp Put him in jail with a good job clean in the city and the roadways

26 minutes ago


Yahoo News
WATCH LIVE: Authorities provide update on Waffle House shooting incident that left 4 dead, shooter still at large


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Trump repealed the law Obama had restricting mentally unstable people from haveing guns

those sound like some killer waffles.

27 minutes ago


This giant umbrella protects you and your bike from getting wet when it rains ☂️🚲

(via In The Know)


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Aqeel Gill

Maria Alejo

Victoria Holt

Not good in my opinion. A good wind gust could blow u off the bike.

Jennifer Thomas Gulland

Wendy Nutei

Mackenzie Allen If we had these we would’ve biked more

how much this umbrella ...

28 minutes ago

ABC7 News

ANY MINUTE NOW! We're live outside of St. Mary’s Hospital in London waiting for the first glimpse of the little prince! FULL STORY: ...


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It’s hard not to notice when it pops up as breaking news. The interest I have is why is everybody so interested in the royal family? But you are right, I am not interested so I am signing out.

How does she looks so beautiful after just giving birth?!?!

Honestly I had no idea she was pregnant. I need to get out more. lol

She looks great for just having a baby

Unless the birth is via c-section moms are usually able to go home within 24 hours, where they are more likely to be comfortable and less exposed to viruses and bacteria.

FINALLY some uplifting news from all we hear

I can't believe she's wearing panty hose! That's the part I would adamantly refuse. The other stuff can be made reasonably comfortable.

I love that HE actually drove and didn't have a driver. Obviously there's a caravan of security, but still...he drove them home! That's so awesome.

Wait....she JUST HAD A BABY and she already has makeup on and is in a lovely dress and out on the steps to address the public? Poor woman. Congratulations.

Edie may not care but most people. I care because I know the happiness and joy of having three beautiful and healthy children. You apparently have no joy in your life

I feel so bad for her, having to be photographed after giving birth. All I wanted after giving birth was to sleep in my Jammie!! Welcome prince!!

This would be hard to do.........I respect them for sharing this joy. You are so uncomfortable after giving birth. Always a miracle.

The people who say "Who?" as though they have no idea what this is about are silly and aren't fooling anyone.

Having a baby can be done, without drugs, and mom can be up and around within an hour after. No drugs and lamaze is a wonderful thing.

I'm excited to know what the new Prince's name will be, but I'm not expecting to find out before Wednesday or so

Then don't watch, Edie. Your feigned disinterest doesn't fool anyone.

They have people that care for everything.

Omg they all look so beautiful and I'm amazed how beautiful she looks just having th baby. Congratulations royals

Hair, makeup, dress & heels after just having a baby. My goodness! ❤️

Shirley - as if you don't know. Why then did you click on this ?

Congratulations Kate, you were meant to have babies

Congratulations to Their Royal Highnesses :)

Remember, she had a professional makeup artist do her up. 😉

Agreed Heidi... they r just jealous... beautiful young couple qi

Awwww How Precious! God Bless the Family! Congratulations! 😍

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30 minutes ago


▶️LIVE: Nashville area authorities provide an update on the manhunt for Travis Reinking, the suspect in a Waffle House restaurant shooting that killed four people. ...


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Waffle House suspect still being sought; residents on alert

If the guns were returned to the father with the agreement of not letting his son have access to them, then the father should already be getting prosecuted. Once again, too many dropped opportunities to avoid a mass shooting.

Rose, Crazy Americans have rights. I agree he needed locked up. If he got locked up the ACLU would be all over this. His dad ìs a nut case too.

He should be Aaron Missouri if you taken a convicted felon and you have firearms you agree to keep them locked up you are responsible

I cringe whenever anybody calls a magazine a “clip” and even more so if they’re trained in firearms. Blegh

Can we have a picture of this person and the background of this man? We need to know what he did at age 5

I agree with you Debbie he should be locked up for giving them to him.

He don't work at the waffle house, he was fired from another job and he the same person who jumped the fence at the white house

Why is that guy standing right behind him? Is it a ventriloquist act? lol

This is where education and the Mental need to be worked on in this country.

Hope he's not watching the media you just told him your plan!

I sure hope that you can find him before he kills others.

I know that area by living there in five years

The father should be charged as well!!

Good lord, they are Magazines.... not Clips!

Bonnie that is true! Arrest the Father

Hope they catch him soon before he before he flips out again.

Father should be held responsible to

This world is going crazy.

Disgruntled employee perhaps?

Has he been caught

No he hasnt



TY Jenn

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42 minutes ago


Cassie Heiter says more rain headed our way! #okwx

Cassie Heiter
More rain headed our way!

