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Baby porcupine is 1st of its species born at Brookfield Zoo

Baby porcupine is 1st of its species born at Brookfield Zoo


The porcupette, born July 2, weighed almost one pound, and had soft quills that hardened after a few days.

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President @realDonaldTrump on relationship with Russia: "We're two nuclear nations— 90% of the nuclear power in the world between these two nations. And we've had a phony, witch hunt deal drive us apart." #Hannity

Trump says Mueller probe has 'driven a wedge' between US and Russia, says Putin calls it a 'shame'

Trump repudiates U.S. intelligence community by according equal weight to Putin

President @realDonaldTrump on Mueller probe: "It's driven a wedge between us and Russia." #Hannity

President @realDonaldTrump on Mueller probe: "It's very sad what's happening to our country because of this." #Hannity

⚡️ Trump claims Mueller probe is driving US, Russia apart.

President @realDonaldTrump: "[Peter Strzok is] a disgrace to our country. He's a disgrace to the great @FBI." #Hannity

Perspective: World Cup and Russia warranted cynicism. Soccer fans and Russians rose over it all.

Washington has seen no measurable rain so far this July. That’s a record.

Analysis: Fox News’s Chris Wallace gives Putin the grilling Trump won’t

President @realDonaldTrump: "On Iran, [Putin] probably would have liked to keep the deal in place because that's good for Russia... but it's not good for this country and it's ultimately not good for the world." #Hannity

Brilliant, salty deposits are seen by @NASA_Dawn decorating dwarf planet Ceres like a smattering of diamonds. But how? The science behind these bright spots show they formed after a slushy brine made its way to the surface. Take a closer look:

President @realDonaldTrump: "[Putin is] a believer in Israel." #Hannity

President @realDonaldTrump on summit with Putin: "At the end of this meeting, I think we really came to a lot of good conclusions." #Hannity

Ocasio-Cortez adds Michigan to campaign schedule to help Democrat Abdul El-Sayed

10 minutes ago

FOX6 News Milwaukee

A Racine police officer has pulled in $160,000 since he was placed on *paid* leave more than two years ago -- accused of using excessive force on a high school student.

FOX6's Angélica Sanchez shows you, he faces criminal charges, and he will stand trial next month.

Choosing to use synthetic marijuana could cost you your life. The products say "not for human consumption," but officials are once again warning people to stay away from it!

FOX6's Kasey Chronis fills you in:


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So let’s just make the natural stuff legal. Problem solved 😀 Can’t overdose, it’s not addictive and the worst thing that will happen is you’ll possibly eat all of the chips in the house.

Fox 6 - seriously - are BOTH eyes of your employee opened when posting? Are your employees that STUPID that they can’t proofread? It looks like your hiring standards are very low. Third graders can do better! Please - hire someone who actually UNDERSTANDS the English language and has enough pride to CHECK their work prior to posting. Or is that too much to expect from your organization?

*officials *from You guys don't check your spelling before you post, huh. Stay off the devils lettuce at Fox6.

Let's be honest. People care more about doing what they want, and spell checking, than heeding safety warnings. I'm waiting for the day when someone says, "It's not addictive! I've been smoking it 10 times a day for 30 years and never got addicted." lol

The word “Marijuana” shouldn’t even be associated with that crap

It's not marijuana. It's smokeable potpourri for dummies. It literally says on the bag NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

Thinning out the herd!!

If only people could go into a shop and buy the real deal

Terrible spelling hahaha. Someone under the influence?

Aldo Escobar told you this was real

1 hour ago

CBC News

LIVE NOW: This is The National for Monday, July 16, 2018 — Trump and Putin, Heat Alerts, Gun Violence ...


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Good evening everyone, hope you had a great weekend! Let us know how you’re doing and where you’re watching from :) ^ml


hi ^ml :) from montreal

evening everyone, how was your weekend ^ml?

Hi from Red Lake!



Quebec city!


Arlington, Texas

Good thanks for asking Kimiwan :) Had fun watching the World Cup final! ^ml


Hello from N.B.

