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11-year-old girl 'really scared' after man cuts her hijab on the street

11-year-old girl 'really scared' after man cuts her hijab on the street


The girl was walking to school when a man suddenly appeared behind her and cut her hijab with a pair of scissors. She screamed. He ran, but returned a few minutes later and assaulted her again.

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36 minutes ago

KETV NewsWatch 7

It’s Tuesday. No school around the Metro
due to extreme cold. We have all the details and tips to avoid frostbite. Windchills reach -25. For the latest, join Melissa Fry and John Oakey KETV on First News. For news all day, go to


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San Antonio Cancelled School too due to Icy condition this morning

When do news workers sleep?

Stinking car won’t start

Ya think 🤔

Good morning

So sad :-(

Good morning

Good Morning!! 🌞


1 hour ago


The F-35 fighter plane is highly controversial, but it might save the day against a North Korean nuke.


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the anti-ballistic missile lazer weapons are pretty wild...good thing north korea is calming down. now if only we could get some international crack down on the human trafficking issue...

Don't count it people this is a new thing they probably having test it yet

Crazy technology

Korea probably set more than one nuke at the same time

Hopefully they have the same amount of planes as with the nukes

3 hours ago


WATCH: Good Samaritan gives homeless man the shirt off his back on Hwy 280. Thanks to Briana Rose DiGiorgio for letting us share the video.

She says the homeless man was desperately trying to stay warm when the man approached him, gave him his coat and said he would return with food!


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We need more caring people like this man . Thank u for your sweet loving heart

4 hours ago


UPDATE: A 23-year-old man has been arrested for murder after police found a woman's body in a Lake City house fire Monday morning. Police said the case is now a homicide investigation.

UPDATE: A 23-year-old man has been arrested for murder after police found a womans body in a Lake City house fire Monday morning. Police said the case is now a homicide investigation.

6 hours ago

ABC News Politics

Asked about Pres. Trump's reported 's---hole countries' comment, Sen. Lindsey Graham says he's 'going to focus on what comes next.' "What comes next is a bipartisan proposal that will have a DACA solution." ...


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I am an Independent! I like you! You make sense and you try to comprise. Don’t get smitten by Trump. You are a much better man. Honesty matters. Integrity counts. Do’s Lie Like Trump. No one respects him as a man with Integrity.

Tomorrow trump is meeting with the dictator of #Kazakhstan #FollowTheMoney

he wants the DACA kids to stay, so they can vote democrat in the next election, those kids are now in there 20s and 30s and still have not become citizens, so yes its time for them to go.the democrats want there own way and will not compremise, how can you work with people like that.

Lindsay we never know if that day you got paid by sorro to say what you say you should make up your mind be a republican stay with our president trump or just get out we vote him to bring this country better and he is doing a great job without republican and Democrats you better choose soon you may lose your seat it will be your fault no body else

Coward who refuses to be a moral and decent person and stand up the bully in the White House!

Too bad he just didn’t have a little more courage. His own party is willing to lie for the guy. Look at trump’s previous words and actions. Do you really believe he didn’t say those words?

I’m glad he’s focusing. They all should! I don’t like the fact he can’t come out and tell everyone what Trump said and to say he’s not going to stand for it!

With Lindsay, its which way the wind is blowing that day on how you can read him!

Lindsey is not predictable. I’m tiring of his inconsistency’s. Time to be truthful. Stand up for what is right and not trump.

Well how did this confirm he said it? He said he didn’t like what he heard.......hell he feels that way about what half of what Americans say too

Yeah, this guy is definitely taking money from a "special interest" group. Just another crook in the government.

If graham is telling the truth why does he look and act like death warmed over!

Flops more than a fish out of water!

Lindsay you are weak and not a leader....step aside

where's your buddy McCain the dummy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsey for the love of all things, please grow a pair.

He is so spineless! Do budget to fund the govmnt and address daca before March. Different subjects! Immigration is its own matter, will affect daca.

Lindsey Graham hang your head in shame you are letting trump get off on this so you can pass laws for yourself and your friends.

Lindsey Graham looks deeply troubled and sounds disappointed.

whoever this congress works for needs to write this bozo and tell him he works for us not illegals; all illegals can and should go home.

Garbage like this is what makes the man continue his verbal diarrhea!

A president has to be presidential, and it is the job of good men and women to hold them accountable.

We don't need any more "defense spending increases", Graham!

I'd rather live with people from shitholes than live with people with sheet holes. (That's a reference to the KKK)

trumpanzees....brainless wonders....oh, Emilienne.....yikes...

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