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Analysis: Trump's divisive language lands blow, Washington parries with policy

Analysis: Trump's divisive language lands blow, Washington parries with policy


But even amid talk of racial dog whistles and worse, recent events reveal a coping mechanism that Washington has begun to employ—maneuvering around the president’s words and tweets at key times.

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9 minutes ago

KCTV5 News Kansas City

After several women reported a disturbing pattern of vandalism and stalking, officers started an undercover investigation into a man suspected of destroying property and terrifying massage therapists.

Federal investigators say the suspect purchased handcuffs, ski masks, guns and clothing worn by security guards before his arrest. Robert J. Gross is charged with stalking and felon in possession of a firearm. Update on @KCTV5 10pm

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Deport him!!!! Oh wait 🤦🏽‍♂️ hang this thug...

15 minutes ago

KCTV5 News Kansas City

All new at 10 on KCTV5 News: Proof heroes don't have to know each other. Tune in to see what two strangers teamed up to do saving a senior in danger. ...

18 minutes ago

KCTV5 News Kansas City

LIVE: Brad Stephens previews tonight’s big stories at 10:00 on KCTV5 NEWS. ...


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One of those hero's that went into the fire to save the elderly man was my dad.. Im very proud

We need you in Joplin Mo to cover the Jayda Kyle death cover up!

You mean big liberal spins tonight on KCTV5 oh boy lawdy lawdy

You got me at "creepy and weird" lol

Marissa Dawn, tell your Dad he's wonderful

Good evening from Gladstone Missouri

Good evening from OP

When is it supposed to snow

Hello from Arkansas

Hello from Buffalo Mo

Hello Brad,



Good evening

Hello all

sounds like a funny story

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58 minutes ago

KSNV News 3, Las Vegas

A Palo Verde High School student accused of raping four of his classmates is being charged as an adult.



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"We make accommodations for students with a criminal history to ensure the safety of all students and staff." Ummmm.... that's the opposite of what happened here. He was placed in a new environment where no one was aware of his history, and he had access to every single unsuspecting girl at PVHS. I'm pretty sure the district failed every girl at that school with the decision to allow him back on a campus pending the criminal charges.

The school district failed the victims in this case and opened the door to the possibility of more students becoming his victims by allowing him to enroll into another CCSD school. And shame on his parents for not enrolling him in a homeschooling program when they knew what their son had done and could do again. 😡

Seriously!!??! CCSD isn’t obviously doing their job, isn’t enough the 80 grands that “disappeared” now is this scary situation!!!

If my daughter went to this school, I would be filing a lawsuit against metro and ccsd for putting her at risk by allowing this thing in the same school.

Why did they pawn him n off to another school..ridiculous

Good he deserves it

Savannah Jayy 😳

What a creep!!!!

Amber Ponen

Juliann Fox

Kill. Him or cut it off. David a whaley

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1 hour ago

KCTV5 News Kansas City

A chilling story from Brett Anthony

Brett Anthony
We don't have a lot of snow but we have enough snow that it kept the air around Kansas City chilled today. You can thank something called, "albedo" and a southwest wind for the natural air conditioner.

2 hours ago

The Dallas Morning News

We're LIVE again at the Potter's House in Dallas for the Red Carpet premiere of "Faith Under Fire" staring Toni Braxton. Braxton plays Antoinette Tuff who averted a tragedy in Georgia and saved hundreds of lives after convincing a deranged gunman to surrender.


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she looks beautiful!!

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