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Co-working: The new way to work

Co-working: The new way to work


The shared office space industry - providing community for freelancers and small business operators, as well as perks like games and tap rooms - has attracted 1.5 million customers worldwide.

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24 minutes ago


Royal watchers are awaiting the appearance of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, with her new baby boy >> ...


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Been fun guys! ❤️❤️ teacups up up Kate and William!

It’s such a Joy to see the Such a Happy Joyful Couple nothing like the was His Dad did to Diana Faking the funk ! I just love this Couple and Diana! I wish she was still alive to see Her GrandBabies 😪💔

I don't think after Harry marries a divorced Catholic woman with a child they'd let him be King anyway.

It’s really special and speaks to her and Williams Marriage how she try’s to give nods to Diana

The royals have strict rules. They probably don't like her because she's American

I wonder what colour Kate will wear? Another nod to Diana like before with the other 2??? Love Kate!

Again...with Harry being 6th in line, he requires no permission.

Yes! Amy she just had the baby at 2330 hours last night!

Lucky Harry..6th in line need no royal permission for anything!

I wish Diana was still alive to enjoy her boys successes

Seems the queen isn't too keen on the bride to be

I love Kate too. She's beautiful and so classy. Diana would be proud

I guess she has a private nurse at home.

Ugh, can't stand Camilla

Agree Regina. She's not even going to the wedding

Who looks that good right after a baby. She is stumning

She was released after 6 hours for Charlotte.

Dang, she had another baby? I don't keep up

Poor Harry, he gets kicked to the curb once more if she had a boy

I do too. Imagine what kind of grandmother she would have been

The baby has the wave down already!

There not letting her stay there one day??

Read up about Edward and Wallis Simpson

NAme announced later....2 days to announce Charlotte's name.

Wallis Simpson was that days Madonna

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