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20-year-old Florida man claims $450 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot

20-year-old Florida man claims $450 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot


"I'm only 20, but I hope to use it to pursue a variety of passions, help my family and do some good for humanity," he said.

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3 minutes ago


How cold is it? Cold enough to freeze a wet t-shirt. ...

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Well yeah, because it's under 32 degrees, lol.

LIVE Alexis Sanchez Manchester United transfer talk with James Robson ...


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Any update on the Sanchez deal to man u?

Dont way he will come

Welcome to old Trafford Sanchez

I think we go to make a big error for swaping Miki for Sanchez a player who remind just 6 months of contract...If this happen Arsenal will get a big deal

He would win the league with city without even taking part but United will win after that so take your pick Sanchez with or without you we WILL win ❤️

Guys which update do yhu people need..what he doing is not a update or not... Or yhu can't understand the language he speaking come on...

If united get Sanchez it would be top top buy👍 roll on next season

I think we have a big problems in transfer businesses why I we delaying?

Dont keep us in suspense my friend on Sanchez transfer to MU.

Alex Ferguson never had to spend that amount of money , Ronaldo is on offer, why can’t he come

BBC just says there is no deal between Mikhi and Arsenal till now...

Anxiously waiting for sanchez to wear the iconic no7 shirt for united

City enjoy the trophy this year because next season its coming home to old Trafford.

We need his service but as a matter of fact it's a big error to let Micki leave

We need that star player to bring best out of team a new number 7

Why is it being delayed Is he coming?

Anxiously waiting for Sanchez to sign...

It's not done until it's done and I don't believe we will get him

We want the deal to be done fast

If we can’t get him then let’s Leon bailey

if this was ferguson he would had sign him by now

Excuse me sir can you please speak proper English

I heard they are waiting on personal terms now

Stop talking too much Done deal or?

Is the deal done yet or not

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1 hour ago


SURVIVING THE COLD: From frostbite to busted pipes, this frigid weather can be dangerous. What problems is the cold causing for you? Let us know, and maybe a fellow St. Louisan can suggest an easy fix! ...


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No heat in my vehicle having to deliver papers with Windows down....

2 hours ago


Waking up alongside the International Space Station. (📹: NASA) ...


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Good morning, everyone!

Y'all are some dumbs if ya think this here circle thing is our planit, ain't no uhh,,, spere. Promise ya dat.

By gosh, the world is round.

Round as a ball not flat

I heard dat Earth is flat tho 🤔who lying me🤔🇺🇸🇰🇵🇨🇳🇷🇺🤔

Amazing view of our round, some might say globe-like, planet! Thanks for sharing!

Is it bad that everyone here is saying good morning and waking up when I never fell asleep? Lol

Just beautiful.. Imagine waking up to that view!!

Drew just slap yourself already this morning.

We need to show mother Earth more love!

Good morning to everyone. Have a safe and successful day...

Gilbert - are you hanging out with Drew?

The Flat Earthers will rise again!!

haven't really slept but such a beautiful sight thank you Lord

Wow… What did you have to drink last night… LOL

Look at all the roundness!

Good morning, Samantha Johnson is here

Any see ufo or star trek or superman?

is the world flat or round lolololol


Beautiful from that high up

So awesome! Good morning space

The World , Is FLAT!

so can they hear us lol or see us

What area are they going over?

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5 hours ago


CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Watch a car go airborne after hitting the center divider and land on the second floor of a Southern California building ...

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