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Clueless dad gets selfie with Cardi B, but has no idea who Cardi B is

Clueless dad gets selfie with Cardi B, but has no idea who Cardi B is


Everyone, please educate your parents.

Um, sir.

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21 minutes ago

CBS News

Saving enough money to retire can be challenging. Making sure it lasts for life can be even harder. ...

24 minutes ago

NewsChannel 5 Nashville

WATCH LIVE: Metro Police giving update on search for Waffle House shooting suspect. ...


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I don’t think he left the Sommerfield area...I think he outsmarted the police and is probably somewhere watching and laughing at this news broadcast. He is not mentally ill—he is evil. Distinct difference.


Law enforcement doesn’t go live & tell all plans for the search. They say what they can to throw the runner off.

I believe that the Father needs to be held criminally responsible for giving the young man the guns back as well as those at the White House for not detaining him longer than they did which could have prevented all of this!

The father needs to be held criminally liable for giving the guns back to the kid.

If they can find Bin Laden, they can find him! Quit playing with people. The media is fake news in the words of your president.

Race card has NO place here. There was a brave young man of color that we are so thankful for today!

Fingerprints couldn't be lifted in the BMW? Would he not be on some kindof national registry after the WH episode and his other run ins with the law in IL???

Why do we need to bring race into the issue? One jerk was a killer, and the other man was a hero. Color isn't relevant in this situation or any other.

He obviously isn’t that mentally ill if he can run and stay hidden from the law

Why was he not arrested then???? This should have never happened!! Law enforcement has fair at many levels on this!

Races don’t have a dang thing to do with it

I mean how do they know he didn't break into someone's house and have them hostage they aren't going to bust down everyone's doors if nobody is home the people won't be able to talk.

Hope they can catch this man soon. We in Va. have a man who shot and murdered his ex-wife a year and a half ago and he's still on the run. Prayers going for everyone involved.

Why did dealership not have ID on him? Anywhere I’ve ever test driven a car, I had to provide them my ID and proof of insurance. If that dealership had done their job all of this might not have happened.

Metro should search every house, they will find some old person he has been holding hostage. Then he will steal their car if not already and be long gone!

He could of high jacked a car or stole another car all the roads should have been blocked with in the area this is total foolness for the police if it was a school you would have blocked all areas

Mean to tell me, he was able to put on pants and possible a gun, but not shoes, a shirt, or jacket!!

I think he had already stashed food and water , clothing, more guns and ammo in a good hiding place in case things went wrong. He may have dug out several hiding places.

So, he stole a BMW from a dealer in Brentwood, they couldn't catch him. Now, he's killed 4 people and they still can't find him. Wow.

There is a reason he targeted these folks,imo. Not saying he isn’t crazy but if he’s taken alive then we’ll know

As long as the media is out there helping him with the helicopter overviews like we saw earlier, he will continue to get away.

There’s nothing wrong with him, seems as he’s out thinking you guys. He could be sitting back watching yaw look for him

Did they have school today in the area with a armed man running loose that’s not afraid to hurt people?

Never did anything about his “known mental illness before” so why try to pull that card now? He’s not mental he’s a terrorist!!!

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31 minutes ago

NewsChannel 5 Nashville

LIVE: Sky 5 flies over area where authorities are searching for Waffle House shooting suspect. STORY: ...


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Go ask his parents

I believe he had other car,

Hey NewsChannel 5 Nashville, why don't you stop giving away Metro's search pattern? Let the guy get caught then do the report after. You're literally helping the bad guy escape capture.

My 4 kids stayed home this morning , they go to 3 different schools in Antioch . They scared. They need to catch that bad guy soon

Why are they flying over a lake? You think hes swimming?

Prayers for the men & women in Blue❣️🙏🏼💞🙏🏼

I had a dream this morning that he was in the woods behind someone’s two story house & then he got arrested. I hope he does get arrested today!

If he were black and on feet , no if he were black they would have use the time and satellites to track him on film! They have that capability you know! This look like a planned campaign for guns in Tennessee!

