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Abandoned as baby in a cardboard box, man meets biological father after 31 years

Abandoned as baby in a cardboard box, man meets biological father after 31 years


“To find a relative that close, it blew my mind. I thought I landed on the moon and discovered aliens.”

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Firefighters scrambling to slow surging inferno near Yosemite. ...


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Prayers it doesnt get the park


Alexandra Morgan

1 hour ago

Hawaii News Now

New video shows the 'basketball-sized' lava bomb glowing onboard a tour boat after Monday's explosion. Nearly two dozen people were injured, including a woman who suffered a fractured femur.

#HINews #HNN


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Why would you take a boat out there with people in it why YYY

Okaaaay. Did anyone else see NOTHING? lol.

Stop the TOUR BOATS!!! Tourists they dunno. They just here to visit. We gotta do a better job educating. Its those try a capitalize off of Madame Pele. NO CAN!! Hewa!!! Hiki no ole!!!

Yaaayyy!!! No? I thought that's what everyone wanted? Get as close as possible? Push the envelope... Go ahead...

All i see is black...the video is so dark. Cant see much after the explosion.

- "how do we stop all these people from benefiting off this flow that took so much from so many people.." Pele - "hold my Kava"

It's absolutely reprehensible that there are people actually slamming the tourists who paid to go on this State's sanctioned tourist boat to view the volcanic eruptions...smh

Oh ya check out the lava! Lets go more close so I can get a good picture for my ig. No closer. CLOSER!

That was the most awesome vacation, EVER!

what you get for getting too close to her...smh next time stop trying to make money off her...

Universal studios in real life


Heartbreaking to hear those scared cries.

Not enough news out there huh

That is cool

Tom Dechand Jamie Smythe Jaime Navarro craaazzyyy!!!


Natalie Helen

Leia Kanealii

Beverly Ziesee

Joscelynn GarciaJoyce Garza

Noey Joey Jimenez

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2 hours ago


Body cam footage shows a Las Vegas police officer shooting though his own window during a high-speed chase in order to stop two murder suspects on the run. ...


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Flying bullets are so the way to go unless some innocent bystander gets in the way of them.

Wish he could have killed both of them and got an award for that.

He should be fired. Bullets don't stop just because they miss the bad guy.

Just an example of what stops a bad guy with a gun!

Show the whole video

Glad the officer is okay

Mandalay Bay owner sues Las Vegas shooting victims.



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Today I learned that upwards of 80 % of Facebook users are reactionary dummys

READ PEOPLE! Is it really that hard, exact quote "MGM Resorts International filed complaints in Nevada and California federal courts last Friday. The company does not seek compensation from survivors of the October 2017 rampage; instead, they insist MGM was not at fault for the massacre in the first place, citing a 2002 federal act" DOES NOT SEEK Compensation. Read a little its not that hard 2nd paragraph and I have to agree with Mandalay Bay.

Well, the only way this was terrorism is if you believe gun rights are a form of terrorism. Otherwise, we have no motive. So, I don't think the statute protects MGM. But it is a huge PR blunder.

Won’t be staying at Mandalay Bay! That is terrible what they are doing.

This world has gone crazy

Worst PR more. What is wrong with them? I will never say there again.

I'm not taking sides here but i'm just trying to understand some things. Mainly i'm trying to see the reasoning on why people are suing MGM Resorts for the shooting. I personally aren't seeing how they are at fault so I'd like to see if anyone else can clarify this for me? It's my belief that the shooter is at fault and that he hid all his weapons really well when he was transporting them into his room. And that no one there at the hotel knew what he was going to do. Which leads me to this latest news bit of MGM suing the victims to get the case moved to federal court. Is this fair to the victims if it really is MGM's fault? What are you guys opinion on this? I mean, I do feel bad for the victims from the shooting but is MGM partially at fault?

Why is anyone sueing anybody over this? Nobody was at fault but the shooter.

Apparently some commenters on here have #boycottedknowledge

Judging by the comments, most of you didn’t read this. 👍 you probably should do that before you comment 🤷‍♀️

I guess I don’t see how Mandalay Bay is at fault? You can bring anything you want into a hotel room...were they supposed to empty all the rooms for the event? I can’t imagine the horror these people have lived through (or died in) but what could Mandalay have done differently?

I don't see why people would sue the hotel for the personal actions of a paying guest...Sue that mans estate.. Not the hotel...People are sue crazy...What did you want them to do babysit everyone...Go sue your local Congress men or the NRA...That would make more sense...

Did anyone actually read the article, where they just want it moved to Federal courts, nothing against the victims? I think this is one big problem today, everyone is quick to react. Take the time to learn then respond.

The Resort is right though. Why is it liable. If the shooting happened on the highway, would the goverment be responsible? I just don't get it. I do not agree with the Resort suing the victims nor do I agree with the victims to sue the Resort. There should not be any money involved.

The destruction of democracy will not come from the outside but from within...Abraham Lincoln

Such an inflammatory headline, NBC!! Shame on you. There's no story here!

That is a very misleading headline. Technically true, but misleading

What make Mandalay Bay responsible?

No more deplorable than suing Mandalay Bay

Ok so they are not suing for money but to get the lawsuits filed by the victims thrown out...

In the age of sue happy folks, I'd imagine that there are a few looking to potentially cash in at MGMs expense. Would probably cite something like accusing the venue of not providing adequate safety or some crap like that.

they MGM, will pay some one off and it will be declared terroristic in nature but nothing at the time of the shooting, guess I am done with MGM.

Deplorable actions on behalf of MGM...

Shameful. Will never patronize this resorts again

There is nothing wrong with having an opinion

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2 hours ago

Hawaii News Now

Happy World Emoji Day! To celebrate, HI Now wants to see if you can solve these emoji stories.

See the answer here:

Happy World Emoji Day! To celebrate, HI Now wants to see if you can solve these emoji stories.

See the answer here:


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Soon, I fly to new York city to see the lion king show on Broadway 🤔🤷‍♀️

Something about flying a plane into broadway while the lion king is playing

Something about flying a plane into broadway while the lion king is playing

Soon, I'll fly to new York city to see the lion king on Broadway

Soon I fly to New York to see Lion King on Broadway?

Soon I fly to New York to see lion king and masquerade

Below soon eyeball passenger jet 2 New Statue of Liberty 2 eyeballs big cat crown on laugh now cry later

Why the need to put the “new” emoji when you have the Statue of Liberty?

What they said

Could be used as a universal graphic language. :-)

My two Sons loved this Play when they went to see is truly an experience of a lifetime!

Soon I fly to New York To watch lion King on Broadway.

You’re flying to New York to watch the lion king in broadway!

Soon, I fly to New York to see lion king on broadway!!

Soon, I fly to NYC to see Lion King on Broadway


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