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20-year-old Florida man claims $451 million Mega Millions jackpot

20-year-old Florida man claims $451 million Mega Millions jackpot


He choose to take $282 million at once.

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Poor kitty! TSA says the cat, whose name is Slim, was purposely packed into the passenger’s baggage and is doing fine since being rescued.

Simone Biles and others shouldn't have to return to the Karolyi ranch, @nrarmour writes.

Sen. Joni Ernst doesn't "appreciate" Trump's rhetoric, but doesn't believe he's a racist.

Sen. Leahy on immigration meeting: "You were in the room. You're under oath. Did President Trump use this word, or a substantially similar word to describe certain countries?"

Sec. Nielsen: "I did not hear that word used."

Five world landmarks reimagined: The Arc de Triomphe could have been a giant elephant, more dodged design follies

Live from court: Day 1 of Larry Nassar sentencing hearing.

UK police say death of Dolores O'Riordan is not suspicious

New book: If our democracy is dying, President Trump is not the only culprit via @usatoday

Facebook smiles belie accusation of tortured, starved children

Jane Fonda reveals she had cancerous growth removed from her lip

Woman convicted in fatal buttocks-injection procedure dies in prison

3.2 million more Americans were uninsured in 2017

Here’s my back-to-work/school Tuesday forecast! #coolerbutnotcold #highsurf #socalweather @foxla…

5.8 #earthquake off coast of Central America. @FOXLA

[email protected]_umm's beef with @Twitter has come to a triumphant end.

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FOX10 News

WATCH LIVE as President Trump greets President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan ...


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Here in Texas.

I thank God for President Trump

Here in Maryland


12 minutes ago

GMA News

Supply ng NFA rice, sapat na lang daw para sa tatlong araw; pero supply ng commercial rice, sapat naman. May report si Maki Pulido.

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kayung mahihirap ang sasagasaan ng Train tooottt toottt ,tabi kayu

Mahirap kayo! Mamamatay kayong mahira [email protected]#*$#%ng [email protected]$#@na nyo! #Dutete

Hehe ginusto niyo yan!

26 minutes ago

FOX10 News

WATCH LIVE as President Trump greets President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan ...


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Apparently this was delayed, so we will end the livestream and try again later. Sorry, folks.

I grew up on 10 news !! My family stands by 10 news

What are we waiting to see, what's going on?

Nothing, they're marines. They don't move

Do ur thang Mr Pres.... from Atmore, AL

Who's putting u angry imojis? Over what? Smh!!

What happened

Come on already

What's happening now

What's going on





God Bless our President! ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

Come on already🙃


Hi from Saraland

I still can’t get my head around Trump actually getting elected. It’s surreal.

Fox News and trump a winning team


Fox News and Trump a winning team

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32 minutes ago

KUTV 2News

Watch: LDS Church leaders to speak after presidency announcement. ...


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Good morning

Put on some real news.


Listening from the Philippines

this is #RealNews


This is real news! If you don't approve then don't watch it.

Listening from right here in SLC

Hi William! "Every knee shall bow"

504 in Morganton NC watching closely 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

While I’m slightly disappointed that Elder Uchtdorf wasn’t retained in the First Presidency, I still sustain them as prophets, seers, and revelatory.

Ephrata, Washington

que bonito hermoso me gusta

Such an exciting time for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! ♥️

Good morning from Kansas! ❤

The Church is True! ❤️


Good morning!

Fake music!

I am happy with the counselors that we're chosen and will support them but I will miss President Uctdorph (so"(sp?)

Me too.

✝️⚓️❤️ Faith Hope and Charity for All.

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42 minutes ago

GMA News

Libu-libo, lumikas dahil sa pag-aalburoto ng Mt. Mayon; Albay under state of calamity. Saksi si Saleema Refran.

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Dyos me..umalis na kayo dyan...pasalamat kayo sa kalikasan at sa dyos binibigyan pa kayo ng signal hinde kayo binibigla di tulad nung sa Italy na sumabog biglaan ayun dami patay.. wag na matigas ulo nyo..

Sana wag na ulanin ang Bicol mamaya, sana tumigil na ang gigil moves ng Mayon at wag sumabay ang Bulusan. Pray tayo mamaya before we sleep. Sana safe lahat ng mga Bicolano/Oragon. Mark 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Mamalasin ng todo pinas dahil pinag bawal ang fireworks... imbes na swerte sana dala ng pag papaputok sa new year kamalasan tuloy ang manyayari iwas kalamidad sana ang pag papaputok ayon si chinese belief

Lagman eggcel ano na?

Dami na ang apektadong lugar jan albay.. Keep safe..

Lumindol po dito sa Albay 12:37 am today.

Ramdam dito sa buhi cam sur ung lindol...