Shoot on site


Why we looking in the water for him? Did he go swimming? Lol

Very low flying helicopter just flew over Timberlake Village! Scared me!

Looks like little island spot he could swim to and hide.



The way it's looking he only wants to kill those of color

He's probably on that little patch.

Hope they find him SOON !!!

Is this Priest Lake?

Sacrificed planed plot to take guns!

Tf he must be a fish now huh?

Hope u find him soon

Penny, they still looking for him 😡



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50 minutes ago

CBS News

WATCH: Two children who got caught in a dangerous rip current in California needed rescuing from lifeguards. Here are tips on how to escape these dangerous waves:


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Needed rescuing from the lifeguards?

I have an above ground pool. The ladder stays out of the pool when no one is in it. I don’t allow the kids in the pool unless there is an adult with them.

It's "by", not "from", the lifeguards.

CBS News your first sentence on this post is a mistake. Please correct or look foolish.

Uhh...they where standing in the wayer 😂

Go sideways

another reason why i dont go in the ocean

1 hour ago

CBS News

Shania Twain is now scaling back comments about President Trump she made in an interview with the Guardian: "The question caught me off guard. As a Canadian, I regret answering this unexpected question without giving my response more context." ...


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Thank God she can’t vote. Like we need another moronic Trump supporter.

Liberalism's war on the Truth continues.

Being bombastic and shouting insults is not being authentic. There is no bigger habitual and compulsive liar than #BenedictDonald, Donald Trump.

Why does it matter to ANYONE how she votes??? Please explain this to me. What Shania Twain does or how she votes has no effect in my life what so ever.

She should learn what constitutes “honest”.

she the type of women that after her man beats her and cheats on her shell still take him back

Though I always liked her as an preformer, I could care less about her political views

She's made some poor decisions in life. Why would I think she'd make a good political decision?

she should be checking her "feelings" at the door.

She is not an American. Who cares what she thinks? But for her to say Trump seems honest, is laughable. He has been caught in more lies than most leaders around the globe.

Love Shania's talent but boy, what would EVER make her say she would have voted for trump if she were an American? Of course, you don't have to be smart to be a fabulous singer and entertainer....maybe that explains it. YIKES!

With all due respect, Shania just learned a American lesson. That American Republicans, and American Democrats, are the New Era Nazi Party. YOU SHALL NOT BE FREE ,TO HAVE YOUR OWN OPINIONS! ! ! She should NOT have apologized, if she respects " FREEDOM "

CBS trashing her for the truth...

Shania Twain should be honest and voice her opinion that's her right if she so chooses. Just like my right to never support her career again. It's a free country.

Why apologize for what you feel??... you meant it... Why take it back???...fear of losing your audience...yall ppl are driven by emotions... GTFOH!!!

Holy smokes she can't even vote and the liberals and the news outlets shriek by hearing her say she would vote for trump. Really... awww yes the left is so tolerant... Okay so here we go I eat meat. I love bacon.. I approve of discipline and spanking. I believe in hard work. Only free ride should be if you join the military and then get to go to college for free. If you think you deserve a handout find a tall building and identify as a bird as long as it takes to ummm well yeah... Only two sexes exist besides the rare anomaly but we don't make policy law or rules based of anomalies so get over it. We need to bring prayer back into school along with God. I dont give two cents about Hollywood for their political views. Most importantly it is a opinion that works for me doesn't have to work for you.. You don't need to shriek curse name call cry.. Throw a tantrum just agree to disagree and act like an adult.

Oops. A little too late. She’s done plenty of interviews. To use that as an excuse makes me think many in her fan base has called her out. She spoke quite confidently about her impression of #45 and approving of our Womanizer in Chief. To each their own.

Go ahead girl and stick to your statement, you haven't sold a 8 track in a long time so it's not going to hurt your career.

Bunch of bullies throwing fits over a womans opinion!

that is because Hollywood and the music industry are bullies, extreme hateful bullies.

