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Auto dealerships discriminate against people of color, new report finds

Auto dealerships discriminate against people of color, new report finds


A new report finds that car dealerships for some of the biggest car brands in the United States racially discriminate against people of color when it comes to car sales and financing. via NBC Latino

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6 minutes ago

ABC News Politics

Pres. Donald J. Trump makes remarks in the Oval Office amid continued fallout from his reported immigration remarks. ...


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No DACA amnesty

Always good to have follow up meetings with those you've laundered illegal money for...grifter.

omg here we go "its never been better" bs




Thank you, President Obama!



Here we go again . It’s pat myself on the back time again

He is especially orange today.


He is with his money laundering friend.

How embarassing.

SSOB Sickening Son Of A *itch!

That is his Russian Money Laundering and Schell Companies

He should think before he speakes.

Rachel Maddow talked all about the money laundering from this country on last nights show. Google Felix Sater and Bayrock Bank.

Is it over?!?

Did it start

He has lived a life full of corruption and collusion with many corrupt governments, he is almost gone!

Hrte I will


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7 minutes ago

Global News

The warning came days after Hawaii’s emergency management department mistakenly sent an alarm to mobile phones in the state.



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The north must be having a laugh after Hawaii and now this

Hmm... Technology is going to end mankind.

so what it was a mistake ! get over it

Everyone is on edge!

Rueben McGinty

25 minutes ago

KKTV 11 News

Pueblo firefighters are still at the scene of a fire on the 1100 block of Cedar Street. Adam Uhernik KKTV is working to get more info now, so keep checking back for updates! ...

Pueblo firefighters are still at the scene of a fire on the 1100 block of Cedar Street.  Adam Uhernik KKTV is working to get more info now, so keep checking back for updates!

41 minutes ago

Global News

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were announced Canada's flag bearers for the opening ceremonies of the Pyeongchang Olympic Games next month, becoming the first pair to share the honour.



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Everyone with the negativity please keep it to yourself,all they are doing is talking about the Olympics. Let’s give them our support. We are proud of them all let’s stand tall and snow the world that we are the number one in the world

Trudeau is not qualified to run a lemonade stand. He has no business running a great Country like Canada.

If you are that ignorant to post toxic political comments taking away from this great honor for Scott and Tessa... SHAME ON YOU

Is the Trudeau government gonna charge the 11 year old for lying to the police and the people of Canada?

Thank God for an honest President who continually opposes the lying Democrats and the fake news Media!

Why are there so many people angry?

Such great choices. This pair work so hard and represent Canada with such grace and dignity. Proud to be a Canadian. We have so much to be thankful for. Why are some of you so angry and rude. So in Canadian!

That's the first time the PM held a sentence together without umm ahhh err

Can we not just enjoy the names being revealed and stop with the political nonsense.

Best of luck to all our Canadian Athletes who will be representing us on the World's Stage!

Oh love for the athletes! This is about two hard working, dedicated athletes. Congratulations too both of you!

People show support for our team! Leave politics out of it.

This is about the olympics. Get the politics out of it

I know Canada will be very proud with all of our Canadian athletes 💖💖💖

Looking forward to watching the Olympic happy for Scott and Tessa..very deserving, you've done the sporting community proud.

This has nothing to do with politics this is about Canadian sports be proud of Olympians show our support show the world we support our people not how negative we can be

Congratulations Tessa & Scott. Perfect choice ❤️

No hating here....LOVE CANADA

I don't know why all you people are talking about Trudeau. Congrats to Virtue and Moir great choice for flag bearers!

Paying no attention to Afghan interpreters who worked shoulder by shoulder with Canadian armed forces . It is not on that their lives are in jeopardise and accomplished Canadian mission successfully.

Yay Scott and Tessa!!!!! Great choice!

This just warms my heart

Come on Global. Clean out these trolls. They have nothing to do with the article. They contribute nothing to the topic. They do nothing for society.

A time and place, curmudgeons! This is one of the good things about our country. Bringing the world together celebrating our kids' accomplishments . Let us enjoy.

turdbeau would use anyone, dead or alive, to advance his chosen central agenda. My sympathy to the innocent he cons.

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41 minutes ago

WFLA News Channel 8

SEA TURTLE RELEASE! The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is releasing 10 of the 12 critically endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtles transported to the aquarium last month. The 10 sea turtles are named after Santa and his reindeer. WATCH LIVE NOW! ...


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SEA TURTLE RELEASE! The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is releasing 10 of the 12 critically endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtles transported to the aquarium last month. The 10 sea turtles are named after Santa and his reindeer. WATCH LIVE NOW!

Instead of just covering this, why don't you post a notice so people can go see it

Another cold front coming...should have waited

There you go turtles, go,be free and live your life.

LOVE Clearwater Marine Aquarium!

Why release them now? They were cold-stunned and it will get colder in a day or two and they will be stunned again.


Going to be a cold shock for them!!! Why not wait a couple of weeks?!?🐢🐢🐢

Hi watching from Ireland 🇮🇪

Looks cold in that water

And there is a shark

Lauren Bell lol...good job

Turtles! 🖤🖤🖤

That water is still cold..