Jona ayan be.. umuulan may lava pa din

Over ang balita

Subhana Allah 100×


May God keep all of you safe❤

Grabe!!😱 nakakatakot naman!!🙊🙈🙀

Keep safe people!

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46 minutes ago

KUTV 2News

Inside #ldschurch office building waiting for Press conf to speak to new President and Prophet Russel M Nelson ...


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A little disappointed that President Uchtdorf wasn’t retained.

Yes let's be kind! WELCOME CARA!! We welcome all to listen and watch no matter what your opinions or views are! :)

I have a question. I'm not sure if any one has the answer but out of all the men/apostles/counselors, why is none of any color? Just a question, wanting an honest answer. Please do not respond if you truly don't know the answer.

Cara have you attended this church you may enjoy the positivity it gives you along with hope and peace. Try it.

Cara is a freaking joke

What a joke

You're a joke Cara

No one is obligated to watch this broadcast, if you don't have anything nice to say please don't say anything at all 😍

Someone please explain to me why the appoint a 92 year old man? What just so they can do this in 5 years from now again.

I'll have to disagree with you Cara Person, this is actually as real as it gets! Change is good! And so is acceptance! Had it not been for those two things alone, epic history such as integration and interracial marriages wouldn't be possible today!

If you ignore all the negative they go away. Please don't give them a reaction.

Love and acceptance will always win over hate

So excited for our new presidency!

Cara you are a joke. Get over it and move on with your life

You poor sour person . Feel sorry for your sad life.

If you don't like it, you can leave.

Fake news

Please be nice

Her name is cara not carla

Fake Church

Please leave your negative comment somewhere else cara

No one said you had to watch this. You chose to. Be polite and respectful even if you don’t approve

Cara has obviously been offended by somebody in this church. Why prove her right? She will always be welcome. WWJD?

Nobody is making you watch.. Be nice get on with your life. If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all!!!

Or you can let people have there own opinions and a public page

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58 minutes ago

FOX10 News

Briefing on York County deputies, police officers shot in South Carolina. MORE INFO: ...


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Who would think this is😐

Praying for those officers who were injured

Prayers for these officers and for their families. Bless them all.

Prayers for him and his family.

Sending prayers .. God bless our law enforcement

Was the suspect captured! Praying for the officers

Will be praying for all officers and families, this is from officers family in mobile,al.

Help us Lord help us praying for the officers and the families

God bless those families and officers .

Laughing? Really?

Praying 🙏


Praying for everyone

Prays going up

What's funny???

Send prayers for all


Prayers for all

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59 minutes ago


WATCH: The York County Sheriff's Office holds a press conference after 3 deputies and an officer were shot during a manhunt Tuesday morning.



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The York County Sheriff's Office is holding a press conference after 3 deputies and an officer were shot while searching for a wanted man Tuesday morning. »

Were they ambushed? Sounds like a set up. I hope you catch the people quickly

Prayers for the officers and their families and all brothers and sisters in blue!!!!!

Prayers from Lenoir NC for these brave Officers , and the families and also for The Brothers and Sisters in Blue ! Blue lives Matter !!

Prayers for all officers and their families and the suspect's family, from Wilmington, DE.

Praying for officers and the entire group who were evolved. Thank you for your service!

WELL if they took him in alive I guess they weren't fearing for their lives,even though he was actively shooting at them

What type of weapon did the wanted man have..

Prayers for all the wounded officers and the entire department.

Prayers for all involved and their families.

Prayers for our men in blue and their family's

Praying for the officers and family so sad

Praying for officers and their families ❤️

Prayers for all the officers and their families 🙏🙏

Praying for the officers and K9

Praying for all of their family's and for them

Prayers to all the officers involved!

Thoughts and prayers for all involved

Prayers are up for healing for the officers

Prayers for officers.n there familys

Praying for all the officers & their families

Prayers for the injured officer.🙏🏻

So sad. Praying for the families involved

Praying for the officers and their families

Sending prayers up for all involved!!

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1 hour ago


Our thoughts and prayers are with the York County Sheriff's Office and the York Police Department after 3 deputies and an officer were shot while searching for a wanted man Tuesday morning.

The latest details »

Our thoughts and prayers are with the York County Sheriffs Office and the York Police Department after 3 deputies and an officer were shot while searching for a wanted man Tuesday morning. 

The latest details »


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Another tragedy due to domestic violence, too many lives lost this week in Charlotte and surrounding areas. Too many innocent people hurt. Prayers for all families and for healing and recovery of the officer’s.

Question where are the police when all this is happening? At a doughnut shop or sitting in a parking lot talking to each other riding the clock.Try being a real citizen and defend each other...

Praying for the officers and their families and families in blue.


