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Carrier plant Trump pledged to save lays off another 215 workers

Carrier plant Trump pledged to save lays off another 215 workers


Despite that deal to keep the plant open, these workers' jobs are still being moved to Mexico

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"The most important thing about us is we are children of God," Oaks said on the progress of racial and gender equity in the Church.

On racial and gender equity, Nelson said "We don't think the way man thinks. God's way are not man's ways."

On progress in gender and racial equity, Nelson said "We will live to see the day when other flavors are in the mix."

40 years ago today, we made history by selecting the 1st @NASA_Astronaut class to include women, African-American & Asian-American astronauts. That diverse class of 1978 went on to achieve many firsts & build a foundation for the record breakers of today:

Happening now Inside LDS Church office building

In an interview with Xinhua, Rod Alberts, Executive Director of the North American International Auto Show, said that the NAIAS aims to be the gateway for consumers and car manufacturers around the world

"To each member of the church... I express my deep love for you -- love that has grown over decades...," Nelson said.

"Prayers and good wishes have come from near and far, for which I'm very grateful," Nelson said.

Breaking: new leadership of #lds church expected to address the media just arrived. #kutv2news

Watch: LDS Church leaders to speak after presidency announcement.

AU council condemns "uncouth words" of U.S. President Donald Trump, asking him to withdraw the statement and issue a public apology

Stanford football fans got some great news: Heisman Trophy runner-up Bryce Love will return for his senior year. via @sfchronicle

How Hetch Hetchy Valley's natural beauty was sacrificed to quench San Francisco's thirst:

Ages of New #lds leadership: Pres. Nelson, 93, Pres. Oaks, (85)...and Pres. Eyring (84) years old. #kutvnews

In 16th century, epidemic known as cocoliztli that caused bleeding and vomiting swept through large areas of Guatemala, Mexico and even reached Peru.
It wiped out 80 pct of the population, killing millions

2 minutes ago

FOX10 News

WATCH LIVE as President Trump greets President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan ...


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Here in Texas.

I thank God for President Trump

25 minutes ago

FOX10 News

WATCH LIVE as President Trump greets President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan ...


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Apparently this was delayed, so we will end the livestream and try again later. Sorry, folks.

I grew up on 10 news !! My family stands by 10 news

What are we waiting to see, what's going on?

Nothing, they're marines. They don't move

Do ur thang Mr Pres.... from Atmore, AL

What happened

Come on already

Who's putting u angry imojis? Over what? Smh!!

What's happening now

What's going on





God Bless our President! ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

Come on already🙃


Hi from Saraland

I still can’t get my head around Trump actually getting elected. It’s surreal.

Fox News and trump a winning team


Fox News and Trump a winning team

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57 minutes ago

FOX10 News

Briefing on York County deputies, police officers shot in South Carolina. MORE INFO: ...


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Who would think this is😐

Praying for those officers who were injured

Prayers for these officers and for their families. Bless them all.

Prayers for him and his family.

Sending prayers .. God bless our law enforcement

Was the suspect captured! Praying for the officers

Will be praying for all officers and families, this is from officers family in mobile,al.

Help us Lord help us praying for the officers and the families

God bless those families and officers .

Laughing? Really?

Praying 🙏


Praying for everyone

Prays going up

What's funny???

Send prayers for all


Prayers for all

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1 hour ago

FOX10 News

Meteorologist Michael White has an update on snow and ice potential. Join in! ...


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There’s no heaters on buses or the schools down here...that’s to cold....

Y'all are tripping makes me miss Colorado everybody didn't lose their minds when it got cold let alone snowed

People from up north don’t realize that down here there’s not the same equipment like salt trucks and heaters in schools to be able to handle cold temperatures and ice on roads...

Hope that I can make it back to Biloxi before it hits

Dont let the school's make the dissection... there your kids...keep them HOME...

I hope Marty Peaks closes school are she can pick up all the kids up for school

Sounds like some gumbo weather...

I had a lady make a comment that tires are made differently up guess I'll be good then I bought my tires in Colorado

Mcps care about $$$ not our kis...

We don't like this cold weather in IRVINGTON!!!!!!!!!!

Be safe out there let God take the wheel 👐👐🤗

Saraland Al lives Michael White!

Parents complaining about being to cold for school, yet I just witnessed to school aged kids walking the street at airport and hillcrest. I bet their parents also felt it was to cold for school...

