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Not all paths will lead you in the right direction.

Explorers and countries really needed an easier way to the riches and treasures of the East. In fact they needed and wanted it so bad every time they'd follow a patch of water inland they were convinced they'd found it. But all their need did was blind them to the truth- there was no easier way.

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Happy #WorldBookDay to all the strong women out there! ๐Ÿ’ช

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Officials on whereabouts of Waffle House shooting suspect: "There have been no confirmed sightings of him, so we don't know where he is -- it is possible that he has left the area. We just don't know."

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Saving enough money to retire can be challenging. Making sure that money lasts a lifetime can be even harder. Presented by @BrighthouseFin

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Who needs an alarm clock when this lady can wake you up with kisses?

Meet Espresso!

Sheโ€™s a bit shy with new people and places, but once she warms up, sheโ€™s a bundle of joy! Espresso loves attention, exploring and playing. Sheโ€™s still a young gal (just over a year old) and has lots of energy. Sheโ€™s very loyal and enjoys being around her humans. She can be a bit of a lap dog, even though at 50 pounds, she doesnโ€™t seem to know her size.

See how you can adopt Espresso today from the Humane Rescue Alliance.

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