Good day

From Edmonton AB


Hi from st Catharines :) ^ML

Hello from California, I Can’t wait to see what CBC has to say about 45 today!

Victoria BC

I am great and watching from Ottawa.

Hello from Granville Ferry, NS

Victoria BC

Bonjour from Nova Scotia!!!

New York


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"I want to know who is this 11-year-old boy?

To now know he did it out of spite -- it's a problem. He should be in trouble. He should be in a detention center somewhere. He is old enough to know right or wrong."


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OK 1st off where did she come up with the allergic reaction bs frm that was her trynna cover her a** by saying that...and 2nd why didn't she ask whn she saw the baby face beat up,bite marks,scratches all that and you didn't call 911 but you tx mom and tell her to come get her baby! lady I wanna beat yo a**!! find out who that kid parent is and send the police her way as well as cps cause this kids has issues anger problems

This cockeyed me should've never left these kids alone. However, it is VERY scary that an 11 yr old would do something so horrible. That kid needs help fr....

I thank God my husband and I work opposite shifts. So help me GOD someone hurts my kids. Glad she's finally getting justice for her baby

I feel so bad for the baby. He didn't deserve this. The 11 year old should be held accountable for his actions and so should the daycare worker. I Can't imagine the pain and fear this baby went through.

He sure is! He needs to be punished also I don’t care! He’s old enough to know what he did was wrong and he needs to pay for what he did! That woman AND this bully boy AND his parents need to pay! SMH

This is so sad. Why would you call his mom and said he had an allergic reaction like somebody stupid. Then he got bit marks on his arm. To me they day care center need to be shut down if it is hers. She need to be fired. I would of called the police first and for most. 2 let them handle that eleven yr old child. Something tell me that the 11 yr old child the police would of had his ass. The parents would be in court as well

Hope the child gets punishment also.

She blames it on a 11 yr r we sure it wasn't her or someone else...who takes 4 to 5 min to grab a diaper bag out of a is she the only one left to supervise these 5 children....was there not a driver of the van to bring the diper bag in so she didn't have to leave the kids unattended.....

I would had to fight that Lil boy doing that to a baby he need to be charge and lock up

Match the bite mark to the guilty person.

That’s what you look like coming out of the womb face first too fast.


Yes. I said the same thing. I hope this shithole daycare isn't open right now.

SYRIA ... .. NO KA KAULAU ANA Kū mālie kākou E aloha Ua hina. Mai poina iā mākou. A ke hele nei mākou Me ko mākou ola. ʻO ka make ka ala ola. Ke kaua. Paila. Nā Kino Ke moe nei i nā kahua i hoʻopoinaʻia. Ua lukuʻia nā kūlanakauhale. Ke kalakala. I kēia lā, no ka mea No ka holomua'enekema Ua palekana mākou Mai ka pioʻana o ke ao, Akā ma ka'āina Hoʻomauʻia ka luku. Suria. ʻAʻole ia he nīnau Ke kūlana hoʻomalu. ʻAʻole mākou Ke kuleana e koho ʻO wai ka mea kūpono e ola A pehea nā ola He hewa ʻO ko mākou ola I ko mākou 'ʻoihana kiʻekiʻe.' Inā maikaʻi ko mākou kino Pono e mālamaʻia nā mea a pau. Malia paha ʻAʻole ia he mea nui. Hana ke ola. Pau ke ola. Nā Kola oʻAne E kiʻi i koʻu hale. Ke luku nei wau iā lākou me ka hoʻopaʻiʻole. ʻAʻole lākou. Hāʻule lākou i koʻu'āina. ʻO ka mō'ī wahine Hoʻopiha i ka hāʻawi. He mea nui anei? Ua lukuʻia kēlā kanaka. Hoʻola ka pūnana. Ke kuhi nei kēlā me kēia Loaʻa kouʻike? Manaʻo wauʻaʻole. Hana pahaʻo Whales A ua pepehiʻia lākou. Me ka hoʻopaʻiʻole. Mālama mākou ʻO ka hoʻomaikaʻi a me ka hōʻinoʻia o kaʻike pilikino, A no kēlā me kēia ola. Mai poina iā mākou. Akā, hoʻomanaʻo ka noʻonoʻo Keʻole mākou e hoʻoikaika E hoʻololi i ko mākou hopena. Inā he pū He mea algorithm, Inā wale kākou e hāpai i waho ʻO kēlā pane nā kauoha, A laila ka hewa Aia i loko o ka algorithm. He keiki mākou i hāʻuleʻole. Aia hiki mai ka Mesia, Inā hiki maiʻo Kristo, ʻO ka algorithm E kākau houʻia. I kēlā manawa, Suria. Mai poina iā mākou.