Are becoming a more violent culture or is it we are hearing about stuff like this faster and more often? Jesus. We are supposed to evolve not de-evolve. Prayers for all affected.


Prayers for these officers and their families. 🙏

Prayers to all the officers and their families..

Sending prayers to all !

Praying fa all involved 🙏

🙏🏿 Prayer Already Sent !


Any updates on the officers?

I have children and grandchildren her prayers for the families and children of these law enforcement officers

Prayers for the officers and their families.

Prayers sent in the name of Jesus Christ.


Prayers for all


Prayers sent



Prayers lifted


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1 hour ago

GMA News

Nurse na nagpaputok umano ng baril sa kainan, nabaril at napatay ng pulis.

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The last option is deadly force, as the authorities is presence, ksi makakapatay at mkakadamay na ng iba yung nurse, alangan namang antayin p ng mga pulis pagktapos magpaputok ng wlang dhilan at makabaril pa iba yung nurse sa lugar...kawawa yung nurse sa pagkakabaril sa kanya pero mas kawawa yung madadamay na naroon

Napanood nyo ba yung TV Patrol? Pinakita dun yung angle ng CCTV kung saan nakaupo ang biktima at yung main door ng Mang Inasal.. Nagpaputok yan dun sa loob ng restaurant sabay takbuhan palabas lahat ng kumakain.. Akmang sisitahin na ng mga pulis yung tao na may bitbit na baril parang itututok pa sa kanya kaya sinalag ng pulis yung kamay at pinaputukan.. Sabihin nyo nga kung sobra2 yung ginawa nung pulis??

Bkt my dalang baril un nurse?? Tama lng na mabaril sya kasi bka mandamay pa sya ng mga inosente. Marami ng case na ganyan. Sa init ng ulo nandadamay pa ng ibang tao. Last yr lng sa makati condo yun lalaking nanaksak ng mga nakakasalubong nya. Di hamak na mas maraming tao jan sa mall.

A man who went amok and fired his gun inside a fastfood chain outlet in a mall in Talisay City in southern Cebu was shot dead by responding policemen. Superintendent Jason Villameter, Talisay City Police Office chief, identified the suspect as Michelle Jeff Gabutan. He said Gabutan entered the fastfood chain outlet at 4:40 p.m. and suddenly drew his firearm and began firing at random. One customer, identified as Charity Cardiente, 21, a management trainee, was hit and wounded in the knee. As customers scampered for safety, police elements also arrived to subdue Gabutan. Gabutan was asked to surrender but he instead pointed his firearm towards the policemen, which prompted a policeman to shoot Gabutan, Villameter added. Gabutan was rushed to the Talisay District Hospital but he died in the facility at past 5 p.m. while undergoing treatment, said Villameter. via Benjie B. Talisic, Cebu Daily News Video credits to Michael Gonzaga Read more: #MallShootOut

Katarungan ? Tama lang yan Ikaw ba matino mamaril ka sa loob ng mall and then sigurado ako illegal pa ung baril niya kundi man sya napatay patong patong na kaso aabutin niya

the question is. paano nakapasok ang baril sa mall...does it mean na they have very low state of security.. delikado man sab ang mga tawo dinha oep. piligro ang kinabuhi..

Ganito lang yun.. Kahit mali yung naiserve nung waiter or restaurant staff sayo di yun sapat na ikagalit mo nang ganun para maglabas ka ng baril at magwala.. Isipin nyo po pang ilang customer na kayong hinarap nung tao nung araw na yun at hindi naman yan robot na hindi nagkakamali.. Pwede namang idaan sa pag uusap yan at hindi sa dahas.. Tao din yang mga yan at maswerte nga kayo na kayong pinagsisilbihan at hindi kayo ang nagsisilbi.. If someone is mad at you because of that, how would you feel? Just think and put yourselves in their shoes..

Kahit saan naman na angulo laging may mali sa tingin ng lahat. Mga tao tlaga oh . Kung nakabaril ung nurse sasabihin walang kwenta yung pulis at nadamay pa ung inosente ..ngayon na napatay nung pulis yung nurse sasabihin di man lang pinagligtas binaril agad . Bakit kasi magdadala sa public ng baril mismo jan pa sa kainan tapos nagpaputok pa tapos di pa natin alam kung lesinsyado yang baril . Ay nakuuuu. Hahahaha

Bakit sya nagdala ng baril sa isang public na lugar. Kahit may license pa sya hindi nia yan pwede dalahin sa labas at ilabas sa madaming tao. Hindi nagiissue ng permit to carry sa civilians. Sa residence lang nia yan pwde madala at within sa perimeter lng ng residence nila. Wla ng choice ang mga pulis kundi sya madis arm talagang itutumba na sya on the spot.

