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Only 5 days until the premiere of Anderson Cooper Full Circle on Facebook Watch.

Only 5 days until the premiere of Anderson Cooper Full Circle on Facebook Watch. Which story would you want to see covered on the show? Vote in the comment section with your top story’s hashtag. • Less than half of separated families reunited before deadline: See some of the few lucky families who are back together #Border • Tears as Thai boys see parents for the first time since cave rescue #CaveRescue • Trump starts NATO summit with a bang #NATO • Embassy warns Americans in UK to keep a 'low profile' during Trump visit #TrumpVisit • Grandparents went to visit their soldier son-in-law at an Army base on July 4 and were turned over to ICE #ICE • Sarah Palin says she was duped by "evil" Sacha Baron Cohen #Palin • A burglar called the cops for help after breaking into an escape room -- and not being able to find his way out #Burglar • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wins primary she didn't campaign in #Primary • Tyler Perry is not buying you a car. It's a scam. Unless you're Tiffany Haddish #TylerPerry • Riots and tear gas in Paris after France wins World Cup semi-final #WorldCup

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About 800 homes in a mile and a half radius were put on alert that the mountain lion had been spotted, first in a driveway, and then a short time later, around the corner in the back yard of a home on Virginia Avenue.

The "Trump Baby" protest blimp is coming to America.

Trump repudiates U.S. intelligence community by according equal weight to Putin

From @usatodayopinion: Why does Trump cling to falsehoods that are so convenient to the Kremlin? Perhaps because the truth raises questions about the legitimacy of his own victory.

Perspective: World Cup and Russia warranted cynicism. Soccer fans and Russians rose over it all.

Woman describes surviving 7 days after SUV tumbles down 200-foot cliff

Washington has seen no measurable rain so far this July. That’s a record.

Analysis: Fox News’s Chris Wallace gives Putin the grilling Trump won’t

There are mixed feelings about a new San Francisco measure that allows non-citizens to vote for members of the Board of Education. What is your take?

.@NBCLeftField found out they're sleep deprived while working on their latest video.

Do you think you get enough sleep? 💤

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump return to the United States after the president's meeting with Russian President Putin in Helsinki.

Keep up the great work!!

The manufacturer says it applauds the mom for sharing her story. But the mom wants the company to do more.

Ocasio-Cortez adds Michigan to campaign schedule to help Democrat Abdul El-Sayed

Ani Bundel: Reading between the lines of the gender-swapped "Doctor Who" trailer - @NBCNewsTHINK

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