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Air Justins? Runner with cerebral palsy inspires Nike line

Air Justins? Runner with cerebral palsy inspires Nike line


With the help of Nike, Justin Gallegos was able to run his first half marathon in running shoes geared toward people with disabilities

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Conspiracy theorists on both sides of the Russia probe probably have some facts on their side (via @latimesopinion)

Trump to address US Naval Academy graduation. | MORE:

As bullet train costs rise, only 31% of California voters want to keep paying for it

Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune websites taken down in most of Europe after new EU data protection rules come into force

Newly released police video gives a much different tale of the arrest of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams. See more -->

Live this morning on gas prices for the holiday weekend. Nationwide, the average price for a gallon of regular is at its highest level in 3 1/2 years. And the price is 58 cents higher than Memorial Day 2017.

Sara Gilbert: The spark that ignited the return of "Roseanne"

Dems alarmed when WH lawyer shows up at classified briefing. | MORE:

A source says Harvey Weinstein has been arrested and will face charges he raped one woman and forced another to perform oral sex on him. Follow live updates.

Weinstein surrenders to New York authorities in sex assault case

Terrance Williams told the media he swerved to miss someone and jumped the curb. But that was different from the story he told police shortly before his arrest.

Good morning! Today's San Diego County Forecast: #SanDiegoWX #SoSanDiego

Harvey Weinstein turns himself in to New York police

We'll keep an eye on the radar late this aft/early eve. for some thunderstorms to impact parts of NTX. Coverage isn't wide & gusty winds could be possible. Memorial Day Weekend looks to be hot with temps up near 100° by next week #fox4weather #txwx

My Friday report on Fox 4 News.

19 minutes ago

WPBF 25 News

LIVE: A little overcast at the Jupiter Inlet, but there's a silver lining for those clouds; IT'S FINALLY FRIDAY! ...


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Good morning


I’m here👋

Good morning!☀️


Top of the morning to you.



I miss living up there.

Weather looks like Deerfield Beach

Hello from Piedmont Alabama!

I wanna share my drone Thx

Home s

Home Sweet Home! 🌴🌺




Good morning

GOOD morning !!! HAVE A FUN FRIDAY 💜🎶🎵🎸💜 before the Rain 🌝


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2 hours ago

WPBF 25 News

LIVE: Harvey Weinstein expected to surrender in NYPD on sex-crime related charges. ...


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Any normal person would have been handcuffed and got a ride in a Police Car.

Bubba is waiting to love you....

And why should we be watching this live, WPBF??

Not worth my time!!

Bye Harvey...dont drop the soap

Does anyone know what he did?

Is this America? We got a long way to go before we even reach human much less great. Disappointed in what we consider freedom. I thought it was the freedom to create a better life and help make other's lives better.

He will be living in luxury in a mansion with a beautiful beach view living like a king until his master lucifer send for him.

Harvey Weinstein is going to surrender to police good luck pal

Harvey and Morgan are going to be writing a lot of checks

Probably just a slap on the wrist.

More cases in California Pending

Clinton's have nothing to do with this

This my friends is Rich Privilege! 😡

When you got money.... every waits .... 😒!!

I like that Clinton's gang lol

Why is it taking so long?

Hello from Lake Worth Florida

All cops aren’t overweight

Don Henley - Dirty Laundry

Send Clinton with him too

Arriving by Uber

What’s happening?

How rude

Amen, Stephanie

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3 hours ago

WPBF 25 News

We made it to Friday!! Time to get ready for the holiday weekend!!

We have team coverage of the tropical system that's going to dump rain on our area and more news headlines.


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Farron we love the way you do the news with style, grace, eloquence, and that smile.... You're beautiful, and to us, you are the news.....♥️

Good morning Erin, Farron, Sandra, all our wonderful visitors and South Florida have a blessed and enjoyable Friday ☺️💕

Good morning Erin,Farron and Sandra

She's not looking at her phone checking to see when her hairstylist is available.

Good morning friends so nice to see you all

You too Melissa your son might be very busy with these storms

Good morning ladies, it's Friday,,, enjoy your day

Are you going to have any coverage on the hand-athon at Big Apple in Fort Pierce

I love these two ladies! Leave Erin alone. How much attention do you need?

Good morning from serenity Coffee Shop in Okeechobee

Why does Erin even go on Facebook live, she's ALWAYS looking at her phone!!

Made to Charles how old will you be?

Mornin Mr.Robert have s safe and blessed weekend

Sandra is soooo loud she doesn't need a microphone!

Sorry to hear Whitney Burbank is leaving WPBF!!

Good Morning and happy Friday!!!

52 great age you’re in the best years of your life

Good morning Happy Friday

Keep up the great work love Jazy 😍😍😍

I block it out at my

Happy Birthday Erin and Charles

ErinMight be looking at her baby

Good morning Perfect camera

Your birthday also Charles,? Happy birthday

Good morning everyone

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