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Amazon Alexa spouts conspiracy theory when asked about chemtrails

Amazon Alexa spouts conspiracy theory when asked about chemtrails


Ask Alexa about chemtrails, and she'll tell you it's a government conspiracy. Seriously.

'For a purpose undisclosed to the general public in clandestine programs directed by government officials.'

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6 minutes ago

CBS 12 News

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge show off the new Royal Baby. ...


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Happy Birthday to the newest Prince!!! Born 1 week to the day after my Birthday. Great people were born in April!!!

20 minutes ago

WTVC-TV NewsChannel 9 News

NOW: Police in Nashville provide an update on the Waffle House shooting.

WZTV FOX 17 News, Nashville
MANHUNT UPDATE: Police updating manhunt for accused Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking:

29 minutes ago

CBS 12 News

Watch Live: Nashville Police hold news conference on manhunt for Waffle House gunman.
Shots fired near scene today:


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Hope they took his dad into custody as an accomplice to murder.

So sorry for your loss sharon scott

Prayers to the families.

So sad Gun laws must change my only child was murdered senselessly a year ago his father I bet knows where he is no doubt especially when he returned the guns to him after the DC incident

Can’t understand why this guy hasn’t been caught yet and the fact he wasn’t wearing clothes someone has to be harboring him the family should be questioned just saying!

He returned the weapons to his son after he the law he would keep them away from him.

That punk needs to come out of hiding!

This guy is not mentally ill because he knows to hide after committed that vicious crime!

Seriously the community needs to help out the cops. Grab your guns and hunt him down!

I hope they got him and alive needs to face his punishment

Someone get their rifle and hunt him down.

Hope he is not holding an one hostage and dose he have a gun

The father promised to keep the weapons away from him

Vale NC I back the blue. Be safe

They should charge the dad!

Condolences to you, Sharon!

waste of money colleen

Why the dad?was he involved?

Okeechobee Florida safe

Thank you 🙏🏽

Ya where is the dad

What are we watching?

Another fail from FBI

Didn’t happen this is so sad

Did they get him

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36 minutes ago

Hawaii News Now

#LIVE: Hanalei Elementary School is set to reopen today as flood-devastated Kauai communities continue recovery efforts.

Read more:
#HINews #HNN


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Thoughts and prayers for all that are going through this. Battle Ground WA.

That's an amazing things..all thanks to God

Glad to hear the school is able to open today. So many people helping out!

Kauai Strong, prayers for our Ohana!

Good morning Hawaii I'm in Sydney Australia☺️

Aloha from Italy!! I miss so much my good years living in Oahu.

Aloha from Port Coquitlam BC Canada our thoughts are with u all 🌸🌺

So sad I was just there in December!



Good morning from waikoloa,Big Island!

🙏🙏🙏 for our beautiful Kauai!!!

Prayfor kaui godbless you all there🌺🌺🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Good Morning Lord Bless You. Ketchikan Alaska

Prayers to All in Hawaii!!! 😞🙏🏻🙏🏻😥

Aloha from Boston. Headed there on 5/4

Aloha from Northern California!

Aloha Kakahiaka Awesome, Alabama

Thank you from Kauai

Good morning thank u lord for

God Bless ALWAYS Hawaii.

Aloha from Massillon, Ohio😎😍

God morning from kauai

Aloha from Northern CA!😍🤙🏼

God bless Kauai

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1 hour ago

CBS 12 News

She has the royal wave! Prince William brings Princess Charlotte and Prince George to the hospital to see the new Royal Baby.
Read more:


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So cute

Omg how cute.look at Charlotte ❤ Emma O'Rourke Tamara Conway Charmaine Dwyer Finnegan

OMG how absolutely precious !!

So cute

So cute

Sarah Kay Tarr-Southern - 😍

2 hours ago

Hawaii News Now

Caption this! Write your funniest caption for this picture in the comments, and we'll use the best responses on the air later this morning! ...

Caption this! Write your funniest caption for this picture in the comments, and well use the best responses on the air later this morning!


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Be careful kitty you're partially black...

Me and my 911 0perator

Hey boss whos that

Cat spilled the "beans" told you not to trust that cat,,

And here’s another great photo of my partner Joe and i before heading out on assignment

Picture purrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect!

SWAT Team goes back to its roots with newest team member.

So, which Donut shop looks good to you?

Let get to work... but first selfie! ❤😊

This is so cute!!!!

See how we look after taking our medical cannabis !

Firemen have dalmations, but we get...

Make sure you get my best side now!!!

You see....that is you cop, that is not me, he looks like me


we so pretty.

Cat: Want me to drive today, Sarge??

You're a pretty kitty!

"Who dhat?"

A little more to the left.....

What about me!!

Perrrfect shot !!


Rachael Thomas

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