It is to early to announce wether or not schools will be closed they have to wait until the last minute so they can check roads and make sure they make the right decision. If you don't feel safe then let your kids stay at home.

The new gfs American model run an nam32km show snow bring snow in sw Alabama an NW FLORIDA PANHANDLE AROUND 8,,11 PM THIS EVENING

Do y’all learn how to gesture at school? These hand positions... amazing!

Michael can you tell me when I can be warm for more than 5 days..

Stay at home and you won't have to worry about what the roads will look like

No no no no. I’m not a cold person. I’m going to die.

i hope south closes i dont want to drive in this

Call you local school board to find out people

You will be alright going to Biloxi just drive slow

Mobile County, close the schools.

Thanks for the update 😊

I Will not leave for nothing!!!

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ANIMAL ABUSE INVESTIGATION | The Animal Recovery Mission is holding a press conference to discuss allegations of deplorable conditions and factory farm animal abuse at a Lake Wales egg farm. What we know >> ...


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ANIMAL ABUSE INVESTIGATION | The Animal Recovery Mission is holding a press conference to discuss allegations of deplorable conditions and factory farm animal abuse at a Lake Wales egg farm. What we know >>

it's sad that you have to publicly shame companies to get them to do the right thing! they lie to our faces to save face! just don't buy eggs fro. Wal-Mart and Publix.

It's hard when factory farm eggs are 99¢ a dozen and free-range are $4.00! Saw an "Egg farm" on Hwy, 301 in Zephyrhills and thought "Farm? There's not even any windows, just a warehouse!"

Basically there are NO LAWS to protect ANY Animals in this state!!!! Flood our Reps to start caring and make laws to protect every animal in this state! People need to care...PERIOD!!

There is a special place in hell for those who treat animals this way! I wish for them treatment in kind. They deserve what they give.

Don't rely on the buyer to control abuse. SHUT the facility down. Permanently!

There are humane ways to eat meat .There are humane ways to slaughter them so they do not suffer . He needs to point that out instead of putting his opinion in .

This must stop!!! Animal abuse every where is horriable!!! These people must have maxium penalties!!! OldSchool!!!! An eye for an eye!!!! Stop all animal cruelty!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡

That’s why I went vegan but have slacked a little, but after this.. I’m going to be strict vegan again.

Then put a law in effect for all types of animal abuse in every state making a federal offense making the penalty so severe that they suffer like the animals

Got 16 hen's & 3 rosters that run around my yard. They eat 3 time's a day. All my friend's get all the egg's they want.

Break down the doors!!! These people are not farmers!! Where is the FDA????? Battery cages!!!! Total Darkness for lfe!!! Lock them in a battery cage for humans!!!!

That’s why these workers should never be able to serve on a murder trial. They have no respect for life. Lock em up

my mom wanted to buy a chicken for her farm and saw a sign chickens $5. They handed her a chicken in a burlap sack she got home and it was crippled! it was a laying egg chicken

I went vegetarian 7 months ago, but now, I'm thinking Vegan unless i get my eggs from someone i personally know who has chickens and treat them right.

I really hope the law enforcement follows through with what they say they're going to do to Fugees people that is straight up cruelty there is just no word for this and there is no excuse for this

Money talks. Stop eating pork,beef, chicken until the industry changes their ways. Don't just let this story fake away. Come on people,do something.

The farm's here they spray your vehicle as you go on and off the farm but, they don't spray your body. You have to wash your hands before going in the warehouse. I'm in Dade City not Lakewhales..

Wal-Mart and publix will fight them why take it out on them that's like stoning you to death cause u bought publix or Wal-Mart eggs and fed your family..... smh

I think the owners should be locked with 10 others in a similar sized cage in the dark for the rest of their lives.

I’ve been buying from a local small farm, but the chickens don’t lay as many in the winter. No more store bought eggs!!

Nice! That's awesome, the whole factory farming industry is disgusting and horrendous. I went Vegan because of it! #GoVegan

🤮🤮🤢🤢😡😡 torture these people and then put them into crates like these...shut this company down across the US...🤬🤬🤬🤬

Thank you so much for your work in exposing these horrific people and conditions.Prosecuting and jailing these inhuman people is urgent

Karen Donnelly Sharpe I didnt even know that place was still open!!Remember it at egg farm road out by Timberlane

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