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Adele dancing to Beyoncé is too much for any mortal to handle

Adele dancing to Beyoncé is too much for any mortal to handle


When the greatest of worlds collide.

Adele is a hero of the people.

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7 minutes ago

CBS News

WATCH: Prince William and Duchess Kate make their first appearance outside Saint Mary's hospital in London with their new baby boy, born this morning. ...


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Good lord she's doing it again. Looking like a million bucks in mere hour's after giving birth and high heels too. Congratulations to the lucky couple

Wow..up and about. .now that's a woman

Congratulations! 💜💜💜💜

She is a tough cookie.




Nadia wow!

Linda James

39 minutes ago

CBS News

Saving enough money to retire can be challenging. Making sure it lasts for life can be even harder. ...

1 hour ago

CBS News

WATCH: Two children who got caught in a dangerous rip current in California needed rescuing from lifeguards. Here are tips on how to escape these dangerous waves:


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Needed rescuing from the lifeguards?

I have an above ground pool. The ladder stays out of the pool when no one is in it. I don’t allow the kids in the pool unless there is an adult with them.

Go sideways

CBS News your first sentence on this post is a mistake. Please correct or look foolish.

Uhh...they where standing in the wayer 😂

It's "by", not "from", the lifeguards.

another reason why i dont go in the ocean

1 hour ago

CBS News

Shania Twain is now scaling back comments about President Trump she made in an interview with the Guardian: "The question caught me off guard. As a Canadian, I regret answering this unexpected question without giving my response more context." ...


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Thank God she can’t vote. Like we need another moronic Trump supporter.

Liberalism's war on the Truth continues.

Being bombastic and shouting insults is not being authentic. There is no bigger habitual and compulsive liar than #BenedictDonald, Donald Trump.

Why does it matter to ANYONE how she votes??? Please explain this to me. What Shania Twain does or how she votes has no effect in my life what so ever.

She should learn what constitutes “honest”.

Though I always liked her as an preformer, I could care less about her political views

She's made some poor decisions in life. Why would I think she'd make a good political decision?

Why apologize for what you feel??... you meant it... Why take it back???...fear of losing your audience...yall ppl are driven by emotions... GTFOH!!!

Oops. A little too late. She’s done plenty of interviews. To use that as an excuse makes me think many in her fan base has called her out. She spoke quite confidently about her impression of #45 and approving of our Womanizer in Chief. To each their own.

You ever notice how when you disagree with the liberal and start calling you names you are the most hateful people in the world the Democrat Party really needs to sit back and take a look at itself

CBS trashing her for the truth...

Shania will find out "who" her fans are and her newly revised career will be no more. Wish she had not said that because she dissed her true fans

She is not an American. Who cares what she thinks? But for her to say Trump seems honest, is laughable. He has been caught in more lies than most leaders around the globe.

She shouldn’t have to defend her response. I think many people voted for the very reason she stated. Unfortunately, if you think differently you’re made to feel bad. Apparently, only certain voices should be heard.

No context needed. She said she'd vote for someone because apparently being loathsome equates honesty. That says plenty about her.

Absolutely ridiculous! There is no reason why she should apologize. This just goes to show how intolerant liberals truly are. Liberals think no one else can have an opinion, especially if it doesn’t match their mind set. How sad.

Love Shania's talent but boy, what would EVER make her say she would have voted for trump if she were an American? Of course, you don't have to be smart to be a fabulous singer and entertainer....maybe that explains it. YIKES!

With all due respect, Shania just learned a American lesson. That American Republicans, and American Democrats, are the New Era Nazi Party. YOU SHALL NOT BE FREE ,TO HAVE YOUR OWN OPINIONS! ! ! She should NOT have apologized, if she respects " FREEDOM "

That's what the left does....shames u for having different beliefs and they call conservatives fascists.....hypocritictes

Holy smokes she can't even vote and the liberals and the news outlets shriek by hearing her say she would vote for trump. Really... awww yes the left is so tolerant... Okay so here we go I eat meat. I love bacon.. I approve of discipline and spanking. I believe in hard work. Only free ride should be if you join the military and then get to go to college for free. If you think you deserve a handout find a tall building and identify as a bird as long as it takes to ummm well yeah... Only two sexes exist besides the rare anomaly but we don't make policy law or rules based of anomalies so get over it. We need to bring prayer back into school along with God. I dont give two cents about Hollywood for their political views. Most importantly it is a opinion that works for me doesn't have to work for you.. You don't need to shriek curse name call cry.. Throw a tantrum just agree to disagree and act like an adult.

She said what she trying to wiggle out of it...tooo late...I hope your record sells and concerts take a dive...

Go ahead girl and stick to your statement, you haven't sold a 8 track in a long time so it's not going to hurt your career.

Shania Twain should be honest and voice her opinion that's her right if she so chooses. Just like my right to never support her career again. It's a free country.

No worries Shania Twain. He hoots and toots like a Chimpanzee or Orangutan, and it only backfires. We the understanding, know what you mean. You owe no apology to anyone.

maybe she should call Scott Baio.

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3 hours ago


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