Watching from Acapulco can't download videos right now

Love the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

My prayers are with the turtles

Only girls can release turtles

Thanks for ALL you have done for them..Urbana Illinois

What beach is this

This is a beautiful thing

So happy for them,Rita,from Flat Rock Michigan

Local-would have loved to see

😍this is great 👍 thanks for sharing

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50 minutes ago

ABC News Politics

Senator Dick Durbin: "Senator Lindsey Graham spoke up...reminding the president that his family did not come to America with great skills or wealth, but they came here as most families do, looking for a chance to prove themselves and make this a better nation." ...


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Folks---Just make sure you vote in the Midterm Election (November 2018). DON’T SIT THIS ONE OUT. If you do, you're giving your Country away. It is going to take very high turnout at the polls in the midterm to shift the balance of power away from DT and the GOP. The importance of turnout cannot be overstated. And don’t forget about State elections also; they are very important. Stand on long lines if necessary; don't be deterred. GO. AND. VOTE. Priority message number 1 = TURN OUT. Pass it on!

Durbin is a known liar. As for immigrants of many decades past we live in a different world today. Time to make American interests come first and foremost. Canada, Australia and other nations have a merit based system and so should our country. Time to look out for our citizens and promote a system that will make and keep America the shining light on the hill.

His grandfather was a pimp. And entered the US illegally twice. And he was a fugitive. A army deserter .


Proud he is from my state! #45 is the worst LIER ever!!

But did they come here legally? That is the only debateable argument no matter how liberals,want to spin it. Legal vs illegal immigration.

But Mr. Durbin they did it through the right channels. They applied for citizenship and they were not given free money from the US Government as there were no Sanctuary Cities funded by the US Government. So you are flat wrong and a sore to this nation.

I guess Lindsay Graham is lying too.

My family came here for a better life also....thebdifference is my family did not come here ILLEGALY with their hand out DEMANDING the children of my ancestors support them ! I would think any moron could see this ! !

As most of our ancestors did. I question how legal trump's two wives are. We have never seen their papers, we have never seen any record of them becoming citizens. Why is that?

finally someone with a backbone...Thanks for telling us the truth...shame on you trump

Yeah I love that, This Orange Buffon need to know he’s an immigrant too so is his current wife and his 2 other baby mama and his kids. Immigrant build this country

Of course she's not going remember after pledging loyalty to Trump the wannabe dictator!

Trumpite trolls out in force. Such supporters of humanity(eye roll)

Thank you Senator Durbin. What in the world did she mean by tough language. And I don't remember! Give me a break. DO all od Trump's cabinet have memory problems? That's would be pretty scary.Maybe that all need neuropsych exams. isn

However, they worked for every dime the Trump family did but the Democrats have destroyed even immigrants to achieve the dream of economic freedom with Inculturation to US enslavement programs.

They came legally without welfare or a free meal...

And your a in human and hateful person . you need prayer


Republicans who were there will never tell anyone the truth...This is something everyone knows about Trump right from day one , ....A Racist

Durbin a loud mouth, thin skinned, politically correct instigator. He doesn't give a hoot about curtailing illegal immigration. He found an excuse to sabotage the negotiations and ran out of the room screaming like a mad man. He's a disgrace!

trump trying to take this country back to his father land germany in 1930 like a hitler

Dickey you lied, Secretary Nielsen said tough language. But not what Dickey said. He did not dispute what she said. ABC tell more of conversation not just a snippet to your liking. She hammered his "SHITHOLE" comment. Conversation was tough by all. Just a democratic setup to avoid facing the issue. Typical DUMO comments.

Democrats want the poor and uneducated as they will vote democrat.

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1 hour ago

KKTV 11 News



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Happy 65th Birthday Channel 11.

4 more years til you hit the 69 🤔🤗😇😂🤣😄🤪😂🤠

Fixed it

1 hour ago

WFLA News Channel 8

ICE, ICE BABY! Watch live drone video over a Coast Guard ice cutting ship in the Connecticut River. ...


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Live drone video over a Coast Guard ice cutting ship in the Connecticut River.

OMG THomas Vilmin Did you go to school!! It's not en Ice making boat it's an Ice breaking ,ship one that breaks the ice ... sheesh some people you gotta wonder!! sheesh!!

Global warming at work!

Certainly this is a direct result of Global Warming.

Global Warming... Yea right HAHA

Why on earth do we need a ice making boat?

That's not cutting it.

I’ve lived in that area of CT for 35 years before moving to FL. The cutters are breaking up the ice to stop the ice jams which cause flooding.

The video is excellent....Really LIVE?

I’ve seen them do this in the Hudson River in Ny it was awesome

The news should REALLY differentiate between 'Live' and 'recorded earlier'.

Hey Donna Wilson, yep, went to school. I was trying to be funny. Apparently didn’t work on you. Sheesh

Thomas Vilmin: lol. Never know, we could lose the recipe!

I would hardly call that tug a ship.

I think it needs to back up and go home!

"Ice cutting ship", Really? Try again....

it's in Tallahassee. FFS read people!

Good morning from Syracuse, In.

A coast Guard ice cutting boat

Does not appear to be underway?

thank you USA 🇺🇸 Coast Guard.

What is the is flying

Thomas Vilnius...SERIOUSLY???

That's beautiful though!

Of course they're stuck.

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