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Chelsea Manning files to run for Senate in Maryland

Chelsea Manning files to run for Senate in Maryland


Manning was released from a Kansas military prison last year, after serving seven years of the 35-year sentence she was given.

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15 minutes ago

FOX10 News

WATCH LIVE as President Trump greets President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan ...


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Love my President!!❤️❤️


He's trying to cover up what he said! He's like most people like he! Uselly the next work that comes out there mouth is!. I have some black friends! And today we oh yea LIKE BEN CARSON. 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤣🤣🤣

No. Can he even pronounce his name.

Good question! Answer that one Trump!

I thank God for President Trump


hey it's his money laundering friends from overseas

Nothing like hosting a dictator.

Here in Texas.

Thank you, President Trump!

Here in Maryland


Did trump ask t he lives in a shithole

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38 minutes ago

FOX10 News

WATCH LIVE as President Trump greets President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan ...


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Apparently this was delayed, so we will end the livestream and try again later. Sorry, folks.

God Bless our President! ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

Who's putting u angry imojis? Over what? Smh!!

Do ur thang Mr Pres.... from Atmore, AL

I still can’t get my head around Trump actually getting elected. It’s surreal.

Waste of time watching. Have better things to do with my time!

I grew up on 10 news !! My family stands by 10 news

Nothing, they're marines. They don't move

Fox News and trump a winning team

What are we waiting to see, what's going on?

Fox News and Trump a winning team

What's happening now

Hi from Saraland

Come on already

What's going on

Come on already🙃


What happened



Chris Fowler

Democrats shitholes😂


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1 hour ago

FOX10 News

Briefing on York County deputies, police officers shot in South Carolina. MORE INFO: ...


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Who would think this is😐

Praying for those officers who were injured

Prayers for these officers and for their families. Bless them all.

Prayers for him and his family.

Sending prayers .. God bless our law enforcement

Was the suspect captured! Praying for the officers

Will be praying for all officers and families, this is from officers family in mobile,al.

Help us Lord help us praying for the officers and the families

God bless those families and officers .

Laughing? Really?

Praying 🙏


Praying for everyone

Prays going up

What's funny???

Send prayers for all


Prayers for all

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2 hours ago

7News - WHDH Boston

WATCH LIVE: A fire is burning at a store in Boston's Codman Square. Read more: ...


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FYI: Dorchester is a neighborhood in Boston. We have Mayor Walsh as our Mayor, Boston Police and Fire responds when we call 911 and we pay property taxes to the City of Boston. Dorchester is Boston!!!!!

Isn't the store in Dorchester? & NOT Boston???

Dear Lord please be with these firefighters battling this horrific tragedy, protect them from flames and hold them in Your arms keeping them harm, In Jesus name I implore you to help Amen

Kudos for including ambient helicopter noise in the steam; tired of the "Fix the sound!!!" tantrums on the other stations' feeds...

praying for everyone's safety!!!!!!

praying no one gets hurt

It’s a building next to citizens bank and the Walgreens on Washington street in Dorchester about a block away from Dorchester district court

Lol I was just about to say waiting for comments asking were ...

God be with the Fire Fighters having to handle that blaze , and to anyone else involved .

Taxpayers are tricky especially when your only line of defense is fighting from the outside.

There's a lot of emergency happening in Boston lately....

Ahhhh it looks like they got it Guys... No Worries. The Guys down their. Amazing work.

Is that foam fighting the fire? no snow in that area?

codman square market and MOD liquors is where the fire is

Prayes for all our firefighters and hope everyone got out safely. Sad to see this..

Watching from Fl. , hope everyone stays safe .

Praying for everyone, God bless the firefighters!!

Praying for all involved.

Any word on the Uranium one indictment?

Please everyone stay safe god bless you all

Where is this fire located?

liquuer store and and convienant i believe

Put the wet stuff on the red stuff

What type of building?

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