She said what she trying to wiggle out of it...tooo late...I hope your record sells and concerts take a dive...

She should of “as a Canadian” took the “that’s a U.S. question, no comment” path.

No worries Shania Twain. He hoots and toots like a Chimpanzee or Orangutan, and it only backfires. We the understanding, know what you mean. You owe no apology to anyone.

maybe she should call Scott Baio.

Canadians can't vote in America. So why bother to answer at all?

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1 hour ago

NewsChannel 5 Nashville

LIVE: Sky5 NC5 Nashville flies over area where authorities are searching for Waffle House shooting suspect. STORY: ...


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LIVE: Sky5 NC5 Nashville flies over area where authorities are searching for Waffle House shooting suspect. STORY:

LIVE: Sky5 NC5 Nashville flies over area where authorities are searching for Waffle House shooting suspect. STORY:

His dad needs to be arrested also for giving him the guns back!

Mental issues but he is stable enough for run and hide ,he is not sick he knew what he was doing

I love how there are so many experts in criminal psychology, gun law, mental health and police tactics on here

Yall actually think hes still in this area??! A person who commits that kind of crime would probably be in another state by now. Hair buzzed off, assuming a different identity!

No. The family shouldn't be sued. The system does not always provide the needed services if you do not have a lot of money to get the proper services.

Is this really going to help as far as police searching the same area where he possibly could not be anymore

Dude is long gone no point in searching anymore just making sure the area schools and businesses are safe

I've thought, he's got to be around the lake probably hiding in someone's boat. They should be checking there

Yes the dad will be charged. The government, that allowed his guns returned to the father, after his White House incident, needs to be put in check too!

I’m sorry the father knew his son has major psych issues and the state of IL took guns releasing them to father on terms he would NOT let his son have them back in his possession yet he did anyways

I’m just so confused this the times u should shoot they still looking for him it’s been 24hrs already at the times they should shoot they dnt ...smh

Nobody in they’re right mind gonna be associated with this loser and this cowardly killing. He’s on his own. Dead or still running on his own

If they haven't done so already, they need to be going to these homes and making sure he doesn't have anyone held hostage

The city should offer some reward money. I bet someone will turn him in for the right price. This guy has help evading the police.

This is not the search for Joe Daniels y'all. They're looking for that monster that killed the people at waffle house

So what I read the father gave him the guns back is he going to be responsible also for what his deranged son did

His dad or someone could have been waiting for him thats why he took off on foot and left his truck.

I say he's long gone by now. Do you mean to tell me somebody with only a pair of pants is out in the rain all this time? They should've been tearing those woods apart till they found him, rain or not.

Rachel they had live video at staging area and all of them jumped into tactical vehicles and took off and I have heard there are reports of rapid shoots fires

He may have called a friend to meet him at a certain place then went through the woods to get to agreeded upon location. He may be long gone. Just don't know.

I heard rapid gunfire in woods behind church. The tbi and fbi took off from staging area in tactical vehicles

Mental issues may be his problem but he knows enough to hide. Praying they find him ASAP!!

He probably made a fake profile page just yo see what the media is putting out there

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2 hours ago

CBS News

Harley-Davidson's summer internship offers more than just experience -- hired students will also be given their very own motorcycle ...


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Getting desperate. Overpriced pieces of junk and will primarily be made in China soon. Get your hands on a Triumph and live vs. paying for a Harley for life. Besides, who likes getting laughed at on a Harley?

They are downsizing and closing the plant in Kansas City, Missouri within the next year

HD giving bikes away because nobody buys them?? They look great on the side of the road

The factory is moving to China

C.c. Carnes - this would have been your DREAM assignment!! All these 8 people have to do is learn to drive a mcycle and then travel all summer long. End of summer?? The bike is yours! Lucky people!!

During my undergrad, I was in HD for internship. They didn't give me anything 😫😫


Justin Sherman


M. Haroon Zafar

George Murphy

Austin Harding

James Davis

Evan DeVore

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