51 minutes ago


FUNNY OR TOO FAR??: Former NFL kicker Jay Feely says a FB post that depicted his daughter and her date with Feely was intended as a joke. However, some people have taken issue with him posing with a gun.

What do you think?WHAT WAS YOUR REACTION TO THE PHOTO? Former NFL kicker Jay Feely says his post was intended as a joke, but some took issue with him posing with a gun. FULL STORY -

FUNNY OR TOO FAR??: Former NFL kicker Jay Feely says a FB post that depicted his daughter and her date with Feely was intended as a joke. However, some people have taken issue with him posing with a gun.

What do you think?


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I am waiting for the day when the moronic liberals fear their shadow.

It's in poor taste. If they didn't feel the need to share life's private moments with everyone, this wouldn't be an issue. #freaks

Oh please! Picture of fathers doing this have been around for ever. I even made a similar joke with my own daughter. If anything we should respect him more for being a father, being there and caring about his daughter.

This pose has been done thousands of times with shotguns.They see pistol and go crazy stupid. Same issue with AR-15's.The left wants to make big issue out of AR's because of their looks, but AR is same as every other semi auto out there, in fact smaller caliber than most rifles.

If the three in the picture didn't have a problem with it what's it matter to the rest of us?? It's none of our business.... At all.

I think it’s hilarious. The gun is pointed downward toward the ground, his finger is not on the trigger. Butt hurt anti-gun freaks keep scrolling

On my wedding day I stood there handcuffed to my husband with my dad standing on the other side of me with a shotgun in hand. Lighten up people.

Absolutely nothing wrong with it. It was a joke and he shouldn't have needed to apologize! People need to relax and quit being offended.

Nothing new! Fathers, brothers, uncles have been doing this forever! But the far radical left is going to make anything involving a gun into a bad thing! How about minding your own damn business, the people in the pic didnt have a problem with it, so why should we???😡

If his kids didn't mind then it's none of anyone's business. Stop overreacting cause some choose to be proud gun owners.

I love it. Its obviously a joke or even if it were even a slight serious well people try stupid stuff at prom so some times its needed to put in some kind of fear hurt my kid and see what happens kind of thing even tho in this case it isnt seems like they are all in on it 😂

Anything that makes the weak minded left cry is a good thing..

Should of used a double barrel shotgun

He's making fun of a scene in Bad Boys 2. If you have seen that movie, you can see the joke in it. Now, if he's pointing the gun at the kid's head, I can see how that would be going too far.

I love it!! My dad was a cop and when my boyfriend showed up for the first time he had all his "boys" over!! To talk to him! 😂😂

They better stick around a couple of years... My kids prom pics will have BOTH parents holding guns. Momma and dad to 4 girls. We don't play around.

His finger isn't even on the trigger. It's funny. Now go troll elsewhere. Christ!

I don't take issue with the gun so much as him pretending he owns his daughter or that the guy is by default intending to take advantage of her. This is not how you encourage healthy relationship building with your children. What a prick.

Funny... he shouldn’t have to apologize...our wedding photog wanted to do the shotgun pic but it’s not our style BUT I’m not offended by it either...get a life..start minding your own business

It is funny. Made to be a joke. Like that movie Bad Boys 2. Where martian Lawrence's character and will smiths joke with the boy taking his daughter out.

Clean his gun and let him know she means the world to him. To many dirtbags that mistreat women in this world and it's the fathers job to protect his family. Great job Dad!!

Do not apologize! It’s intended to be funny as well as scare him a little like all dads would. That is what’s wrong with people these days! Everyone is afraid that someone is going to get upset. So what? Get upset. Who cares? Hurt your feel bads? Oh well! Put your grown up pants on and toughin up buttercup!

did the same when my younger sister went to prom...will prob do it when my other younger sister's just for laughs, grow up

WHO CARES!!! I think its funny! Parents used to do it all the time. These days all these people are is turning into a bunch of pansies... Scared of their own shadows!!!!

Just a dad doing dad things ain’t nothing wrong with this picture that’s what made me respect ladies between being raised by my momma and hard ass daddy’s like this .

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56 minutes ago


A real HAPPY MEAL. 🐶💗

Daily Picks and Flicks


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That dog is broken.

My dog gives me the "wtf" is this" look when I give her dog food!

Live footage of me at dinner time

Holy moly. Is he hungry or what

I wouldn't want to be the housekeeper...😂

Rayanne, Sebastian, Zoe & Tina!

Mark Davies it’s Iommi.

Desirae Hinds Fowler

Julianne Nicole


Jonathan McAfee

Chris Walker



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