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Can all the money in the world beat cancer?

Can all the money in the world beat cancer?


A couple whose child was diagnosed with a brain tumor has raised millions to fund a cure for pediatric brain cancer.

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The prince is here! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appear on the steps of St Mary's Hospital with their third child #RoyalBaby

Nashville Police: “There have been no confirmed sightings of [the suspected Waffle House shooter] so we don’t know where he is… he did steal a car last week…”

Newsom highlights liberal bona fides in his first ad in the governor's race

Family "totally devastated" by death of their three-year-old in a swimming pool

Officials in Tennessee are holding a briefing with the latest on the search for Travis Reinking, who is suspected of killing four people at a Nashville-area Waffle House over the weekend.

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Murder accused Peter Madsen 'planned to torture Kim Wall with great pleasure'

Why Bank of England is turning up the volume on Sonia

Michael Jackson's famous moonwalk shoes are going up for auction

POLICE ESCORT: California Highway Patrol closes a lane of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge to help a family of geese cross the bridge safely.

Here's what to do when your tax refund is seized for student loans

"The London Marathon is the greatest 26.2 mile race in the world, but it's a punishing one" - @SkyEnda shares his marathon experience

The Waffle House shooting suspect had his guns taken away -- twice

"The idea that this was a hack is flat-out wrong."

Cambridge researcher behind Facebook data breach speaks out to @GMA:

Former President Obama will deliver a high-profile address in July marking the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's birth

Princess Charlotte showed off her royal wave as she arrived at St. Mary's Hospital to meet her new little brother

15 minutes ago

GMA News

Pintuan ng isa sa mga bagon ng MRT, hirap buksan; ilang pasahero, na-stuck sa loob | Narito ang ulat sa Saksi.

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Last time, nakabukas yung pinto habang umaandar yung tren. Ngayon naman ayaw mabuksan. Baka isisi na naman sa commuters 'yan? Tsk

Marjorie Bato Salayog Sy Jay, kaya pala antagal dumating sa Cubao 🙂👌

Thank you Grace Poe sa kabobohan mo.

Made in China

kinanginang balita yan...wala ng bago jan. hahahah

haha the best

1 hour ago

GMA News

Pagkabahala ng U.S. State Dep't sa anila'y mga EJK sa Pilipinas, kinuwestiyon ng Malacañang | Narito ang report sa 24 Oras.

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Epekto ng paglalayag ng mga oposisyon sa ibat ibang bansa gamit ang pera ng taong bayan lalo na si fvp robredo the imbento queen.. Hahaha nagawa nyo na Kay Marcos yan. Malabo pa sa sabaw ng pusit magawa nyo yan ulet Kay PDU30..!!!!!!

Puro kayo pagkabahal! Di ninyo gawin kung ano gusto ninyong gawin! Bakit? Takot kayo magka gera??? Kung ang pinas nga hindi kayo pinakikielaman pero kayo kung makielam wagas!

Dati yon roki dahil sabi niyan 6month tapos ang gera kontra droga ngayon halos magdadalwang taon na ang dami parin droga galing china kaya paanong hindi aalma kahit sino tama na ang pagtatanggol mo sa amo buang

eh d ba nabahala ang US dun sa mga napapatay ng civilian na black madalas sa mga road rage pa mga pulis din ang nasasangkot

Ang hindi niyo maintindihan na ang sinabi ng president at ang polisiya ng bansa ay hindi iisang bagay. Hindi dahil sabi ni Trump ay dapat sundin ng buong gobyerno. Hindi pa diktaturya ang America gaya dito sa Pilipinas.

Baka gusto muna nilang mabahala sa almost every week na mass shooting sa bansa nila lol inuuna pa bakuran ng kapitbahay eh


Stop ejk then. It is that simple!

IYON talaga ang plinanong , Pakay ng paglalayag ng oposisyon , sa pangunguna ng , fake vp !!.. Under the guise of suppose .. study ?.. sponsored daw ng German foundation ?..ang totoong Pakay , ay para ilahad sa ICC , ang fake news ...just to oust PRRD !..with the ongoing recount ...double time ang LP install the fake vp ...whose flawed thinking gets more flawed , as the LP gets more desperate too !!..

Basta hindi paborable, kahit katotohanan, kuwestyunin.

Which is - "the MOUTH of a politician"

Ma bahala kayo sa sarili nyong bansa

clack bautista

mabahala kayo sa Israhell mga kwanggol

Langhiya mabahala kau sa bansa ninyo makialam pa kau dto

Di sila nabahala sa Syria?

Trump is one person. Duterte is another. If Duterte likes the idea of killing off the problem, not all Filipinos agree.

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4 hours ago

ABC News

Did Australia’s High Commissioner to the UK, Alexander Downer, meet with former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos at a London wine bar in 2016? ...


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Alexander downer is a great person😁

And Christopher ( someone hacked my account ) Pyne, meeting with old Cambridge Analytica..organising rigging of the Australian elections aka S.A and TAS giving them power needed to introduce policy. Liberal party line; nothing to see here

LNP are Fraudsters

Classic Alexander. 300 words to not actually say "yes"

Heh heh heh. You know what? As much as I can't stand his smug face and his prissy accent... He's right.

