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Not all paths will lead you in the right direction.

Explorers and countries really needed an easier way to the riches and treasures of the East. In fact they needed and wanted it so bad every time they'd follow a patch of water inland they were convinced they'd found it. But all their need did was blind them to the truth- there was no easier way.

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Now that's some hail.

Research suggests cannabis use could be therapeutic for opioid users and possibly decrease their opioid use, but researchers admit clinical trials still need to be done. @YardCBC

EXCLUSIVE: Riverside gun store confronts Sacha Baron Cohen after he comes to business in disguise: via

It’s @CHP pulling #pursuit driver out of car! @FOXLA

Offensive tweets from Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Josh Hader were circulated while the lefty appeared in Tuesday night's MLB All-Star Game.

EXCLUSIVE: Riverside gun store confronts Sacha Baron Cohen after he comes to business in disguise
Via @BillFOXLA

#PURSUIT: Police pull suspect out of vehicle on the freeway.


Driver of #pursuit stops! What now! We are #live @FOXLA

#PURSUIT: Pursuit vehicle has come to a stop near the Magic Mountain area.


Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was taking in the #AllStarGame from above first base.

After declining to do so six months ago, the CRTC has launched a public inquiry into "possible misleading or aggressive" sales practices used by telecom companies.

Two hour + pursuit. El Cajon to LA. Now passing Burbank. @FOXLA @lauradiazanchor

If the police pursuit continues this story will be on as soon as it’s over, trust me, you don’t want to miss it. This gun store owner was HEATED! @FOXLA

#PURSUIT: Suspect passing Dodger Stadium area, heading toward San Fernando Valley on NB 5 Fwy.


#UPDATE: Female pursuit suspect in red Nissan now in East LA area on NB 5 Fwy


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