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Apple is now completely powered by clean energy

Apple is now completely powered by clean energy


Apple has made good on its promise to go green

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A man suspected in the slayings of four people at a Waffle House restaurant remained on the run Monday, and authorities said he may be armed with one of the guns seized from him last year after he tried to enter the White House to see Donald Trump

Live mock draft: Our NFL beat writers make picks for the teams they cover

Nicaragua sliding into chaos, U.S. State Dept. warns: "Violent crime, such as sexual assault and armed robbery, is common."

Happy #WorldBookDay to all the strong women out there! 💪

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge make first appearance outside hospital with new baby boy.

112 years ago today: The Chronicle covers the death and destruction following the great earthquake and fire. It was the paper's “comeback issue” after the combined Call-Chronicle-Examiner edition of April 19 in the immediate aftermath of the catastrophe.

Sandy Hook father Neil Heslin: Alex Jones has profited off the lies he told about me. He needs to face the consequences. via @NBCNewsTHINK

Left behind? Cities hit hardest by extreme poverty.

Newsom highlights liberal bona fides in his first ad in the governor's race

Here's what to do when your tax refund is seized for student loans

Southwest Airlines has canceled dozens of flights over jet engine inspections ordered after a midair explosion horrifically killed a passenger last week.

Maybe switching from regular soda to diet doesn't help as much as we thought: Artificial sweeteners can still lead to obesity, study claims.

If you’ve bought items at a store by sliding a credit card on a payment terminal, it’s likely you’ve used a machine made by San Jose’s @Verifone.

@techchronicle highlights the latest tech companies in the spotlight:

Here's a live look at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, where Duchess Kate and Prince William are expected to appear with their new baby boy later today.

India approves death penalty for rape of young children. via @NBCNewsWorld

7 minutes ago

CBS 12 News

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge show off the new Royal Baby. ...


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Happy Birthday to the newest Prince!!! Born 1 week to the day after my Birthday. Great people were born in April!!!

20 minutes ago

WTVC-TV NewsChannel 9 News

NOW: Police in Nashville provide an update on the Waffle House shooting.

WZTV FOX 17 News, Nashville
MANHUNT UPDATE: Police updating manhunt for accused Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking:

29 minutes ago

CBS 12 News

Watch Live: Nashville Police hold news conference on manhunt for Waffle House gunman.
Shots fired near scene today:


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Hope they took his dad into custody as an accomplice to murder.

So sorry for your loss sharon scott

Prayers to the families.

So sad Gun laws must change my only child was murdered senselessly a year ago his father I bet knows where he is no doubt especially when he returned the guns to him after the DC incident

Can’t understand why this guy hasn’t been caught yet and the fact he wasn’t wearing clothes someone has to be harboring him the family should be questioned just saying!

He returned the weapons to his son after he the law he would keep them away from him.

That punk needs to come out of hiding!

This guy is not mentally ill because he knows to hide after committed that vicious crime!

Seriously the community needs to help out the cops. Grab your guns and hunt him down!

I hope they got him and alive needs to face his punishment

Someone get their rifle and hunt him down.

Hope he is not holding an one hostage and dose he have a gun

The father promised to keep the weapons away from him

Vale NC I back the blue. Be safe

They should charge the dad!

Condolences to you, Sharon!

waste of money colleen

Why the dad?was he involved?

Okeechobee Florida safe

Thank you 🙏🏽

Ya where is the dad

What are we watching?

Another fail from FBI

Didn’t happen this is so sad

Did they get him

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1 hour ago

Boston 25 News

Sky25 captured video of several whales feeding off the Marshfield coast.

This and more on today's Boston 25 News Digital Brief.


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National marine fisheries would like you to think that there is no cod fish out there but we have one of the largest concentrations of cod fish in the area right now cuz right now they're feeding on stelwagon

What’s up with the music

Okay where the hell are the whales LOL

The whales 🐳 were just on for a long time

Can anyone else hear that

you have the wrong link up here. - cant see any whales just the newscast



I can

Leave them alone.




Right now Stellwagen bank is loaded with eels and cod fish

Nice whales lol not . Its tge zakem bridge

I thought I was the only one hearing music

Where are the whales


Yes It is annoying


Like wtf

This is just a briefing

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1 hour ago

CBS 12 News

She has the royal wave! Prince William brings Princess Charlotte and Prince George to the hospital to see the new Royal Baby.
Read more:


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So cute

Omg how cute.look at Charlotte ❤ Emma O'Rourke Tamara Conway Charmaine Dwyer Finnegan

OMG how absolutely precious !!

So cute

So cute

Sarah Kay Tarr-Southern - 😍

2 hours ago

Boston 25 News

(NO AUDIO) Sky25 checking out some whales off Marshfield enjoying a beautiful day. ...


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What do these people mean Audio ...Do they speak Whale?

Is this off the sea wall in Brant Rock?

They look slow and weak we gotta make our species strong again stop the polution . and drop some protein bars in that water . god bless have a good day.

This is easily the best thing Im gonna see all day.

Thats beautiful and nature's gift..hopefully bo man will ruin this for them

We have had the right whale plate since 1999!

Saw wales this morning there were thirty off Brant rock in Marshfield right wales eating eating Planten

They heard Steven Tyler lives here..wanted to say hi.. Lol

That is so beautiful.... so nice to see this rather than all the bad stuff going on

Amazingly beautiful!!!! I could watch all day.....

That's just my stepsister and her friends taking a swim lol

Just beautiful and the water sparkling with stars..amazing!

People were saying that they saw whales off Marshfield

So cool they’re beautiful creatures

They are beautiful! I could watch them all day! 🐳❤️

This is in Brant beach Marshfield ma

Saw them this morning 30 of them!!

Such amazing creatures!! This is awesome!! Thank you for sharing. Yay Spring!!

Amazing footage of the whales....

OMG love the "stars" glistening on thewater <3

Heading back North for the Summer!!

Awesome thanks for sharing smooches 💋

They need to travel further south please!

WOw, thank you so much ... this is excellent

Welcome after that long trip.

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