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Another white collar lawyer turns down Trump

Another white collar lawyer turns down Trump


Citing an unidentified conflict, another white collar lawyer has turned down the opportunity to represent President Trump, as the President struggles to add to the legal team representing him in the special counsel investigation.

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We're LIVE with cookbook author @Nigella_Lawson, @foodcentric & @abrowntable from the @SFC_FoodHome test kitchen.

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Bond set for trio accused of multiple robberies in Berkeley County #chsnews

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3 minutes ago

ABC World News Tonight with David Muir

ABC News
We're at Joint Base Andrews as French Pres. Emmanuel Macron arrives in the U.S. for the first state visit hosted by Pres. Donald J. Trump.


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Why do these people meet with such a hateful man?

LITTLE PRINCE: Prince William and Duchess Kate emerge from a London hospital with their newborn baby boy hours after his arrival; their third child, whose name has not yet been announced, becomes 5th in line to the royal throne. ...


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He's so cute.... check mom out... hair, makeup, fufu dress 4 hours after delivery... I was still goofy on drugs LOL

The Duchess of Cambridge is pretty amazing! Walking out of hospital just hours after giving birth and looking radiant! And yes I know she has help, but still her beauty just shines!

She’s a better woman than me. Presenting herself And the baby only hours after giving birth!

Yes ,she raised two fine young men, she is smiling down on them with so much pride

Diana got two gifts in her life , Her kids they are Very Good Guys.

Hours after??? That was me months after 😂😂😂. Strong lady right there!!! I had a csection, but I don’t think that would have matter for me lol!!!

I can't believe she's not even swollen, I wore flip flops home.

absolutely beautiful classy elegant Kate -- & family

Beautiful family. God Bless them all.

I wish them all good things 😀

CONGRATULATION,The Cambridge Family


She looks radiant

So sweet


Marci Tompkins Sutton awww I just love them 😍

Kerry Eason 😍😍

Margaret Bush

Sharon Smith Rowenhorst 😍😍

Desiree Davis

Natasha Lall

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30 minutes ago

KCTV5 News Kansas City

It was an amazing reunion more than a decade in the making. Tonight on KCTV5 News at 10, see how the gift one young woman received could save so many others, even when all hope seems lost. ...

42 minutes ago

ABC World News Tonight with David Muir

We're in Nashville, Tennessee as authorities give an update on the hunt for a gunman who killed four in a Waffle House yesterday. ...


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Oh please! Stop making this racial...he wasn't aiming for only ethnic people, he was shooting the place up before he even got inside to see who was there. And they have been searching for him all night and day.

Authorities should hold the father responsible for giving him back those weapons.

The father knew that his son is mentally ill , he should not give him back the gun, father should be held responsible.

I think the authorities are doing their best and working hard to find this guy

Thank god for the black man that took him dwn

Why are y’all laughing about a tragedy??😢😢😢

Maybe he shot himself? Hope he is found soon! I think the places there should close at night for safety,he could do anything, prayers to families that lost loved ones

Like I said before: some people should not have access to a gun; in other words, take away his right to own a gun! Why? Danger to himself and others!

What makes authorities think the Killer is in the woods? He has probably fled the State by now!! I pray he is apprehended Soon!

He will get caught eventually you can only run so long hopefully its sooner than later and no one else is injured or killed.

Probably carjacked someone or broke into house, then stole car ( and worse)

Please stop judging unless you have done their job! Lots of pieces to put together.

They should be charging his father for giving him the guns back

Have it on ABC Channel now! Check out channel ABC NEWS STATION ON NOW! ON TV NOW!

If it would have been a cop that got shot they’d done had him

Arrest the father!!! He violated what he was told...

Will the father be charged for giving him back the guns?

I was thinking the same, about the laughing ..😔😔

Gave the guns back to the father seriously

Christine that ur brother turn him in

I exited and clicked again, and sound came back

He watching this live Laughing

Don't mention the hero was #Black that's racist 😂 don't mention the killer is #White. That's racist. Let's all look for a man wearing a shirt and jeans and some sort of footwear. This is gonna be easy 😂

All of you hollering racism are just as you profess...racists. What ever happened to love thy neighbor and red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight.?

This Person Never should have had guns, he was unstable and obviously mentally ill.

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52 minutes ago

KCTV5 News Kansas City

Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2, were all smiles as their father Prince William brought them to see their new baby brother earlier today. Coming up on KCTV5 News at Noon, see the latest from London as the world welcomes a new royal. ...


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Why is that little weirdo always wearing shorts no matter the season?

He's not a weirdo Rodger he's a beautiful child they both are they're wonderful family and Diana would be so proud of them

She already has the princess wave down!

Congratulations to the family ❤️

She grabs my heart..


Greg Powers

ROYAL HELLO: Prince William arrives at a London hospital with Prince George and Princess Charlotte to visit Duchess Kate and their new baby brother, who arrived today at a healthy 8 lbs, 7 oz. ...


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Look at Charlotte's little wave! Adorable!

Habt Ihr Inselbewohner nichts anderes über das ihr euch freuen könnt außer diese Idioten es kommen jeden Tag tausende Kinder auf die Welt

Charlotte has certainly mastered the royal wave! They are both adorable!

Omg that wave! Those children are adorable!

merkle will tap dat :)

How cute is this? William sure did turn out well!

Her little wave back to the crowd! 😆❤️ Amy Albright

Wow, such a beautiful family!

Cute kids!

Love the little waves

How cute is she waving to the crowd lol

Charlotte is so cute!

How cute!!!

Its so peaceful over there. 💕

Charlotte has the wave down!

So so cute so beautiful 😍

So sweet!!

So beautiful



Hello new baby


Beautiful children.

Arielly Jacquelyn Beltre

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Phil Neville: ‘It was the biggest disgrace of all time, the way those Arsenal players acted.’

Fergie vs. Wenger: The Feud airs 10pm Monday 23rd April on Channel 5.


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Julie Smith

I can't understand why no Man utd players tried to shield Van Nistelrooy after that penalty miss. Clearly they were in his face.

So what was the final score

Clement Dwayne Rodrigues my hatred towards arsenal started from here. 😉

Carl Byng

Cathal Cashman Glynn McGrath Eoin McCormack this is gonna be a good watch

Stephen Robert Worthington

Nick Akathiotis Tony Higgins

Gavin Attwood

Tabish Siddiqui yeh kya tha?

James Mulleady looks good we’ll get it on now tv

Shane Lyons

Thilak Yeshwant

Keith Nolan Patrick Purcell

Gary Curran

Can't forget that match. Just can't.

Wesley Picton

Chris Kerr

Sean Scott Adam

Dek Ramsden this should be a decent watch

Daniel John Quayle

Mir Bilal Jahangir

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UPDATE: Madison has been located. Thanks to everyone for sharing!


UPDATE: Madison has been located. Thanks to everyone for sharing!



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UPDATE: Madison has been located. Thanks to everyone for sharing!

LPD is reporting that she has been found!

Found Safe I hope?

Thank god.

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