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Booster from Chinese rocket crashes to Earth near a small town

Booster from Chinese rocket crashes to Earth near a small town


A booster from a Chinese rocket appears to have crash-landed and exploded after a satellite launch on Friday.

Luckily, it appears no one was hurt.

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4 minutes ago

KHOU 11 News

KHOU’s Blake Mathews is here to take your questions about today’s winter weather. Where are you logged in from? Post your questions below. ...


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Baytown has ice and rain


Anything on Wharton county?


What is going on with the airports

Should we be concerned about iced over roads tomorrow morning? I drive on the beltway to 529, coming from Sugar Land.

Is houston goin to see snow

Good morning from Brookshire

Sleet in Richmond Texas

Downtown rain and sleet be safe everyone

It's icing outside

I like the idea of calling 311 when we see ice - did we do that for high water during Harvey?

Pearland ?

Windchill 16

Hi Blake... Still Ice pellets in Montgomery near April Sound.

Sleet in Field Store

Good morning Kathy Eads

Geo storm?

How is 610 and 59

Ice in Pasadena


Lots of "white" ice here in Tomball.

I have snow! 45 n Rankin

Are they closing anything on veterans memorial

Ice in Katy

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15 minutes ago

KSNV News 3, Las Vegas

LIVE: Hearing regarding the unsealing of docs related to investigation of #StephenPaddock and the #1October shooting


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What court is it


Tap the screen

Thank you channel 3

Interested in Portland Oregon..

Good morning

Good morning from Hawai'i

19 minutes ago

WESH 2 News

Brand new data on who could see snow in Florida tonight into tomorrow-

Eric Burris - Meteorologist says that it will all stay well north of us, but our temps are about to plunge back go freezing for many areas. Ready?

Eric Burris - Meteorologist
*Updated Data* - New model run of FutureCast showing snow and other winter precipitation AGAIN tonight into tomorrow morning for North Florida- but the front loosing all moisture by the time it gets here.

Time out the whole thing here- and be ready for the BIG CHILL coming tomorrow night into Thursday morning!


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Marilyn McGrath I told you more snow in Florida

Jessica Morey I'm sorry. Batten down

Sarah Aliciamarie

Kathy Hoffkins Jernigan

21 minutes ago

KHOU 11 News

LIVE: Scanning Houston's freeways for ice (raw video, no audio)



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Stay home



Be safe Houston :(


Oh sheesh wow!

Gloria De la Cruz

Jessica Robles

Go home people

Do not like this weather

Sporadic internet and cable in Willis

Icy with sleet in Baytown. ❄️

Loving this weather!!!!!!!!!!!!💯💯💯💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

How are the roads to katy texas?

It's so sad that some individuals had to get out in this horrible weather.

72 degrees tomorrow😎🤦🏾‍♀️😅

Be safe out there

99 in katy shut down at Cinco and at 1093

I’m at work but t wondering how bad is it gonna be on my way home

How are the road towards Baytown I 10

Thanks to Khou for all the updates

Borasy Np I know you will take freeway to get home, be careful my friend

drive safe!

Bee Hitt'hard

Drive safe no drive and text Please

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26 minutes ago

KSNV News 3, Las Vegas

Jeff Maher
CVS is no longer going to use heavily edited photos of models they use. Do you think other businesses and advertisers should do the same?

38 minutes ago

KHOU 11 News

Heavy sleet getting ready to push into Waller, Grimes, Montgomery and western Harris County. Significant icing expected on top of what has already fallen. - Blake Mathews KHOU

YOUR PICS: [email protected]

Heavy sleet getting ready to push into Waller, Grimes, Montgomery and western Harris County. Significant icing expected on top of what has already fallen. - Blake Mathews KHOU



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I want to watch Young and the Restless! Its cold and icing over. How many ways to say it. Grrrrr yes, I'm selfish!

What does this mean for inbound flights to Houston?

It's already here in the Spring/Conroe area.. it's pelting my windows

Heavy sleet here in Lissie.

Looks like you all are getting the freezing rain and sleet that Portland, Oregon would usually be getting this time of year! Stay safe and stay home.

2920 is super slippery!!! ⚠️

Not Spring like in Spring


Montgomery tx

yup sleet starting here near Perry and Mills. yucky

Snowing/sleet in Tomball.

Goodrich Texas


Cut n shoot

Sleet in Richmond TX

Also in Missouri City

Sleet in Hockley Tx

Muniz Lizzie friend leave before 12


sleeting here now in Benders Landing

Tracie Cains Kelly Cains

Kayla Mac

Gabriela Medina Soria

Kayla Fry

Thomas Yi

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1 hour ago

WESH 2 News

🌴 A couple encountered the helpless creature on a beach in Costa Rica, clinging to a rock after high tide. ...


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Even more amazing, standing by the whole time, was an acoustic guitar player.

Thank god, for good people.

Gidget Browderr

Cameron Reid omg

Bless You for helping him out

I'd be bringing it home.


Ewe. I just can’t with sloths. 😑

Omg Felicia Marie Strickland Paula Hendricks Green Why can’t I find a sloth??

Not all heroes wear capes

Thanks for helping!

Thank you for your kindness

Francisco Sanchez porque no lo encontramos nosotros. 🤔

Awe Jesse Robinson share withPhilip

Look Mergan Sloth

Nikki Camacho-Burrs let’s adopt him!