So I take that as a Yes?

This is a very interesting story Two people met at a bar And had drinks It has to be a conspiracy

Well done Alexander. Between you speaking up, and the Steele dossier, and Flynn, gates, and Cohen flipping, you'll help bring down a presidency built on a lie.

Reading between the lines, yes we talked but I’m not saying we talked, because I have the dirt but I don’t want to make it public.

He's got a diary. If Trump is ever impeached. I'm sure the Americians will recieve copies of the relevant pages. It will be interesting to see how the Democrats go at the next mid term elections. If they manage to take control of the Senate. Trump will be in serious trouble.

An ex winner of a popularity contest holding a high paying position, no credentials, no qualifications, just appointed by someone that owed him a favour.

"Dont wish to be dragged in more than we have to"....The Downer statement...Was he not the rumour monger from a Wine Bar hello with one of Trumps buddies,whom flipped on the Farcical Fake Potus45???...Downer due back in Ozland shortly is he???...The Powers at the Lib headquarters need to banish this joke of a Politician to the Southern Pole..& ban him from opening his mouth...Poor Malcolm, how the hell did he inherit these cancerous types,that form the Liberal Party...What hope has he got????

Cant believe this guy played both of the Thompson twins in the latest tin tin movie

Sorry but I think you have him confused with. .Alexander The Great. ..

Another bludger of the taxpayers $$$.

The things that batter!Remember?What a peanut!

Man up Alexander. Admit you did a great, great service to America, Australia and the rest of the world. Except for Russia.

Is this a rhetorical question? You finally post some "news" (or at least more so "news" than tom ballard posts) and its still patrionising. He has a valid point too. It just makes the person that decided to post this as "news" also look a bit silly. Do you even ABC News?

Should never have gone to air, what a joke

don't know, don't care........

In other words yes you did just say it instead of veering around the question.

Jesus he likes to beat around the bush.

He didn't say no ....would have if it was no

This man-child is still around?

Shut up you daft, old, kook

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4 hours ago

ABC News

Q&A Extra: Call us on 1300 486 751 to continue the #qanda conversation with Tracey Holmes and Christine Forster. ...


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Class exists in Australia, that we do not see it reflects more on us than anything else. Travelling around shows this, and the more you travel, the more you see.

“If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire.” - George Monbiot

Public owns the ABC! This notion that the government owns the ABC is unfortunately an impression easily formed over the last 5 years. Lately though, one could be forgiven for thinking Murdoch runs it!

WE need to build a massive amount of public housing of high quality. that the vast majority would be more than happy to spend their lives in, rather than being a shunned safty net.

Tony Abbott was the worst prime minister of Australia

Yeh more homeless people because of liberal party Malcolm Turnbull the American way liberal policy very bad for Australia we need labor back to save Australia again. Bill shorten has my vote in the next election 👍🇦🇺

Australian people if you want to save homeless people and middle class people vote labor in the next election. Because liberals will never help because liberal only helps millionaires.

wow - I never realised how much Christine looks like her brother. The common mannerisms are really disconcerting.

It's easy to forget about the poor when you're safe and cosy in your multi-million dollar home and drinking champaign, hey?

Great to see some discussion of the housing affordability crisis tonight - the real class divide in 2018 Australia

Media companies should only be owned by a tiny group of rich, old men. They truly know what is best for all of us.

That cheating has been fosatered by our governments. It's the same with things like wage-theft all over thew place. Business people are encouraged to rob us.

Equality before the law is just one type of equality, and it's economic inequality that's rampant within Australia due to free-market mumbo-jumbo.

Irrational right-wing is the problem. You need facts, chaps, and you don't get them from conservatives like Murdoch and his cronies.

Speaking of wage rises as suggested by the unions, the issue was failed on the panel of Q&A by not mentioning the huge taxes small businesses must pay even before paying employees.

It used to be Christine, but thanks to your brother, Howard and Turnbull, the gap is getting wider. If your brother had his way we'd be the ruling class and the serfs.

Social inequality begins at birth, and continues throughout life. Sociio-economic class is destiny, with few exceptions. That is what the class system is about.

Sabrina, your comments are supported by results of the The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE Study).

Steven Haigh, I would very surprised if you could find a public list of IPA funding sources. They are a cancer on fair society.

The affluent and educated giving their personal opinions about how to solve the issues of class distinctions! Typical!

wasn't it your brother that wanted to charge everyone - including the poor - $7 per person to see their GP. Is that egalitarian ?

I was trying rally a group of feminists to join me but as soon as I said can the man in charge please stand up they got all quiet

We need to dig deeper to dispel our mindset of poverty, innovation and entrepreneurial ideas overcome these obstacles

Labor at least got their request for Royal Commission into abuses tabled in a different act passed but at least they had the balls 🎱

The rich make the rules and govern the country that's why it never gets properly fixed. It's called corruption.

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