call cps.dont sweep this out with the trash

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5 hours ago

Sporting News

Ever wondered what it's like to prepare for the MLB Futures Game? Mets prospect Peter Alonso has you covered with a behind-the-scenes look in a Sporting News exclusive. ...

8 hours ago

Sporting News

Nationals Park will host the 34th edition of the MLB Home Run Derby on Monday. Will we see a new record? ...

Nationals Park will host the 34th edition of the MLB Home Run Derby on Monday. Will we see a new record?


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Bobby Aubue wasn’t the same after that.

I think the larger that life aspect of it is a draw against it for the players

Javy Baez is going to break all of these records

Hell no!

11 hours ago

Sporting News

After weeks of speculation, Anthony Joshua's next title defense will be against Alexander Povetkin on Sept. 22. ...

After weeks of speculation, Anthony Joshuas next title defense will be against Alexander Povetkin on Sept. 22.


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Shouldn’t he be fighting Wilder since they both have belts n Wilder 40-0 with 39 ko

Lol not a champ joshua a punk wilder got him scared

This man is scared of deontay

Pak pak pak pak PACOCK! best i can do to spell chicken noise! Wilder agreed to even fight u across the pond coward.

Wilder got this nigga shook

Haha what a bitch ass mf talking all that shit about wilder but yet he is dodging fighting him to fight bums smh pos fake ass champ

1 day ago

Sporting News

Conor McGregor calls Vladimir Putin "one of the greatest leaders of our time." (📸: Instagram) ...

Conor McGregor calls Vladimir Putin one of the greatest leaders of our time. (📸: Instagram)


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Proof positive that getting punched in the head for a living leads to brain damage.

yeahhh putin also thinks orange doofus is one of the greatest leaders of our time sooooo 😂

Breaking news: McGregor becomes a US citizen & is offered a WH cabinet position.

Conor found someone shorter than him.

Didn’t have much respect for him in the first place, now that small bit of respect is well and truly gone 👎🏻👎🏻

Seems like Connor's CTE is progressing very nicely.

Too many knocks on the head!!

Just trying to get folks to talk about him again. Not worth anyone's attention nowadays.

This is what happens when get hit in the head too many times

I new McGregor got his brains knocked around but this is one stupid statement

He has taken too many hits to the head..

McGregor you have lost it. Shots on the head are now showing the effects.

One too many kicks to the head you've taken Conor

At least McGregory proved that he z not brainwashed.

Maybe he’s been punched in the head to many times, maybe he felt sending this out was the best way to remove the “tour” of the gulag off his itinerary. I dont know which it is but it’s safe to say this shouldn’t be taken seriously by anyone.

Ass kiss. How much he pay u to hang with him. Mr tough guy parking structure gangster

What remained of my respect for McGregor is now gone!

Damn Dementia must be kicking in early. He needs to see a Neurologists

He must have been hit in the head to many times

Don't sleep on putin Ex KBG member and judo black belt..

A leader who murders opponents is “greatest leader of our time”? 🙄

I think this guy has been whacked in the Mellon one to many times .GGGEEEZZZZ

Napoleanic complexes for both of them 🤗

one or the other hit in in the head one time too many-probably both

i think hes taken to many shots to the head.

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