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2018 Academy of Country Music Awards list of winners

2018 Academy of Country Music Awards list of winners


Miranda Lambert took home the first big award of the night -- song of the year for "Tin Man."

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Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, appear outside a London hospital after she gave birth to their third child

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32 seconds ago

ABC7 News

ADORABLE! A new prince has just been introduced to the world, and he's a cutie! Congrats to the Royal Family! ...

26 minutes ago

ABC7 News

ANY MINUTE NOW! We're live outside of St. Mary’s Hospital in London waiting for the first glimpse of the little prince! FULL STORY: ...


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It’s hard not to notice when it pops up as breaking news. The interest I have is why is everybody so interested in the royal family? But you are right, I am not interested so I am signing out.

How does she looks so beautiful after just giving birth?!?!

Honestly I had no idea she was pregnant. I need to get out more. lol

She looks great for just having a baby

Unless the birth is via c-section moms are usually able to go home within 24 hours, where they are more likely to be comfortable and less exposed to viruses and bacteria.

FINALLY some uplifting news from all we hear

I can't believe she's wearing panty hose! That's the part I would adamantly refuse. The other stuff can be made reasonably comfortable.

I love that HE actually drove and didn't have a driver. Obviously there's a caravan of security, but still...he drove them home! That's so awesome.

Wait....she JUST HAD A BABY and she already has makeup on and is in a lovely dress and out on the steps to address the public? Poor woman. Congratulations.

Edie may not care but most people. I care because I know the happiness and joy of having three beautiful and healthy children. You apparently have no joy in your life

I feel so bad for her, having to be photographed after giving birth. All I wanted after giving birth was to sleep in my Jammie!! Welcome prince!!

This would be hard to do.........I respect them for sharing this joy. You are so uncomfortable after giving birth. Always a miracle.

The people who say "Who?" as though they have no idea what this is about are silly and aren't fooling anyone.

I'm excited to know what the new Prince's name will be, but I'm not expecting to find out before Wednesday or so

Then don't watch, Edie. Your feigned disinterest doesn't fool anyone.

They have people that care for everything.

Omg they all look so beautiful and I'm amazed how beautiful she looks just having th baby. Congratulations royals

Hair, makeup, dress & heels after just having a baby. My goodness! ❤️

Shirley - as if you don't know. Why then did you click on this ?

Congratulations Kate, you were meant to have babies

Congratulations to Their Royal Highnesses :)

Remember, she had a professional makeup artist do her up. 😉

Agreed Heidi... they r just jealous... beautiful young couple qi

Awwww How Precious! God Bless the Family! Congratulations! 😍

Its not lik she's being mistreated. Ppl need to just relax.

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2 hours ago

NBC News World

A notice has been placed on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace following the announcement of the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's third child.


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3 hours ago

NBC News World

Dozens have been killed, and even more injured and arrested, amid protests over social security reforms in Nicaragua.


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Social Security. That's what you get when other's follow Americas lead.They saw Wall Street take control of Social Security monies here and thought they could get away with it there. Takes a special kind of deviant to pull that off boy's. LOL

Overcome evil by doing good. The Bible In America alot of food gets thrown out. It is a waste. The Bible says daily bread. Prices could be lowered by 50 percent. Let's not be greedy.

Let the Nicaraguan people solve their own problems. We have enough here with carrot top in the WH

Let those people throw stones till they achieve what they want

Party hardy you freakin' radicals! Meanwhile...our 🇺🇸 health care system sucks!

Nicaragua needs help, don't let this country becomes another Venezuela!

It's your problem...not mine.

NBC News World you got the story wrong, again.

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