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Alphabet spins two moonshot projects into independent companies

Alphabet spins two moonshot projects into independent companies


Alphabet, Google's parent company, is letting two of its pet projects fly free.

Welcome to the future.

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Attempted murder suspect arrested after stand off, accused of assaulting girlfriend. #chsnews

British rescuer Vern Unsworth says he is considering legal action against Elon Musk after the US billionaire made an unfounded and disparaging claim about him

US President Donald Trump held a joint news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki after he spent about two hours in a room alone with Putin, save for a pair of interpreters.

Read the full transcript:

Hillary Clinton was exactly right about Trump being Putin's puppet | By Anushay Hossain via @CNNOpinion

President @realDonaldTrump on relationship with Russia: "We're two nuclear nations— 90% of the nuclear power in the world between these two nations. And we've had a phony, witch hunt deal drive us apart." #Hannity

Former spy chief Leon Panetta to @ChrisCuomo on Vladimir Putin's regime in Russia: “These are bad people. Bad guys. They are the enemy. They are the adversary... Their first goal is to undermine the United States.”

Maryland elected officials are sounding off about an FBI tip that a third-party company contracted for elections has ties to a Russian oligarch

Trump says Mueller probe has 'driven a wedge' between US and Russia, says Putin calls it a 'shame'

President @realDonaldTrump on Mueller probe: "It's driven a wedge between us and Russia." #Hannity

President @realDonaldTrump on Mueller probe: "It's very sad what's happening to our country because of this." #Hannity

Millions took to the streets to celebrate France's #WorldCup victory

Former spy chief Leon Panetta: "I think you're hearing the voice of America ... Whether it's Republicans or whether its Democrats, I think you're sensing the outrage at what took place. Why? Because the American people believe that America is right."

.@AndersonCooper: I keep thinking about Ronald Reagan, the importance he placed on American exceptionalism as a voice for those whose voices had been taken away.

I just wonder what people in places living under tyranny think of America, if they’ve heard the words of Pres. Trump.

⚡️ Trump claims Mueller probe is driving US, Russia apart.

President @realDonaldTrump: "[Peter Strzok is] a disgrace to our country. He's a disgrace to the great @FBI." #Hannity

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