Cat and Caitlyn

Jeanne Mallory 😩😩😩😍

Raquel Jenkins Becky Mayernick Sue Gans Mayernick Scott Mayernick

Sandra Smart show Emma.

Marla Scott Caitlyn England-Sullivan

Chris, how I wish this would happen to us!!

Kellie Renee Marissa Nicole Norwood Joel Cannon

Kyle Joyce flash flash 100 yard dash

David FragaKiana MooreJeff EhlebrachtAnderson PiardBrieanna Skemp

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1 hour ago

KHOU 11 News

LIVE VIDEO: Watch behind-the-scenes as KHOU 11 Meteorologists track today’s weather. Download the KHOU 11 mobile app to check the latest forecast. ...


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My heat doesn't seem to be working. I turned it up and it's still cold in here

Does the ice cream.machine at McDonalds work

Remember ladies plz let the husband in he gets cold too

Can you guy cut the continuous news and let us watch tv please.

Its ice everywhere here in Groveton (Trinity County). Snow is falling harder now

Pam your use to the snow freezing weather us Texans are not we do not hardly get snow ice

Any update on for tomorrow school closing

How do the district courts downtown get away with NOT canceling court today??? The mayor and governor are telling people to stay off the road!!!

how is 1960 from 290 all the way to kuykendaul? my husband's managers made him work and won't let him leave till 730 and I'm worried about driving conditions

Cute tie but my yankee husband thinks all this coverage is ridiculous. So do I continuous coverage is not necessary. Its embarrassing!

Why does it look like Brooks is the only one working? Oh yeah- his wife works there... he's always going to look like he's working.

This is truly reminding me of Richmond, Va. Haven't seen this in 13 years. Everyone be careful out there.

Well darn, its gonna be a good month for the gas company. Heaters are a running!

Do we even have salt trucks for Houston highways?

I appreciate you weather men thanks

I was thinking the same, Pauline.

What's the probability that we will live

School closing probably will not be made til later this evening once this storm moves in and they see what freezes

When you see both meteorologist together, you know it's not good.

Snow flurries and sleet in Pearland!

Some non-essential employers are making people go in.... 😡

Will it be safe for drag races

Felica you will like Saturday it will be 70

I'm a electrician should I go into work at 1

I'm no scientist but we are *****ked

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It's #NationalNothingDay! Celebrate by, well, doing nothing. Just make sure to look busy when the boss comes by. :) ...

Its #NationalNothingDay! Celebrate by, well, doing nothing. Just make sure to look busy when the boss comes by. :)


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I've been celebrating this day my whole life!

The day in which people can realize that we are nothing in this world. Yet society makes us think that money is important. That without it we are nothing, we become nothing without money. Become homeless, lose our minds because of it. So yes, please realize that we are nothing but slaves to something that has no value. That runs our world and our lives into a living he'll because we don't have it.

Whew! It's about time we got a break from one holiday after another.

Michelle Kasileta

April Campbell Moe Robinson Ashley Nardone

1 hour ago

KHOU 11 News

WATCH LIVE: County, city officials discuss wintry weather & hazardous roads. Freezing conditions will stick around until Wednesday afternoon!

YOUR PICS: [email protected]


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County, city officials discuss wintry weather & hazardous roads.

Let me remind you folks that with 10 seconds left and 60 yards out of scoring range. The Vikings made a miraculous comeback win!

Who got that $500 or $1000 deductible ready, if not you need to stay home🤷🏾‍♀️😂

Have the roads been treated with sand and salt???

To our friends up in the northern states, we are not equipped for this down here, you can laugh at us all you want. In the summer we'll laugh at you when you complain about 90 being hot.;)

There should be fines for companies that are open when the city/counties are asking for people to stay off the roads.

Ginny a lot of the shelters and agencies that assist homeless, usually go out and try to get them to come in before this kind of weather hits. Hopefully most listened and did.

Shame on business making their workers come in today. Unless its a NEED business everyone else should be able to stay home. Business's are not going to pay your deductible if you have an accident or even worse your life.

Can someone let people know that FM2978 and Huffsmith Rd the bridge is still opened and needs to be close, cause it's causing accidents right now, a friends just posted it and I'm passing the word.

Let’s start naming employers that made their employees drive to work!

Ask employers to let employees go HOME!

Roger Kupgisch, we are not equipped for this kind of weather down here, you all up there are.

Stay off major highways, Drive service roads, The less bridges you have to cross the better of you are.

Please remind people to take their pets inside!!!!

If you forget your pet, u should be outside

Some folks have no choice but to get out. Like my husband had to go pick up people from Houston and bring them back to Beaumont.

Thank you Mayor Turner and Judge Emmitt...doing great jobs keeping us safe

Other states “ I love this snow” Texas “hold my beer”

Enough, now get off the air so I can watch The Price is Right😡

Ppl listen to the news just like when the hurricane was gonna hit so many ppl took it as a joke!! Plz stay safe and stay warm especially the elderly if ya have elderly neighbors keep an eye on them

Why haven't you done this broadcast for the hearing impaired as well?

Drinking coffee and eating donut. Stay home

my power went off earlier but only about 2 mins and came back on, I'm guessing it was wind.

i noticed some of the schools are delaying start time tomorrow...seen a few scroll across the bottom of the screen

Stay home and let the professionals do their magic!

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