Nurse may baril? Anung kagagohan nanaman to? Kailangan mo pang pumunta sa mall para magpaputok ng baril bakit dika na lang nagpunta sa kwarto mo tpos ubusin mo sa katawan mo yang bala ng baril mo.

Malaking katanungan itong nangyari sa nurse na nabaril. Bakit at bakit nurse na bakasyon lang mula Canada magdadala ng baril sa kainan at maging panganib? Hindi basta basta masisiraan ng bait ang matibay at sanay sa ano mang krisis at emergency ang isang nurse. Bakit binaril?

bakit may baril? kahit sino pwede magkaroon ng baril kung gugustuhin. nabasa ko lang sa comment nung nag upload ng video. (bisaya) binaril nya daw yung manager pero hindi tinamaan tapos paglabas nya binaril sya ng pulis.

Dahil wala akong ma iccoment tuturuan ko nalang kayong magluto ng pinakuluang tubig. PINAKULUANG TUBIG Mga kailangan; 1 takure Tubig base sa gusto nyong dami 1 kutsara 1 tinidor Proseso: Ilagay ang takure sa may sinding kalan. Pagkatapos ilagay ang tubig sa takure. Hayaang kumulo... Pagkatapos kunin ang kutsara tikman ang tubig kung tama lang ang lasa Pagkalipas ng ilan pang minuto tusukin ng tinidor ang tubig pag malambot na luto na ito.😂😂😂

Hindi panrin makatarungan ng pagbaril agad at patayin ang salarin, ayon sa aral at training ng mga armed peace officers. LAST RESOURCE at talagang lumaban talaga...self defense na ang gagawin...maimbestigahan pa tin ang mga alagad ng bstas, kung, may abuse of authority.

Ang nakakapagtaka po ay bakit naipasok ng nurse yong baril e napakahigpit ng mga guard sa entrance? Sinabing nagpatuk yong nurse, pero nabaril na ng pulis (pero bakit isang putok lang ang naririnig sa video?)

GOOD JOB PULIS!!!! possess imminent danger na ang nurse na yun kaya nararapat lang barilin kesa naman ang marami pang mabiktima yan o mas worst ikw pulis ang mabaril...may pamilya ka binubuhay...

Kalimutan mo na yan Sige-sige maglibang Wag kang magpakahibang Dapat ay itawa lang Ang problema sa babae dapat 'di iniinda Hayaan mo sila ang maghabol sa'yo di' ba? Sabi ko naman sa'yo, lahat yan nagloloko Pagkatapos kang pakinabangan biglang lalayo Kaya wag nang uulit pa Kaya wag nang uulit pa😂🖕🔥

Isang araw, yang nars na yan ay umorder ng something sa Mang Inasal pagkatapos nagtataka sya kung bakit wala pa ang kanyang order samantalang yung nahuhuli pa sa kanya ay naiserve na. Kaya nung binalikan nya yung counter, sinabi ng crew na malapit na eserve. Unfortunately, mali yung naiserve sa kanya na order. Pinatawag niya ang manager pero wala dun ang manager. Kaya galit sya na umuwi na dala yung maling order. Kinabukasan, binalikan nya yung restaurant at dun na nya nakausap yung manager. Di nagtagal bigla silang nagkainitan. Bumunot siya ng baril at tsaka pinutukan yung manager.Fortunately, di natamaan yung manager. Nung nagpaputok siya,may mga pulis ang kumain dun kaya dun na rumesponde yung mga pulis para di na siya magkapaputok ng iba pang sibilyan. (statement from his uncle)

Pano nakapasok yung baril kung may baril nga talaga yung nurse. Minsan kasi yung inspection sa mall isang dutdot lang ng magic stick then go e haha.

kung mall nga nman my detector sa entrance palang...pati pulis ba allowed magdala ng baril sa mall kung di nman doon naka duty?

Bakit nkapasok ung nurse na may dalang baril? Bawal nman ata un kea nga check ng guard ung mga bit2 na pumapasok sa mga mall

Lumaban ba ang suspect,sabagay,,pinaputokan nga ang walang baril,,na hindi lumabas sa sasakyan..iyan pa baril...ang tanong paano naipasok ang baril ng nurse..puro verval...wala electronics,evedence...maaring planted ang ng laban..

Lol, pano naispuslit ung baril Sa loob ng mall/establishment? . Ayos sa security ah Anong klaseng kapkap Gnwa sa entrance? . Nang HIPO?

Jan nnaman lalabas mga salitang mabuting tao yan masipag mabait na tao yan.. ksalanan nnman yan ng kawawang pulis.. hayy mga tao nga naman..

Nabalita kasi kanina na maraming nurse ang mawawalan ng trabaho

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